Saturday, April 13, 2013


I hope you have been enjoying our click chicks link ups on Thursdays. I'm having so much fun doing it. We just picked the topics for May! I think we are all addicted.

The night I went out to do my silhouette picture, I started playing around with my camera in manual and finally figured out how to change the aperture setting in manual. So ever since I have been shooting in manual. Makes me so proud to say that. I love playing around with the different settings in the different light to get the right shot.

So I'm really proud of myself and of my pictures and I thought my facebook friends would be oh so impressed and at least one of them would volunteer to let me take their picture. I love my son and he is gorgeous and adorable but shooting a toddler is like the hardest thing ever! So I really would like to shoot other people.

Anyways, I decided I should post some of the pictures I have taken recently that I love that I won't be using for the click chicks link up and let you all tell me I'm amazing :) Any advice on how to get people to let me take their picture?


  1. Are these unedited? Wow!!! I love em all, especially that last one with the gorgeous flower. You are motivating me to learn to use my camera! I need to. I keep coping out!

  2. Those are really great!! Just ask a friend if she would like a picture with her hubby or something. I know at least for me, Michael and I hardly ever get pictures of just the two of us!

  3. oh wow, you are doing great!! great photos.