Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I started a facebook group for some moms that are planning to wean their babies soon. We need some experienced weaners to join the group and answer our questions! We only have a question every couple days so it isn't a big time commitment or anything. Let me know if you want to join the group! Thanks!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another collage of my almost 1 year old!

I'm back with another collage of my almost 1 year old! This one really almost makes me cry!

Thanks for sticking around. We've been busy! Out of town last weekend, trying to keep the house clean, trying to get birthday invitations sent out, etc.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you all! I hope to be back soon with all kinds of posts! I have to work on Chase's 11 month post! I also want to share with you all more mommy money saving tips!

He's such a smiley boy!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The next month and a half might be rough!

I know he is only 10.5 months old, but picnik will be gone before his first birthday and I just love making collages! Look how much he has changed! I'm going to be a mess for awhile leading up to his birthday I think! I'm really hoping I'm able to enjoy his day and put a smile on my face. I'm usually pretty good at that. Plus the kid makes me smile!
Hubs and I were talking a little the other day how when you are pregnant you don't know how much you are going to love your baby.
He has grown more hair. I know it doesn't look like it! I love every inch of that little boy!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Adding to my list of blogs I love

These are some mom blogs I love to read. I mostly made this list for myself so I can quickly find the blogs I like to read. I don't know how to edit the list on my sidebar now that I have a blog design! There are mom blogs I love to read over on the sidebar too ;)
I'm sure I'm forgetting some but I think that's a good start. What blogs do you love to read?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birthday on a budget!

Welcome to the birthday party planning center! Chase's birthday party is about 7 weeks away!

If you know me, you know I'm not one to be on a budget. My father calls me the Nordstrom Princess. I started out this party asking everyone on etsy to design a custom invite and shirt for my precious angel's first birthday. Then, I called my dad and asked him if he thought Hubs would go for $30-40 for custom invites. He said, "uh have you met your husband? The kid is turning one."

We decided on the theme for Chase's birthday a few months ago. I know, I'm crazy. I can't remember why I went to the dollar tree the first time but you bet your butt I was excited to see sports themed birthday invitations!!! P.S. Chase will from now on only have dollar tree themed parties or a sports bday every year.

When I was getting ready today and thinking of blog posts I realized that so far everything I have bought for the party has been from the dollar tree or on sale or clearance! Then I started thinking I could keep track of everything I buy for the party and see how cheap I can do it for! Of course I can blog about it and help out other moms plan parties for cheap!

So, if you couldn't tell from the picture Chase's theme is sports (balls, the kid loves balls and bats) with an emphasis towards baseball and (look away Uncle Chris and other nor cal readers) the Dodgers.

So, so far I have purchased his invites (I bought three 10 packs and need to get another. Yes, I know it's not a wedding. We have big families!), happy bday banner, and popcorn thing at the dollar tree. I got the other sport banner on clearance at target. The adorable shirt was on sale at gymboree.

(3) 10 packs of invites $3
1 happy bday banner $1
1 popcorn thing $1
1 allstar fabric banner $2.78
1 batter up t shirt $10.99
total $18.77

I need to buy another pack of invites, the favors, a bib, a hat, food, etc. Do you think I can do it for under $100?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Teaching is scary!

I read this article today about a student getting in trouble in class and not being allowed to play basketball for saying "I love you" in her native language to two other classmates.

Of course the parents want the teacher to be fired because the teacher "threw her hands down on the table and said she wasn't allowed to speak her native language in the class".

Hear are my thoughts as a credentialed teacher that has substitute taught for several years in many locations and grade levels: It is tough to be a teacher right now.

It seems like you hear about teachers making mistakes on the internet all the time. It scares me. I'm sure I've done things that the media could blow out of proportion.

I sympathize with this teacher. She probably didn't know the student was saying "I love you". Maybe she did, but I'm sure it wasn't the first time the students were talking to each other in their native language. She threw her hands on the desk because she's frustrated! Teachers are overworked and underpaid. Middle school? Good luck! Those kids spend the whole time in class trying to push your buttons. Could she and should she have handled it differently? Yes. Should she be fired? Probably not.

I've been in classrooms where the students spoke spanish and the teacher had a rule that the students weren't allowed to speak spanish. When the kids tried it I told them I spoke spanish. I kind of do. They would try to shock me and ask me if I knew what this word or that word was. I just told them to get back to work. Can't let the kids get to you. This teacher obviously had.

But should this be a front page yahoo article?! No! People are overreacting.

10 months!

Chase is 10 months old! It has gone by so fast!

This month we wanted to take Chase to the Sacramento zoo on free museum day. The zoo was half priced. When we got there it was a 30 minute wait to get in. I didn't think it would be a good idea since he still needed to take his afternoon nap. Maybe next year. Instead we went to Funderland and looked at all the rides. We made it up to him and took him to another zoo. He loved looking at the tigers! Chase also had a play date with his aunt and uncle's other nephews. I love that our families are so close. I call my sister-in-law's sister for parenting advice all the time!

Chase has been doing pretty good this month. Just been teething the last week or so. Been trying lots of new foods like eggs (just the yolk), zucchini (likes it!), oatmeal (we have been giving him barley cereal). Still eating mostly from a spoon. He eats his puffs and lil crunchies and has eaten some banana and pear with his fingers.

He is doing so good standing and cruising and has even taken a couple steps!