Saturday, April 20, 2013

day 9 and 10 30x30

My day did not start off as expected. The smoke alarm in Chase's room needed it's battery changed and started beeping at like 5:45 am. Then Chase ended up getting sick again. We were supposed to go wine tasting today but since Chase wasn't feeling well we canceled. I still had a hair appointment so I put this outfit on.
This is actually me after I got hair cut. My ig friends have encouraged me to grow my hair out a la K Cav. I'm even growing out my bangs! I'm so nervous about growing out my bangs!
There was a little miscommunication about not going wine tasting and Chase seemed to be doing better so we decided to put wine tasting back on. Which meant I needed to go with the skirt and sandal outfit I had originally planned to wear. So here is my wine tasting outfit.

This skirt actually ended up not being so awesome for wine tasting on a kind of breezy day.

Oh, and I'm trying to smile for Shelley :)


  1. Yay for smiling! Haha! The animal print shoes are cute!

  2. Yay love the smiles!! Good job :). Cute outfits! I really like the skirt with the belt!

  3. I love that first outfit, looking fierce girl and those leopard print shoes...ahhmazing.

  4. I love love those shoes!! Omg love em lol! You go girl grow those bangs out like KC you will rock it! Ps I live the shirt and belt and giggled about it being windy lol I know that friend I'm like giggle then r u ok haha!