Tuesday, June 2, 2009

MTV Movie Awards

The annual MTV Movie awards was on this Sunday. If you didn't watch it I'm sure it will be on a thousand more times. This year MTV accomplished enough their lifetime goal of creating enough drama for people to be talking about it.

Here's my opinion:
1. Andy Sandburg was a pretty good host. He cracks me up on SNL and he didn't offend or bore me.
2. Megan Fox was a poor sport by sitting in the audience like she was too cool during Andy's song and is uglier in person than in the transformer movies.
3. Cameron Diaz is goregous and hilarious!
4. Sasha Baron Cohen is rude and crude. Thought so since Borat hasn't changed my mind but I do hope Paula is in the new movie.
5. Eminem is a good rapper and actor. I don't think he was lip syncing and he did know about the balls to the face sketch. But I really thought he and his thugs were mad.
6. Twilight the movie was not that good people and Robert Pattison is not attractive! I am excited for the next movie the trailer looked really good! Kristen Stewart is a very awkward person.