Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I need recipe ideas!

Hubby is a meat and potatoes guy. But we also like to eat healthy. After much debate we had our chicken, brown rice, broccoli, and carrot(he is the only one that eats those) meal tonight. He said it doesn't fill him up. I love it because it is healthy and is great to put the leftovers in a bowl and take to work for lunch. Do you guys have any recipes that would fill him up, are healthy, and make great reheated leftover lunches?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

50 I looked for in a husband Writers Workshop

1. The desire for children- I could never be with a guy that didn’t want a family
2. Loyalty- I am an incredibly loyal person and I expect the same from my husband
3. Driven- I couldn’t be with someone that didn’t have drive
4. Honesty- I’ve been cheated on, not ok with it happening ever again
5. Someone that loves me for me- I know I can be ditzy, forgetful, crazy, lazy, etc. but I never have to pretend to be someone I’m not with Hubby
6. Good listener- I’m a talker
7. Saver- I’m a spender
8. Patient- I’m not
9. Positive- I’m not
10. Motivated to exercise- I’m not
11. Loves his family
12. Loves my family
13. Gets me to try new things
14. Likes chicken
15. Tolerates my tv habit
16. Doesn’t believe in divorce
17. Tolerates country music- Hubby didn’t request non country music until around hour 10 of our trip last weekend.
18. Loves my friends- I think he might even like them more than I do! He listened to my friend S give all the gory details of birth, he snapped pictures at T’s wedding, and chatted it up with N and her parents. Two of my best friends and I started dating our boys all around the same time and now we are all married and both couples were in our wedding party. I love that Hubby is close with the guys too. I just wish we all lived in the same part of the state!
19. He thinks I’m pretty
20. I think he’s a hottie
21. Forgiving- We all mess up from time to time and he has always forgiven me
22. Shoulder to cry on- I cry like a lot! He is always there for me unless it is because of SYTYCD or something. Then he usually says, “Are you crying?”
23. Assertive- I need a man that can call up the bank or cable company and make sure we aren’t getting screwed over
24. Someone that can surprise me but also tell me secrets he isn’t supposed to- Every girl loves a romantic surprise but when my best friend’s boyfriend tells him he is going to propose he knows he better tell me that!
25. Does his own laundry- We all know I just learned about having clean clothes vs a pile of dirty like 7 years ago. I can barely keep up with my own stuff.
26. Smart- I have my ditzy moments but I also have a college degree and need to have intelligent conversations occasionally
27. Maturity- A man that can be mature when he needs to be is important
28. Does nice little things for me- My love language is Acts of Service. I swoon when he does my chores when I am out of town for the weekend. Coming home to a fridge full of groceries? The best!
29. Words of encouragement- I also need little, “Good job babes!” Every one in awhile.
30. Enjoys fur balls- Right now we have Blue and he is amazing with him. We will definitely have more pets in the future. I always gotta have a fur ball around.
31. No drugs!
32. Doesn’t have an addictive personality.
33. Doesn’t get embarrassingly drunk very often.
34. Caring
35. Trusting
36. Outgoing- I need a man that can hold his own at social gatherings and will dance with me at weddings.
37. Eyes I can gaze into
38. Lips I can kiss
39. Short hair
40. No mullet
41. Being nice to servers, etc.- Sometimes things are ridiculous and Hubby isn’t the type (like me) to just eat whatever they give you
42. Good hygiene- showers and brushes teeth often
43. No game playing- When we first started dating Hubby let me know he wanted to date me exclusively and wasn’t playing games
44. Doesn’t text while I’m talking
45. Let’s me steal the covers
46. Likes to cuddle
47. Likes to explore new places- Bugs me that friends of ours that moved to our area don’t care to explore the area
48. Plays music in the car not too loud- I don’t like to scream over music to talk
49. Drives safely- Hubby has gotten better with this
50. THE MOST IMPORTANT- Sense of humor- When you are 80 years old at least you will make each other smile

Post inspired by Writers Workshop by Mama Kat

Sunday, June 27, 2010

SYTYCD 6/23 and 6/24

Pasha and Cristina- Paso Doble- Thought it was going to be really good. Cristina was making scary faces. Can you tell in the picture? Didn't see any chemistry. Disagreed with the judges who loved it.

Takeachike and Allison- Contemporary- Good song! He tried to smile more but wasn't enough. LOVE ALLISON!

I'm glad that all stars stood next to them this week.

Alex and Lauren (LOVE)- Broadway- Going to be good! Very good! He did better keeping his eyes open.

Ashley-Travis-Mark-LOVE! Beautiful! That was supposed to be jazz?

Billy-Krumping? Wow! Wasn't nasty or hard enough!

Robert-Anya- Definitely had the hot chemistry. He was doing some weird counting or breathing. I also think he missed a turn.

Yuck Melinda and Ade- She just looked big and heavy. Very different than Ashely looked in her routine.

Jose and Catherine- Love his smile he needs a new hair do! His arms were lazy.

Lauren and Annoying- New choreographer that I like! I liked the choreography but I don't think he conveyed the whole abuse message.

I can't believe Robert was in the bottom 3! I might actually have to start watching the night that it is on and vote. I don't want to lose Robert!

I was surprised Nigel said he didn't want to keep Melinda. She should be gone by next week.
If you guys are watching this season you should also follow Mrs. Bear at Think Happy Thoughts. She posts her thoughts like the next day, unlike loser me!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wedding Pics and last week's SYTYCD

The professional bridesmaid aka Me

Me gorg friend T. Tears of joy!

I loved Billy and Lauren's footloose routine! Can we say perfection?

I was bummed the choreographers weren't sitting by the judges.

I love Mia's critiques! And Adams!

I already saw on Think Happy Thoughts that the judges kept Cristina. Um, she is not a good singer! So I thought she wouldn't be good after reading that Mrs. Bear wasn't happy they kept her. But I love Mark doing a Sonya routine and I think Cristina held her own!

Jose- The break that does yoga? He got lucky he picked hip-hop. He struggled with the choreography and staying in character. He will be gone after he has to do something else.

Katherine doing a Travis routine! Loves it! I think there was a guy in the routine, he was forgettable.

Oh God, Melinda. I have to force myself to watch. Soap actress and guitar player, triple threat! She was anticipating, showing what she is going to do next. When dancers do that it breaks the naturalness/chemistry. I thought she thought Pasha was hot. It wasn't sexy!

Alex- Again, not a good singer. Alex+Allison+Sonya=amazing or should I say Hallelujah! Not being racist or anything, but because Alex is Asian he needs to open his eyes bigger so it doesn't look like his eyes are closed the whole time. I watched this routine twice! How many times has Alex cried? I mean I cried too, but he cries nonstop!

Alexie- Shut up at Adam on star search! Love the Jason Mraz song. Her body movements had chemistry but it wasn't in her eyes.

LAUREN!- She was smiling too much but it was still amazing!

Awww Kent!- 14 other guys and Kent was homecoming king! So cute! Anya is too much woman for him! He opened his mouth too much and was feminine. I kept comparing him to Pasha. Pasha would have done the routine a lot differently. But I still love Kent!

Oh Neil! Ok Ashley did good I wish Lauren picked that routine.

Robert- Kourtney! I could watch them all day! He needed to be a little wilder/animalistic.

I thought Melinda would go home.

I love the new choreographer for the group routine on Thursday!

Bottom three:
I thought Kent and Lauren were both safe!


Billy knew he was safe and needs to whiten his teeth and stop trying to grow a stache!

Alexie- I thought Ashley should have been in bottom three.

Cristina- Didn't deserve to be in bottom three.

I can't tap and I think Melinda is awesome at it, but tappers often don't do other styles well.

Alexie- good solo!

Again, I can't do salsa and I think Cristina is awesome at and showed Wednesday that she could do other stuff.

Justin Bieber! Not a good dancer. 2010's version of Joey Knight from New Kids.

Nigel loves tap. Only reason Melinda stayed.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tips and Tricks Thursday

Tips and Tricks for having an amazing first wedding anniversary!

Hubby and I are four short months away from our very first wedding anniversary! I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by!

We went to Santa Barbara for our honeymoon and fell in LOVE! It was seriously the best vacation ever! (Should I do the whole post with exclamation points? You guys know how much I love them! Ok, no more, let’s just imagine them ok?) So obvs, we want to go back. Again, Hubby is trying to surprise me, which I love and adore him for. So I’m thinking we are going there again for our anniversary, but not sure where we will be staying.

He also thinks we should get each other presents. He is so cute, he was researching the traditional gifts to get each other. I told him, it sucks until you have been married a long time huh? He was like yeah, what is it you get the first year? I said, paper. He probably said, “That’s stupid.” I told him we could be like Nick and Jessica and get a new bed which is made of wood which paper is made from. But we want to wait until we get a house to get a new bed. So I’m thinking I’ll get him a card that will count as paper.

These are so funny! Hubby, let's just start with what I do want because that is a shorter list. All diamonds and gems will be accepted. If you get me gold, white gold please! My notes are in pink.
1st Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Paper
Modern Gifts: Clocks No thanks on either of those!

2nd Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Cotton 100% egyptian please
Modern Gifts: China Didn't register for any for our wedding, why do I want it now?

3rd Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Leather why does this creep me out?
Modern Gifts: Crystal Something crystal I don't have to dust please!

4th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Fruit or Flowers four years and you get something that dies or you eat?
Modern Gifts: Appliances 4 years and you get appliances?

5th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Wood
Modern Gifts: Silverware oh how romantic

6th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Candy or Iron probably the most random one
Modern Gifts: Wood

7th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Wool or Copper
Modern Gifts: Desk Sets oh desk set! what is that?

8th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Bronze or Pottery
Modern Gifts: Linens or Lace something lace from Victoria Secret please

9th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Pottery and Willow like a tree?
Modern Gifts: Leather

10th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Tin or Aluminum
Modern Gifts: Diamond Jewelry Hubby said he is going traditional this year

11th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Steel ????
Modern Gifts: Fashion Jewelry he can't match his clothes, he can pick out fashion jewelry?

12th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Silk or Linen
Modern Gifts: Pearls

13th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Lace
Modern Gifts: Textiles or Furs I don't know what textiles are

14th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Ivory
Modern Gifts: Gold Jewelry

15th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Crystal
Modern Gifts: Watches
Here is where traditionally you don't even get gifts, that's nice.
16th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Silver Holloware again what is holloware?

17th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Furniture

18th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Porcelain like a toilet?

19th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Bronze

20th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: China
Modern Gifts: Platinum

21st Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Brass or Nickel like some fixtures to go with my appliances from 20 years ago?

22nd Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Copper

23rd Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Silver Plate and this is my silver plate I got for being married to this shmuck for 23 years (Hubby I don't think you are a shmuck now, but if you get me a silver plate for being a loving and adoring wife for 23 years I might start to change my mind)

24th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Musical Instruments oh boy!

25th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Silver
Modern Gifts: Silver

26th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Original Pictures um as apposed (spellcheck says this is a word not sure if it is the one I meant) to copies?

27th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Sculpture

28th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Orchids

29th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Furniture

30th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Pearl
Modern Gifts: Diamond

41st Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Land love this one, but oh wait until next year!

42nd Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Improved Real Estate upgrade!

43rd Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Travel

44th Wedding Anniversary

45th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Sapphire
Modern Gifts: Sapphire that's more like it and apparently the modern people have gotten lazy and just decided to copy traditional when they have provided an idea

46th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Original Poetry 46 years for him to write you a stinking poem!

47th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Books oh a book! great!

48th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Optical Goods ANOTHER CLASSIC we figure you are at least in your 60's you probably need some optical goods

49th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Luxuries luxuries? like optical goods or groceries? maybe he will bless you with the luxury of not farting that day.

50th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Gold
Modern Gifts: Gold
51? I guess you get nothing this year!
52nd Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Ruby

55th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Emerald
Modern Gifts: Emerald

60th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Yellow Diamond
Modern Gifts: Diamond

65th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Star Sapphire, Gray

67th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Star Sapphire, Purple

75th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Diamonds, Diamond Like Stones, Gold
Modern Gifts: Diamond, Gold

80th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Diamond, Pearl

85th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Diamond, Sapphire

90th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Diamond, Emerald

95th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Diamond, Ruby

100th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: 10K Diamond This is my favorite one. Who lives this long? I told Hubby if I live to 126 with or without him I am getting a 10k diamond.

What is your Husband's favorite anniversary gift you have given him? What are some tips and tricks to having a great anniversary? If you write a whole post about an anniversary, link up!

I think you all remember that one of my best friends, S, was pregnant. Well this little guy (Ethan David) decided to show up two weeks early!

So instead of watching SYTYCD I was doing this.

No SYTYCD post this week. I will be busy all weekend with Tiffany's Tipsy Troupe getting that girl married off! I'll post when I have taken care of all my besties and their life accomplishments! Ok?

Teeth, Chicken of the Sea, and Chocolate

Some of you may remember my post about the dentist. Or have seen this tweet:
meags7827 Tired of being a grownup. Can I just call my dad and have him take care of it?

Let me update you.

I started looking for dentists on because I needed a cleaning and I yelp everything. My dad has worked in insurance (workers comp) my whole life, but I do not understand insurance of any kind. I know when I call a new doctor to ask if they “accept the insurance provider you have”. So when I was calling dentists I asked the same thing. The first dentist I called told me that they were not in network with my insurance but their prices are comparable to what most insurances cover out of network and I should call and find out. I would have had to pay $20 for a cleaning which isn’t bad, but you know Mr. Bargain (aka Hubby) was not about to pay for stuff out of network. So the next place I called said, “yes” when I asked my do you accept my insurance provider question. Since this was different than the last place I stupidly assumed they were in network.

So I made an appointment and headed on over for a cleaning. Well I loved this new dentist office. Everyone was super nice and they had all the latest equipment. A camera that take close up pictures of your teeth. I had never seen those way in the back teeth or zoomed in so close! They had this water pressure cleaning device so they didn’t have to do all that scrapping. I was in love!

In case you didn’t go back and read I will remind you that I had a cavity filled and it was still sensitive to cold and chocolate. No bueno! The suggested I have that filling redone and there was also a tiny hole in a tooth nearby that could be causing a problem. They also showed me with their nifty camera where I had worn away the enamel of my teeth grinding. I had a mouth guard in the past but it was on my bottom teeth and grinding on plastic made my TMJ (jaw that hurts) worse. So I hadn’t been using anything to protect my teeth. The quote for the two fillings and the custom made mouth guard was around $400. I didn’t know this, but for all of you teeth grinders out there, Target (the happiest place on earth) sells some mouth guards for around $30. Obvs, Hubby wanted to go this route. But I obvs wanted to have my teeth repaired (eat mouthfuls of chocolate) so needed to get the fillings done.

Now, you all know I am a member of the Jessica Simpson fan club. Mostly because I could totally relate to her during the Newlywed days and love her shoes and perfume, etc. The cans of fishy smelling chicken and tuna confuse me too, ok? Remember when she bought some bras and panties, paid for them, walked out of the store and then looked at the receipt? Yeah, I don’t pay attention to how much things cost. So when I got my fillings done, she said you owe us this much and I just handed her the credit card. Mr. Bargain obvs asked me how much the fillings were and by that point I had realized that 37+37 didn’t equal $118.

Hubby called them the next day because I was having trouble communicating with them. They worked everything out, I guess the cavities were more since I didn’t meet the deductible with the expensive mouth guard.

So what lessons have we learned? Ask the people if they are “in network”. Don’t just hand over your credit card like JS unless it is for shoes or perfume that says Jessica Simpson on them, then its ok. If it comes in a can and says chicken or tuna or something of that nature, don’t eat it! Unless, of course, it is chocolate, then just make sure you have brushed and flossed and had all cavities filled, then put the whole can in your mouth. But I don’t think they make chicken of the sea tuna chocolate so avoid those mermaids! Unless, they are Ariel, she is our favorite mermaid. OMG! Best idea ever, Jessica Simpson plays Ariel on Broadway! Ok I’m gonna go eat some chocolate.

Tips and Tricks Thursday topic: Tips and Tricks for having an amazing first wedding anniversary!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Reading

picture from

I have mentioned before that my work friend has a daughter in high school and is always recomending young adult books for me to read. So far I have enjoyed them. If you liked the Twilight series, you will like these books.

The Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine

The Immortals series by Alyson Noel

I read Kate's first book and I'm still watching the show. I also read the second book "I just want you to know: Letters to my kids on love, faith, and family" (typing that right now reminded me how a teacher in college didn't like calling children kids since that is what you call goats). If you read her first book and watch the show there isn't much new info in the new book.

I recently read Face of Betrayal by Lis Wiehl another blogger recomended it. It was ok, at the time a nice change in pace from love stories.

Get Financially Naked: How to Talk Money with you Honey- I read a couple pages. I probably should have read it.

I have The Help by Kathryn Stockett on hold at the public library. My mil recomended lovely bones to me and this book. I have heard nothing but good things.

I have Last Journey: A Father and Son in Wartime by Darrel Griffin on hold at the county library.

At one point I had like 5 books checked out total from the two libraries and Hubby thought it was getting a little intense. So I'm trying not to put too many books on hold.

I definitely need to add:
-Uncharted TerriTORI by Tori Spelling (read all her other books love her!)
-Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler (see above ditto for Ms. Handler)
-You'll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again: One Woman's Painfully Funny Quest to Give It Up by Heather McDonald because she is friends with Chelsea and Surferwife (geez it took me like 3 accidental control v control c incidents to get this linked someone that doesn't read her blog better go over and follow since I worked so hard to make it clickable for you!) and I'm sure it is hilar!

What are you going to read this summer?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

SYTYCD my thoughts on Thursday 6/10's episode

Picture from

I think I like the choreographers sitting by the judges. I love to hear from the choreographers!

Loved Kent and Lauren dancing a Travis Wall routine!!

Anyone cringe when Cat asked Kent what his type of woman was? Um, Cat...don't know if he likes women!

The tapper Melinda surprised me. She wasn't as bad as I thought she would be.

Mia's routine with the young man. man in his prime, and old man was really good!

Robert surprised me too. So glad Neil and Courtney are back!

I wish they had let all three judges talk. I'm so confused how the regular season is going to go.

OMG! Do you guys despise Dominick yet?!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have to do a post before the show comes on tonight.

Let's discuss last night's show.

I was so glad that poof hair girl got cut!

I was a super huge Adrian Lee fan. He is amazing and from San Diego. I was SHOCKED that he didn't make top 11!!

Another shocker was Anthony Burrell! What were they thinking?!

Top 11

1. Christina-ballroom

2. Lauren F.-LOVE HER!!!

3. Ashley- who is she? why is she on the show? she is the girl in the pic, I figured might as well put her pic this week since she gets kicked off tonight!

4. Jose- really? him? not Adrian or Anthony?

5. Tap girl- gets cut tonight I'm sure!

6. Alex Wong- I really don't think he deserves this spot. I hope they cut him after all these terrible girls. I don't know how they are cutting this season.

7. Adechike- he deserves to be on the show

8. Kent Boyd-LOVE HIM!

9. Alexie- she is my 2nd favorite girl and really like her name

10. Billy Bell- duh, so stupid they tried to pretend he wasn't on the show.

11. Robert- I don't remember him from earlier, but he might be ok.

I was super bitter watching this!

I am predicting top 6 is

Robert, Billy, Kent, Adechike, Lauren, and Alexie

Top 4 which is usually how many are still around at the finale probably Lauren, Alexie, Kent and Billy.

I hope Ryan Ramirez, Adrian and Anthony come back next year!

Like the new look? I used the new template designer!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gonna have to say it is a SHOCKING Tips and Tricks Thursday

Tips and Tricks for being a tv addict:

Ok here is the list of shows on our dvr in priority order-
*I did not delete or edit before it shows, maybe I need to do some DVR clean up
How I Met Your Mother-if you aren't watching this rent season 1 now, best show ever!
The Suze Orman Show- you should seriously be recording this show, amazing money advice!
Grey's Anatomy- again must watch!
The Celebrity Apprentice- Hubby loves the Donald
Entourage- Hubby's show
Law and Order SVU- must watch
The Amazing Race 15- I watched #1 with my parents when I was in high school. This season it was able to fit into our schedule and Hubby got hooked.
SNL- we both love
Desperate Housewives- I think Hubby's parents got us started on this when we were living in Chico. We would have Sunday night dinner and then watch Housewives. Miss that!
Flipping Out- people I know are on this show, and its a must watch
SYTYCD- you guys already know my obsession with this one
One Tree Hill- Used to be way better but I will still watch on occasion
The Bachelor: On the wings of love- I totally would have married Jake before watching this show, he picked Vienna, I'm over it.
SVU again, maybe for reruns, not really sure here
How I Met Your Mother again this one if for the reruns on Lifetime we got caught up that way
Nip/Tuck- weird show and I think its over. We need to rent the seasons because there were times we were confused
Mad Money- Hubby's show about stocks. Don't call me when it is on it is hard to hear
American Idol- Team Lee!!
The Hills- still watch and I like Kristin but it is time to end
CSI- Love me some crime and hotties like Nick!
The Bachelorette- email me if you have read Reality Steve's spoilers.
Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty- My obsession with her was not increased by watching this show, bring back Newlyweds!!
Melrose Place- I think I watch three episodes last season
Jersey Shore- I'm sure it will be moved up in priority when it comes back on if we need to. Except MTV plays it 1,000 times so it doesn't really need to be. We love it!
Harpo- she raised me
Friday Night Lights- did you all know this came back to cable? it went away for awhile to a dish channel or something. it is back and not as good
The Amazing Race 16- Apparently I lied earlier about amazing race 15, I'm so confused about what number they are on!
Gossip Girl- probably watched three episodes last season
Kate Plus 8- I can't stop watching. I can't stop reading her books either! I don't know why...
The Bachelor- ? The one before Jake?
The Marriage Ref- did any of you watch this show? it was hilarious! I hope it got picked up for next season!
Modern Family- because you guys all liked it so much, I'm not in love, but its ok
Days of our Lives- watched since 7th grade only watch when there is nothing else on
Sex Decoy: Love Stings- has anyone seen this show? we found it because they showed a clip of it on the soup. It is super funny but there are like 5 episodes they play over and over again.
Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood- Love Tori and her books too! I am really rooting for them to stay together and the Guncles to get a baby!
The View- aka my news
Tough Love Couples- again did anyone watch this? amazing television people! I should have done this post when the shows were just starting! I'll update you on any new shows I discover!
The City- cause she was on the Hills, not that exciting of a show, hate Olivia!
90210- not as good as the original!
Holly's World- this is one that is going to start soon! add it to your dvrs people!
The Real World- I don't know if this records all real worlds, but we watch them all even though they have gone majorly down hill since the Hawaii, Vegas, San Diego days, have you seen they are going back to New Orleans?
Real World/Road Rules Challenge- its ok
Ruby- LOVE Ruby!!!!
Southern Belles: Louisville- haha we have had this dvr for 3 years and I think that is when this show was on. It was quality!
The Real Housewives of Orange County- the only one we religiously watch. I pretend to keep up with the others because that is all a girl at work talks about.
Shark Tank- ok show about entrepreneurs (did not know how to spell that!)
Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory- We love Rob! When is this show coming back?
The Girl's Next Door- was better with the originals but still ok
Intervention- LOVE me some intervention but WARNING most of the time they act like they are all better and then they fall off the wagon or DIE!
Keeping Up With the Kardashians- LOVE
Jon and Kate Plus 8- not on anymore obvs
The Challgenge: Fresh Meat- see above
Say Yes to the Dress- Love it! Still watch even though I said Yes to my dress!
Kendra- LOVE!
Man v. food- I haven't seen this on in awhile. You should watch if there are repeats!
Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami- aka when Mason was conceived. Love! Aren't they doing another one?
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant- LOVE don't think they have new ones, watch the repeats though!
Work Out- hasn't been new in years, loved it though
Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List- is this show on anymore?
Bridget's Sexiest Beaches- probably not on even in repeats
Army Wives- LOVE!
Taking the Stage- started to realized I was caring WAY too much about people who weren't even 16 yet, scary!
Tough Love- this is the singles version, equal quality to couples
Best Week Ever- don't think its on anymore
Denise Richards: It's Complicated- love her and her hair, I don't think it is on anymore
Brooke Knows Best- I love the Hogans, show not on anymore
Raising Sextuplets- They were SO cute! I think the people got smart when they saw what was going on with Jon and Kate and got off the air!
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians- See amazing race 15
10 things i hate about you- kinda cute show
giuliana and bill- LOVE THEM!!!! She just announced on twitter they will be back for another season!!!
*My dvr got tired of waiting for me! I have to go back through. No more shit key, my hands hurt, might make this post two parts. Oh I think it is cause the CMTs started. Get ready for some funny ones. Are you still with me?
Dating in the dark- AAAHHH hhhhhaaa this show was AMAZING where did it go? people would go on dates in a dark room and couldn't see each other and they would take compatibility tests and stuff and if they both picked each other they would decide if they wanted to meet. usually they didn't like each other in the light
16 and pregnant- must watch and very educational
the rachel zoe project- already posted about my love for her
*I see the end!
Daddy's girls- i like rev run, daddy's girls was not so good
who do you think you are- a show if it comes back you guys must watch. i was obsessed!
the soup- the reason i watch all these shows probably


I will be adding Glee next season.

The tv was on mute while I was typing this. Just finished and Hubby walked over and said, "Just turn the tv off"

Do you understand why I had the no technology day now?

I can't give any advice on finding time to watch all these shows, I need a life!
Link up!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tips and Tricks Thursday topic preview

Just a reminder. The rules for tips and tricks thursday are: 1. Write a post about the topic and come back Thursday and link up!

This week's topic is:
Tips and Tricks for being a tv addict:

If you have a dvr list your top ten or more shows. If you don't have a dvr tell us what shows you have to watch. Tell us how you find time in your busy lives to keep up with all the shows you watch!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

What to do when visiting San Francisco

We stayed at the Hilton in Union Square . The room rates were good and we had no complaints about the hotel. But you should know that it is $50 to park your car there.

Anchor Steam Brewing Company- They have free tours of the brewery which is very interesting. At the end of the tour you get about a half cup sample of 6-8 beers!! Obvi these tours are pretty popular so you definitely need to call about a month ahead. No tours on the weekend or evening. The afternoon tour is at 1pm.

*Hubster at Anchor Steam

Ride a Cable Car- It is $5 to ride a cable car. They take your money once you get on the car. They go from Union Square to Fisherman’s Wharf.

*The pictures I took aren't very obvious that we are on a cable car, but you get the idea right? Yeah I also need to learn how to not get the sun in pictures.

Scoma’s- They have really fresh seafood here. My fil and Hubby’s godfather had shrimp Louis’ they were a huge salad with a big pile of shrimp on top. I think they liked them. Mil had lobster (we think could have been crab) ravioli and she really liked it. Hubby had LAZY MAN’S CIOPPINO Prawns, Shrimp, Clams, Sea Scallops, Fresh Fish, and a 1/2 Dungeness Crab out of its shell in a rich tomato broth. He loved it.. For non seafood eaters the steak sandwich was good. Complimentary valet parking is always a plush in the city.

*Hubby's dinner. Yes, I take pictures of our meals. That is what most of our honeymoon pictures are. We love food!

Morton’s Steakhouse- for crab cakes. You should go during happy hour during the week if you can. Appetizers are half off and there is usually a cheap beer.

Burger Bar- it is in Macy’s in Union Square . There is a Cheesecake Factory too. Delicious good quality meat that you can build your own burger. Unique beers too. Oh and tvs in the booths. Make sure you go when a game you want to watch is on.

Lefty O’ Doul’s- My mil loves Irish coffee and everyone had told her the best Irish coffee in the city was at the Buena Vista. So we went there and she had one. That night she said she thought Lefty’s was better. So the next night we went to Lefty’s and she had an Irish coffee there and said, “Yep, Lefty’s is better.” Plus at Lefty’s is the hilarious waitress Ria and the funny, talented, perverted piano man. We got there around 8pm and were able to sit in the area near the piano. If you do beware the piano man will ask you about yourself and make it perverted. He asked me if I was related to my mil and I said she was my mil and he said, “Oh you let her sleep with your son?!” The whole night he was making jokes about how I stole her son’s innocence and I should hang my head in shame. So embarrassing! So glad we are married though!

*The waitress Ria. The boys had to get a picture with her cause they think she is Great Gam Gam from Beerfest.

Yeah I can see it! We had a wonderful weekend and my brother-in-law graduated from San Francisco State and we are so proud of him!! My in-laws said now they have four kids that graduated from college! Hubby, Bro, me and Bro's gf.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Wednesday night they had auditions in L.A. and Chicago.
Loves it!
-Lauren F. the first girl that danced to Let's Get it On! Amazing!
-Ryan Ramirez was a curly haired blonde that assisted for Mia. Again, amazing!
-Kent Boyd from Wapakoneta, Ohio. I love me a spinner like Travis Wall!
-Adrian Lee from SAN DIEGO yellow and gray striped tank. UH MAZ ING!
-Kellen Borchers danced to Danity Kane's song Damaged in jeans. He is another that has stolen some of Hubby's moves. I put him in loves it because he seems like a sweetheart.


-Tiny man with yellow vest aka HELLA HUNG?! LOL! He was sweating a lot and he called it "manly juice" Was he a midget? Nice gold pants!
-Hick hop? The girl with the leather vest and afro. I felt bad for her when they were laughing at her and she was completely serious.
-Guys in L.A.? Not good? WTF?!

-Rachel Girma-rhythmic gymnast
-Andrew Phillips had a twin in a wheelchair. I loved his music choice "You're the reason I come home".
-Jarrod Mayo came with his mom and danced to "Amazing" by Kayne.
-Lots of good contemporary girls! Hopefully one is the winner!

No one was HOT on Wednesday night. Bummer!

Jarrell Robinson the deaf dancer was such an inspiration!

Somehow I got my days messed up. Maybe having Monday off threw me more than I thought! I have watched all the way up to ballroom in Vegas.

I was surprised they only found 7 people in Nashville!

What is up with the ballroom choreographer? They called her a Nazi Barbie or something. I have never had to choreograph that many people, but I have taught a class of sixth graders and it has got to be pretty similar. You don't usually win people over or get their attention by screaming at them!

Oh yeah, I am so excited Billy Bell is back! Kid needs help with his acne, but man he can dance! I don't remember Andrew Wong but he is also very talented! Loving Anthony Burrell still!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tips and Tricks Thursday

Tips and Tricks for keeping your home clean and organized:

For awhile I was getting emails from Peter Walsh. Some of you may have seen him on Harpo. He is an organizing genius. The other day I was browsing Harpo’s website and reading his tips and tricks for organizing the kitchen. Get this people, he said you shouldn’t have a junk draw! I told Hubby he said, “Where are you supposed to put your junk?” I know Jen is going to be appalled. She has several junk drawers. He also suggested putting our your utensils in a box and then when you use one take it out and put it back in the drawer. If you don’t take a utensil out of the box for a month, you don’t need it. When I was cleaning the kitchen this weekend I looked at the dusty spoons we never use and thought, we might use them for something someday! I guess that is how you end up on hoarders.

Peter's Basic Principles of De-Cluttering

Establish a vision for a room and agree on it.
Decide what will help you achieve that vision and what will not.
Purge your extra stuff.
Sort F.A.S.T.:

Fix a time and stick to it. Haul out any item that fits in one of the following categories:

Anything you haven't used in a year

Stuff that doesn't belong

Next, sort what's left into broad categories like bicycles or tools. Then organize them in separate zones in the room.
After you are clutter-free, create new routines to stay that way.

Anyspoon, organization expert Mr. Walsh suggests taking 15 mins every day to tidy up at the end of the day. This sounds good in theory, but by the time I workout, shower, eat dinner, watch tv, do dishes, make lunches, floss my teeth, I am tired!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stuff my mom would be surprised to read and tips and tricks Thursday topic preview

The wonderful, amazing talented Oughta asked me to do a guest post a few weeks ago. Of course I was shocked and honored and said heck yes! You definitely need to go check it out! It is about how things would be in another life and Hubby was a little surprised but pretty much on board. Let's just say the picture above is in the post. I'm just saying, check it out and then get your tips and tricks Thursday post ready!

Now that everyone’s fabulous wedding is planned and you have done some bargain shopping. You have organized your closet and cleaned your carpets. It is June so your spring cleaning should be done (I did mine memorial day weekend).

This week’s tips and tricks Thursday topic is: tips and tricks for keeping your home clean and organized.

I need some major help with this one so write your posts and link up Thursday!!!