Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dance party with Papa

Kyle and Austin 4 months

Had so much fun taking pictures of the boys this morning. Excited that I got a couple that they were both smiling. They are both very happy and easy babies. I got lucky! They both love to talk now. In size 2 diapers and still wearing 3 month clothes if I ever bother to get them dressed. They started laughing this month. If you kiss Austin on his neck right below his right ear he just cracks up. Kyle's tickle spot is more his belly.

Kyle started physical therapy for congenital torticollis after his 2 month appointment. His neck is getting a lot better. We are going to talk to the pediatrician about his head at the 4 month appointment.

I wanted to capture their blue eyes.
Kyle thinks I'm hilarious, obviously.
Austin is always spitting up but Kyle can fill a bowl with spit up too.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Newest addition

It is safe to say I have an Easy Canvas Prints obsession. So when I was asked to write a review of their product it was a no brainer. I already had 4 canvases from their website so I knew it was a great product. Deciding which picture to have made into a canvas was pretty easy too. Obviously things have been pretty crazy around here so I haven't been able to share with you all the amazing newborn pictures we had taken. For Christmas Hubby got me a newborn session with my dream photographer. My boys were her first newborn twins and she spent all day at our house taking every picture you could ever want of newborn twins. If you are looking for a photography in the Sacramento area I can't recommend Lindsay Rene more.

When Easy Canvas approached me about a product review I knew I would pick a print from our newborn session. My favorite picture of Kyle and Austin from the newborn session is one of them all swaddled up together. On our mantle is a sign that says, "And they lived happily ever after..." Before it is a canvas from our wedding day and after it was a picture of Chase. Now that we have Kyle and Austin I needed to add them to the mantle too!

Here is a close up of the canvas. It is so well made and turned out adorable.

Here is the mantle with 3 of our easy canvas prints.

Here are the other two canvases.

Let me know if you have any other questions about easy canvas. I have practice ordering from them, obviously! I love that you can even print your instagram pictures on canvases from their website. Doesn't get much easier than that! I always get standard wrap thickness and wall hanger. I love the look of the mirror image border option. They are so easy to hang and just the best quality. Sign up for their emails there are always great sales and free shipping!