Monday, November 9, 2015

Tandem wearing twins

   A lot of twin moms hope to wear their twins at the same time. I did it a few times but I ended up being more of a stroller mama and just used the two ergos I was given/borrowed.

   When I went to my first baby wearing meet up I learned some things I thought I would share.

  •  baby wearing experts like you to have two separate wraps so you can get a baby out without disturbing the other.
  • they suggest in the beginning to do two ring slings or two woven wraps
   The ergos are comfortable enough but I hear Tulas are more comfortable. The twingaroo is a good option but you wouldn't be able to just wear one if you had a friend or family member around that could wear the other.
   My advice would be to do two ergos. If you want to spend a little more you could do two tulas. Here is the best video for tandem wearing twins. She does it with Tulas but its the same for ergos. Our twinsies are buddies too.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Holiday size list

   I am doing flylady's cruising through the holiday's missions. She has a free holiday control journal you can print from her website. Yesterday's mission was to figure out sizes for everyone in the family in case someone asks you don't have to scramble to figure it out. I didn't see a place for this in my holiday control journal so I really quickly this morning made this up. Feel free to copy and print.

Hubby sizes

My sizes

Child #1

Child #2

Child #3

Have you started getting ready for the holidays yet?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wrapping Closet

   I've mentioned the cleaning guru Flylady before. Well, she recently started a cruising through the holidays missions thing. I'm obsessed. It is day 7 today. You should definitely jump in.
   One of the missions was to get all your wrapping paper together in one place. I had been planning a wrapping closet for awhile. This was the motivation I needed to just do it. Plus Chase was at my parents' and the twins were napping. Here is the final result:

Let's start at the top and go left to right.The basket in the top left has my scentsy scents in it. Then on the shelf is my big tissue paper. I bought a big pack of white tissue paper a couple years ago at the dollar tree. Middle left is all our wrapping boxes. Middle middle in the bag is bags. Under that is one of those 5 drawer organizers from target. See picture below. Next to that is our wrapping paper in a plastic wrapping paper thing from target. On the bottom is extra flooring the owners left and some blinds. Here is the close up of the 5 drawers:

Top drawer has tags, then some more tissue, bows, some small wrap pieces, and more bags on the bottom. It had been on my to do list to find my big NIV study bible and look what I found!

I've already bought and wrapped presents and it isn't even Halloween yet!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What's your secret emoji? 🔥

  On a recent wine tasting birthday party that got bachelor party wild, I discovered something. Other people use a secret emoji for, let's call it "alone time". Conversation got silly, because, wine and my friend told me their secret emoji.
   If you are making a confused face at your phone or computer right now because you don't know what I'm talking about, let me explain. Couples develop a secret code when texting somehow and organically an emoji becomes code for "alone time".
   I'm not going to tell you what ours is. I'll tell you it is one of the emojis that you can pick the skin tone. I think my friends were over one night and Hubby was out with some guys from work and we were texting. I was just trying to be funny and I sent him an emoji with the darkest skin tone choice. My friend and I started using it as a joke and then one night I sent it to Hubby and the rest is history.
   So I'm dying to know, what's your emoji. If you are too embarrassed, you can leave an anonymous comment.
   Is it


Tell me!

Also, a big shout out to my fellow twin mama blogger irl friend, Cori at Hey, Let's Make Stuff. I ran this idea by her first and messaged emojis to her to take screen shots of. Check her blog out it's super cute!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Parenting by connection

   I wanted to clear up something after my last post, I need flylady because I have a form of perfectionism that paralyzes me from doing anything and also severe laziness. I want my house to look perfect when people come over but a lot of the time it is a disaster. I also have a temper. In my journey to become a calmer and happier mom I found flylady, started waking up before my kids and I found parenting by connection.
   I have been reading and posting parenting by connection, positive parenting or hand in hand parenting articles for about a year now. We don't give our children time outs. We believe our children are good and want to behave. We try not to yell at our kids. When we see them acting up or not listening we know it is time for special time.
   Special time is 5 minutes where the child gets your undivided attention to do whatever they want to do. A lot of times for us its a chasing game, board game, or dodge ball. The idea behind parenting by connection is if your child is well rested, fed, and feeling connected to you they will have good behavior. (Sometimes the tv is the babysitter while I have 5 minutes of special time with a child).

   We allow our kids to have tantrums. We know that everyone sometimes needs to have a tantrum. When I first started learning about parenting by connection, there were articles about children with 45 minutes tantrums. It is called stay listening when you stay with your child and listen while they tantrum. I remember watching the clock thinking ok this could go for 45 minutes. So far we haven't had one that long. They do get shorter as they work through all their issues.
   We do still set limits and have high expectations. We still tell our children they are not allowed to hurt anyone else. Our kids are 4 and 1.5 so learning to control that fight or flight urge is tough. I've recently seen Chase's little fist ball up and see him control his urge to hit.
   Sometimes when you set a limit, for example about tv watching, a tantrum will follow. I swear every single time we turned the tv off when Chase was three he would have a tantrum. It isn't always an issue about the tv. Sometimes they are dealing with something that happened at school and they are now deciding to get that emotion out.
   Chase recently said something rude to me. I told him it hurt my feelings when he said that. I asked him if he meant to hurt my feelings. He said no. We talked about a nicer way he could have talked to me. Then he told me something someone at school had said to him that hurt his feelings.
   We know this is a different parenting method and some will read this and think our children are going to grow up to be adults that have tantrums and hit and bite other people, but this is what we feel is the right choice for our family and we will deal with whatever the future holds. We think our children will learn how to control their anger and find appropriate times and places to release it. We think our children will always feel close to us and their brothers.

Friday, October 16, 2015

My secret for waking up before the kids

   Sleep is one of my favorite things. In high school I could sleep until 1 pm. I gave it all up for my babies. I don't think I slept for 3 years. I go to bed at the same time as Hubby but always justified sleeping in with I'm getting up with the babies in the middle of the night. Well, I'm no longer getting up with the babies in the middle of the night (insert confetti and salsa dancer emoji). I now have a child that has to get to school in the morning. I tried sleeping until the babies woke up and getting everyone out the door for a few months. I didn't like the mom I was rushing around and angry in the mornings. I tried the old fashioned set an alarm and get up. Didn't work.
   I'm kind of embarrassed to share my secret for waking up before the kids...
I call a game of bingo Monday through Friday at 6:30 am. 

   I'm sure you are super confused now. Awhile ago I found a cleaning guru called Flylady. She doesn't do a weekly cleaning checklist. She suggests starting routines. Our evening routine is to do the dishes before we go to bed. I started following her on facebook and found some other groups that follow her. I'm in a group called 5,10,15 clean. They have bingo cleaning games through out the day.
   What is a bingo cleaning game? You pick 9 things you need to get done. 3 that you will spend 15 minutes on, 3 you will spend 10 minutes on, and 3 you will spend 5 minutes on. There is a caller that posts a number and then you do that number for the amount of time and when the time is up you come back for the next call. You might think you need longer than 5 or 15 minutes to do things but you would probably be surprised. Anyways, it has helped motivate me to clean to have other people cleaning and deciding what to clean. I have issues prioritizing things. Bingo and flylady helped motivate me to clean and decorate our master. 
   So Monday through Friday my alarm goes off at 6:25am and I jump on to facebook and let everyone know the game will start in 5 minutes. At 6:30 I post the first number. There are other women from all over the world that join in and post what they are doing. Since I have to keep posting calls/numbers I just get out of bed and get ready for the day. The babies wake up around 7ish. Today they are still asleep at 7:35! I actually need to go wake Chase up because he has school today. 
   That's my secret for getting up before my kids. If you live in a different time zone there are probably games at the time you would need to be getting up. Join the group! If there isn't a game at the time you need, you can call one! It is really easy! Let me know if you have any other questions!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

10 things I believe

10. Parenting by connection is the best parenting technique ever
9. They will find a cure for peanut allergies
8. God, Jesus, and Heaven are real
7. Ellyn Satter's strategies for picky eaters is the best
6. Having twins was one of the best things that ever happened to me
5. Meeting my husband was the best thing that ever happened to me
4. Becoming a mom was the second best thing that ever happened to me
3. in God's plan
2. in reading
1. in prayer

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kyle and Austin are 16 months

   I have been blogging and trying to remember everything with Chase starting school. You two monkeys have been up to a lot that I don't want to forget either!
   Now that you are 16 months and big brother has school twice a week our morning nursing sessions have ended. It was time and you've given me a couple nights of ok sleep or going back to sleep after I rub orajel on your molars so we are done. I was a little sad but mostly happy.
   Austin aka Chunky Monkey is still a chunk. You are hilarious too. Last night I was telling Daddy about our dance party with Grandma and your crazy legs and turns and running around the kitchen island. I love you so much. You are such a snuggler. You love when Grandma comes because she will hold you.

 Your zip up jammies are always unzipped. I like that Grandma said you do it to give your belly more room. You are still ball obsessed. You are still dramatic. You love to play peekaboo. You love to read books. You love to sit in the weirdest things.

  We have been hanging out at Nana and Papa's pool since its summer and hot. You are pretty content to float around a splash a little. You even try to kick your legs.

 We think you are starting to say some words. Papa sounds like Baba and you make a ch sound for Chase. You love to cheers and say a chss sound. Oh the kisses from you! Amazing!
   Kyle Crocodile, I think you are getting your bottom molars and it is making you a little pissy lately but my goodness you let us know when you are frustrated! You aren't so content to float in the pool. You think you can swim and/or drink the water. You are always trying to get out of everyone's arms and the floatie. You are still our smallest child. You are still high maintenance and usually end up in Mama's arms. You are still the first to smile at strangers and recently someone called you the sweet one. It made both your grandmothers laugh. Oh, I didn't write a blog update when you graduated from therapy! Your neck is looking awesome. I still see a tilt every once in awhile but we have the tools and resources and think it will continue to improve. Oh my Kyle, when you do something silly and crack yourself up nothing brings a bigger smile to my face. You love being silly. You don't seem to attempt as many words as Austin. But you do talk in your own little language. You love to talk on the phone. Oh Kyle, you love to vacuum!

  You are a big fan of kissing too. You have your own little Kyle dance move spin around with one arm out. You finally started clapping. You love to run. You still love cars and planes and helicopters and dinosaurs. You love to cheers too. You are a daredevil. You fell off the retaining wall in the backyard and got a nasty bruise on your forehead. You love to eat sand. You put a lot of stuff in your mouth. You love to eat books.

First week of school

   You are snoozing on the floor in the family room in a "camping ship" aka fort after your first week of school.
   After two days of school you are still working on learning your teacher's name. Today when we ask you what your teacher's name is you say, "Teacher or Miss Harriet". That's Daniel Tiger's teacher's name. You like to watch the TV show Daniel Tiger. I just introduced you to Barney this week and you told me today you didn't want to turn it off because you needed to learn.
   From what you have told me about your day it sounds like you keep lining up when the kids are lining up to go to the other teacher's class.
   You have said a couple times you only want to make two or three friends. Today you said you had four friends. You said someone asked you how old you are.
   Day 1 you painted scales on a fish with celery and put rice on a starfish.
  I can't tell you how much I love your very first school art projects! You said you made two jellyfish on the second day. I think we might have to give one to Grandma.
   On day 2 you said you played with dinosaurs and one boy had a lot and didn't want to share with you but a girl shared with you and there were two triceratops. You said you waited patiently and eventually they went to play with something else and you got to play with the dinos. You said you looked at books in your classroom and there was a shark book like yours and a dolphin book. You said you sang songs that you didn't know. One about a train.
   You love school. You said you want to go every day. In the morning 30 minutes before we had to leave you said you were ready to go to school. In the car on the way to school you said you missed your school.
   Your teacher says you are doing great and that makes us so proud! Love you buddy! Keep up the great work!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Starting school soon...

   Today is your 5th father's day. You are downstairs laying in a fort not sleeping. I was scrolling through facebook and instagram and remembered that I should use this time to write down everything I want to remember about this time in our lives.

   You were so excited to give Daddy his presents this morning and go mini golfing. Your first time mini golfing was in May for Holden's birthday and you have been hooked ever since. We have gone with your bff Zeph. The next person you wanted to go with was Nana and Papa. I searched the calendar for a free weekend day and thought Father's day would be perfect! They surprised you by showing up today. We had a blast! One of my balls hit Daddy and he said it hit him in his "twig and berries" and you said "twig and berries!" and were cracking up!
   You've been really excited the last few days because you start school Tuesday! You keep asking me if it is school day. It is also motivating me to write a few things down because this is a huge change for us! And here come the tears.
   I asked Papa to drive with us for emotional support. Last night I told Daddy I might be ok dropping you off by myself. Its just been you and me for four years. I know we added those two crazy monster, Kyle and Austin. There were also the days I went to work and you stayed with Papa. But the majority of our time is you and me buddy.
   I had a moms night out the other day and you helped me pick out my outfit and accessories. I've also discussed my upcoming hair color change with you. When you look in my eyes and reach for me and pucker those lips, that is my most favorite thing in the world.
   The things that you think of now are so funny. Last night you said you wanted to buy Daddy a car for Father's Day!
   You love your whole family so good. Recently I could tell you were feeling a little off so I asked you if you could go on a date with anyone, who would you want to go with. You said your whole family. So the five of us headed to red robin! You had so much fun and thought the corn dog and milkshake were so yummy! You have talked about it for awhile. Wanted to hold my hand in the picture. I'll treasure that forever!

   You try to be sweet to your brothers and it melts my heart when you are. You've started helping me sing to them when I put them to sleep. You also like to help change their diapers. You like to help me with a lot of stuff. You are so cute with all babies. You will make a great daddy some day even though you say now you don't want to get married or go to college and just want to be a stay at home son.

   You have some crazy dance moves. Always saying mommy watch! Tackling your brothers is another favorite thing to do. We went swimming at Papa's and you used water wings for the first time and loved them! You were jumping in and swimming all over.
   You have been really in to board and card games lately. It has been fun playing games with you!

   Daddy and I were talking about how much you are going to love school. I'm so excited for you to learn and make new friends. I hope you continue to make good choices and make us proud. Love you always!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Twin pregnancy

   First, let me start with I am not a medical professional. I am just a woman with a "cervix of steel" and carried twins to 38 weeks despite doing jumping jacks at 37.5 weeks to try and avoid induction. I also got lucky. Honestly, a huge part of it is just luck.
   A common question I get is what was my reaction when I found out I was having twins. When I was pregnant with Chase I didn't worry at all. Having a miscarriage combined with hearing so many sad and difficult stories, my first reaction was worry. I tell a lot of people I honestly worried about my boys until they were in my arms and healthy.
   The best piece of advice I read when pregnant with the twins was to turn your worries in to goals. So, I did. I made it a goal to stay pregnant until 37 weeks. I made it a goal to have them vaginally. I made a goal to nurse them for a year. I can't remember if there were any more goals. But these were the ones that were important and I made them!
   The other piece of advice I listened to and have heard other twin moms say to moms pregnant with twins is listen to your body. I had to stop substitute teaching at 20 weeks. I couldn't stand any more without pain. Sitting with your legs up is not a good look for a sub. It is common for twin moms to go on maternity leave around 20 weeks. Don't beat yourself up about it. It was hard for me. If something feels off CALL YOUR DOCTOR!
   I know a mom pregnant with twins that has older children and a nurse told her not to lift her older children. I picked Chase up all the time. He was still in a crib until after the babies were born. Listen to your body. The same mom was told by the same nurse not to exercise. I had an active 2 year old and was in a tri level house. When I experienced pain and swelling I put my feet up.
   I used a maternity support belt when I had back pain and when my hip hurt I wrapped an ace bandage around my hips. I always drink lots of water but if you don't, start.
   I ate whatever I wanted. The twin pregnancy advice book said to eat lots of small meals. Like eat breakfast, then a snack, then lunch, and a snack, then a snack and dinner and a snack etc. I ate when I was hungry. There was a lot of clam dip. I gained about 36 pounds. My dr never said anything about my weight gain. I worried about gaining enough weight when I was pregnant with Chase and my dr said don't so I didn't ask this time.
   Baby A was 5lbs 14ozs, Baby B was 7lbs 1oz. They spent 0 minutes in the NICU. They were both delivered vaginally. If you want to read the birth story go here.
   I was asked this morning if I slept a ton. I had a 2 year old. I don't even remember being as tired as I was when I was pregnant with Chase.
  Don't compare it to previous pregnancies. Don't try to be super mom. Get a maid. Sit on your couch and cook those babies.
   Advice from my moms of multiples friends:
  • if you need to vent or tak to someone talk to another mom of multiples. Singleton and twin pregnancies are worlds apart and no one can relate like a fellow MoM.
  • getting in a pool helps tremendously with relieving the pain from carrying all that weight.
  • don't beat yourself up if you don't achieve your goals. Enjoy your time with your babies because it goes SO fast! Take lots of pictures and videos. Be flexible. Be kind to yourself. Be willing to say "no" or "help". 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sleep training twins

We survived night one of sleep training twins!

Background: My one year old twins are exclusively breast fed. Around 6 months old their sleep got really bad. Most nights they would nurse several times a night and end up co sleeping. Co sleeping with twins is tough and lots of wake ups is tough, so we decided to trade down sleepassociations (link to isis parenting webinar. I don't think this is the one I watched but I'm sure it has the same info). Our bedtime routine was to nurse them to sleep and put them in their crib asleep.

Night 1-
Time for a new bedtime routine! We knew trading down sleep associations could take awhile so we wanted to get our good sleeping 3 year old singleton in bed first. We did baths. I nursed the twins with the lights on while Daddy and 3 year old showered. When the twins’ nursing slowed, I unlatched them. They both looked at me and I asked if they were done and they signed all done so I put them down and we got the 3 year old ready for bed.

We read a book together and said prayers. We relax our 3 year old before we leave his room at night. He wanted just Daddy in the room for that so I went and sat on the couch in our room in the dark and waited for him. I relaxed the twins while sitting on the couch.

Daddy came out of the 3 year old’s room and we gave the twins good night hugs and kisses and put them in their cribs. The crying started immediately. We let them cry for 5 minutes and then went in. The goal for the first night of trading down sleep associations is for the child to fall asleep in their crib with you rubbing their back. You can take them out of the crib and comfort them any way you like.

We each took a twin and comforted and put back in the crib. I could tell Daddy was getting frustrated with his twin so I reminded him we have to be patient and switched. Twin B fell asleep pretty quickly after that. A few more back rubs from Daddy and Twin A was asleep. It only took us 30 mins!!!

I couldn’t believe we were done so quickly. I figured they learned how to go to sleep now and are probably tired they will sleep for a long time. No. There were several wake ups before 11:30. Luckily it only took a few minutes of back rubbing to get them back to sleep.

There was a chunk of sleep from 11:30-3:00.

I felt guilty about night weaning them cold turkey. I had decided if after 3 am it was harder to get them to go back to sleep I would nurse them.  Twin B woke up at 3:00 but pretty quickly went back to sleep and stayed asleep. Twin A woke up around 3:30 and Daddy couldn’t get him back to sleep so I brought him in the bed and nursed him and once he was asleep for 30 seconds put him back in his crib and he went to sleep.

Twin B woke up at 5:30 and took awhile to get back to sleep and then woke up quickly after so I brought him in the bed and nursed him. I think I fell asleep. No clue what time I woke up and put him back in his crib.

They were both up for the day around 7:30.

I’m honestly not that tired. I probably get that much sleep every night anyways. I’m so proud of my boys. They really did awesome. Every child is different but on average the first time you try to trade down sleep associations can take an hour.

Our plan is to do the same thing tonight. We plan to eventually trade down to just one person alternating rubbing their backs and we may even trade down to less soothing than that. It’s so different with twins. With my singleton we would rub his back for like 20 minutes until he was asleep. Can’t really do that with twins.

Night 2
Twin B- no crying as long as someone was rubbing his back.
Twin A was still upset but went to sleep in less than 30 mins

 No wake ups until 1:15! So amazing but they did not go back to sleep quickly. Daddy came to the rescue and got Twin B to sleep. I really don't think twin A would have ever stopped crying. After 30 mins or more I decided to nurse him.

I put him in his crib after and thought he would go to sleep. No. So daddy to the rescue again. He went to sleep pretty quickly this time.

 5:20 twin B awake but back to sleep pretty quickly

 6:30 twin a awake and I was over it. Brought him in bed with me and nursed him.

7:45 twin b awake for the day

 No nursing for twin B all night! And no wake ups until 1:15. I'll take it! Hoping it keeps getting better! We have to get them used to one person soothing them. When I tried at 1:15 it was tough. 

Night 3-

twin A still not a fan and taking awhile to fall asleep but he slept 9:30-7. I heard some crying but ignored it and it stopped. I was tired!

Twin B woke up at 4:20 and after 15 mins I decided to see if he would sleep in our bed. Nope. Nursed him and had to rub his back to get him to sleep in his crib.

One twin slept through the night and one wake up?! I'll take it!!!

Night 4-

Time to trade down to just one parent in the room. I put both babies in their cribs after story and prayers and turned the light out. Twin A started crying right away. My plan had been to get Twin B asleep and then deal with Twin A but Twin B wasn't crying so I soothed Twin A. He fell asleep pretty quickly!

I was rubbing twin B's back and he wasn't crying so I decided to try to trade down his sleep association. I decided the high would be rubbing his back and singing to him and the low would be not touching him or singing to him. It took a little while but he eventually fell asleep.

Twin B had a few wake ups. His nose is kinda stuffed up so I'm wondering if that caused it. He woke up before we went to bed and daddy went in and quickly got him back to sleep. There was a wake up at 12:30 too.

2:30 both babies awake. Finally got Twin B asleep. Twin A seemed like he was asleep but would cry after I left the room so I nursed him in bed with me. When I put him back in his crib he went back to sleep until 8 am. I'll take it!

Twin B slept after the 2:30 wake up until around 6 am I think. I just brought him in bed with me and nursed him and he slept until 8 am.

Proud that I got the boys to sleep on my own. Tonight is Daddy's turn.

Happy Birthday Austin

Chunky monkey,
   My baby, the younger bigger one, the big guy. You, baby b, were such a stinker when the doctor was trying to get you out. I watched the video of your birth today and when they finally got you out put you on my chest all cleaned up I called you chunky monkey. Once you were out you had a lot of fluid in your lungs and they almost had to take you to the nicu. The nurses worked really hard to keep you with us. It was scary and a little dramatic. You can still be a drama baby.
   The instant you spot daddy or papa you insist they pick you up or the world will end. You are also very dramatic if they put you down or if someone takes something away from you.
   This year there have been many times you have reminded us of your big brother Chase. You started off looking a lot like him. We often say you are his clone or mini me. You hit a lot of your milestones around the same time as Chase. You were both walking across the room on your 11 month birthday and you both love balls. You are both pretty silly. One of your favorite things to do was stick your tongue out and make a bbrrppff noise.
   You are always following Chase around and trying to throw him a ball.
   You are such a cuddle bug. You love to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed. I honestly don't mind but sometimes Kyle needs mommy too and it gets a little crowded or you get jealous that he is getting milk.
   You are a pretty happy and easy going guy.
   Daddy and I wanted a family with 3 babies. I knew you were a boy and I wanted all boys. The second I saw you on the ultrasound screen I fell in love and was so worried about you. I thank God every day for giving you to me. Our song is "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes because I want you to know you were always wanted.
And I just wanna wrap you up
Wanna kiss your lips
I wanna make you feel wanted
And I wanna call you mine
Wanna hold your hand forever
And never let you forget it
Yeah I wanna make you feel wanted
Baby I wanna make you feel wanted
You'll always be wanted
   Oh, my sweet chunky monkey, I pray you continue to be silly and love your brothers and the rest of the family. We wanted 3 babies, didn't expect 2 of them to come at the same time but we are so grateful that you did. I look forward to seeing your relationship with Kyle and Chase grow. We all love you so much! Happy first birthday!

Happy Birthday Kyle

Kyle the Crocodile with a smile,
   My middle child, the older smaller one, little guy. You, baby a, were always the one giving us problems when you were in my tummy. You would be difficult when they were trying to get certain measurements and lazy during the non stress tests. I watched the video of your birth today. After the nurses cleaned you up, weighed you, and I gave birth to your brother, they wrapped you up and placed you on my chest. You were so calm and content and looking around. I'm not really sure when that changed. You, my sweet boy, can be high maintenance some times.
   You are overall a pretty happy kiddo. You do love to smile at everyone. But if you are unhappy you let us all know. There are times you did not enjoy the car seat. You started off being a mama's boy.
   I hesitate to talk about your torticollis and therapy but it has been such a big part of this year. When I was watching your birth video I pointed out to your daddy your indented jaw. We knew right away that your neck muscle was tight. We started therapy at 12 weeks. That was our special mama and Kyle time. Plus all the time I spent with you at home stretching your neck. You have been awesome in therapy and your neck is getting so much better.
   You think everything Chase does is hilarious. I love watching the three of you play together.
   Daddy and I always wanted 3 babies. We were ready to give Chase a sibling pretty quickly. You and your brother had your own plans, God's plan, and I wouldn't change a thing.
   I thank God every day that he gave me you. I'm so grateful that we were blessed with 3 healthy, adorable and perfect babies. I love that you are a cuddle bug just like your brothers. I'm so lucky that I have been able to stay home with you this year and that you are exclusively breast fed.
   Kyle, I hope you continue to share your smile with the world. I pray you continue to be healthy and happy. You are so loved our middle boy. Happy first birthday!

*maybe some day I will have time to add pictures!