Thursday, April 21, 2016

Happy 3rd birthday Chase

Dear 3 year old Chase,
   What an exciting year! This year you became a big brother!!!! You love your brothers so much. You are always giving them kisses and saying, "Hi guys!". They love you too. I knew you would be a great big brother. I look forward to seeing your relationships with them grow. I hope you always light up like you do now when you see them. We wanted you to have people to spend your life with.
   Besides getting new little brothers you got a cousin, Maddisen. You adore Maddi like a sister. You have a huge heart and adore everyone in our family. You have a special relationship with each of your grandparents. You often talk about Papa, Nana, Grandma, and Grandpa (or Papa) Marty.
   You think all kids are your friends. Today when I asked you who your best friend was you said Carter. You and Carter have been buddies since a couple months old. You like playing with your cousin Caelan and Conner and Holden when we see them. You love Zephyr and Brynna. You and your new buddy Ryder have some good times together. This year you made a friend in our neighborhood, Cole. His younger siblings are twins too! When you go for bike rides on your BIG bike you stop at Cole's house and ask if he is home. You love your neighbor buddy Joey across the street.
  We went on some trips this year to Yosemite and Monterey. You loved the waterfalls and beaches.
   You sleep in a queen bed in a new room now. I can't believe how big you are getting. Seriously, you are super tall!
   You speak so clearly. You have a few things you say funny and I love it. Like the word love is more wuv. Hamburger is a tough one for ya. Cement mixer sounds more like ment mixer.
   This spring you have been playing t-ball and love it. Last week you had a hit that made all the parents say, "Woah!"
   You like to pick out your own outfits. You love your Dusty shirt and neon socks.
   You are obsessed with the tv show P.A.W. patrol. You beg me to watch it every day. You just crack up at it.
   You usually order mac and cheese when we go to restaurants. For your birthday meals this year you wanted eggs for breakfast, roast beef for lunch, and steak for dinner. Tonight you said your favorite food was bread. You love cheese. You said your favorite drink was milk. You are a big orange juice fan too. You like red peppers. You like all fruit. Bananas might be your favorite. You LOVE cookies. You get one every time we go to the grocery store. Speaking of the grocery store, everyone knows you there and you especially like the checker Stacy.
   You have learned some new songs recently. I like to eat apples and bananas is a fave and skinamirarinky dink a dink.
   I think your shoes are size 11 now. Your clothes are 5t. Still in size 6 diapers. Your pjs and kids size 5. You've had too many haircuts to count now. We just got clippers and Dada gave you your first at home haircut and you did great. You have all your teeth for awhile. I think you get more at age 6.
   Since I was hugely pregnant and now busy with your brothers, you've gone to the pool twice with Papa. We are thinking about doing swim lessons this summer.
   When I went to the hospital to have your brothers we spent our first night apart. You did so awesome without Mama and Dada. A few weeks before I had your brothers Dada got some special books with you at the book store.