Thursday, July 30, 2009

My little cousin is getting married!!!

Finally I feel like I thought of something interesting to write about!

I have been getting a little teary eyed all day thinking about the big wedding this weekend. Don't know if my emotions will last all the way until Saturday but we will see. Rob try not to cry while saying your vows or I will for sure lose it!

This Saturday, August 1st, my younger cousin Allison is becoming a wife! She is the first younger cousin to get hitched and I'm surprised by the teary eyes. I keep thinking of her little chubby cheeks in our family photo albums and all the hand-me-down clothes I gave her! On Saturday I know she is going to look amazing and she won't be wearing a hand-me-down!

Now some of you may not now the love story of Allison and Robin. She likes to say they met at a "club" in college. She thinks thats cooler than telling the whole truth. But I think the whole truth is so cute! The met in a Republican club at school! I love that they have that in common. Thats not all they have in common. Allison of course comes from a wonderful family. From what I've heard, I'll let you know after Saturday, Rob comes from a pretty wonderful family too. I know that their common values and support systems will help make there's a marriage that will last a lifetime. Above all that they are madly in love with eachother! They beam every time they catch each other's eyes. In fact a few of us suspected Rob was ready to pop the question and I begged him to wait until my boyfriend proposed. Don't want to look like an old maid! But he couldn't wait! He surprised her in Disneyland. A place every little girl finds so magical. Their proposal pictures are so adorable!

Well little cousin! I think Rob is going to make you an honest woman Saturday. I don't know what that saying means but I hope we grow even closer as we start this crazy journey into adulthood as wives!! Maybe someday I will be handing down some maternity clothes, huh?! Everyone calm down! Someday. Nothing to get excited about yet except Allie and Rob's wedding! Let's party!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you both! Congrats!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Two books finished in 1 day!

Its incredible difficult to find things to blog about when you are UNEMPLOYED!

I wish my days were filled with outings, shopping, and sun bathing. I feel guilty doing these activities. I feel like I should be spending 10 hours a day searching for jobs.

Due to the fact that I've only got a few more steps in my process of getting a job, the hunting has slowed considerably. So I have allowed myself to read.

I had to wait several months for the 4th book in the Twilight series. I know, I know. Twilight? Really? Yeah, I love the books! Two years ago some tweens that I worked with were gushing about this hot vampire and I thought, "Um, these girls are so sad". Now I do not, as these girls did, want to date Edward. I am all for following their lifestyle, if it was possible, and becoming a vampire. Anyways, when more and more people became obsessed with these books I gave in and read the first one. I read it in a weekend. I got the 4th book on Monday and finished it Thursday. 900 pages.

Then when I turned Breaking Dawn in today, Jenny McCathy's Belly Laughs was waiting for me. Its 165 pages. Finished it in 2 hours.

Now back to reading Michael J. Fox's 2nd book and after that a Janet Evanovich.

Happy reading!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Time flies when you are having fun

oops there went a month!

I guess I was busy working at the begining of this month.

Then I had my wedding shower in Nor Cal. I had a lot of fun playing games with the girls. Of course got to see my newly engaged friend's ring. I also loved getting to see the little guys in the family. My little honorary ring bearers. Since one is 3 months old and the other about a year and a half we don't think they will be putting on teenie tuxs for the wedding but when they are older they will know I wanted them to be a part of it. The wedding shower day was crazy because my mom and I had a meeting at the mansion where my fiance and I are getting married to discuss flowers, cake, menu etc. This meeting was a short one (just an hour). Still have a few things to figure out, like how much booze everyone is going to drink.

I got back to our tiny apartment here in So Cal Sunday evening. Only my scrapbook stuff fit in my carry on. The humiliating part was I needed assistance getting it into the overhead compartment. This happens on a regular basis so I am used to it. I have since made room for some of the gifts, just have to make the drive back up there to get them.

Monday, Curtis and I went to Men's Wearhouse. Two hours spent there picking out the 10 things our guys in our wedding will wear. They are going to be so handsome! I can't wait!

Then the job hunt began. At first I was non stop job hunting. I had an interview with a temp agency and feel like they might be able to find me some stuff to do. I felt like I couldn't do anything but job hunt. Now I have paid all my bills for July and have been able to do some other stuff around the house and what not. Looking forward to spending the three day weekend with my fiance and friends.

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!