Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WEDDING: Reception

Walking in to the reception to "Party like a Rockstar"

I feel like I have done this post already. Am I losing my mind? We had yummy bbq chicken, vegetarian lasagna, linguine with marinara, mashed potatoes, Cesar salad, rolls, veggies, yum!

I really think I did this post already. Where is it? Best man (aka brother of Hubby) making his toast.

Matron of Honor (aka cousin of me) making her toast.

Everybody toasting.

Cutting the cake! So pretty.

Feeding each other tiny pieces because the cake just crumbled.

Getting the garter.

Tossing the bouquet.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring break baby!

*Not us. This is something called poolside pong. An inflatable beer pong table for the pool. I want one!

Another crazy and fun weekend here.

A lot of friends were in town for spring break and for the baby shower this weekend.

I want to do a post about the baby shower once she posts pictures.

Friday night we had a bbq at the future parents' house. It was nice to catch up with everyone. The best part of the night was when the future mom's dad played beer pong with the boys. The boys play beer pong every weekend and future grandpa had never played before. Guess who beat the boys four times in a row?! Future grandpa!!! He was the beer pong champion! So funny!

Saturday morning we picked up my aunt, uncle, cousin, and cousin's husband from the cruise they just went on. We had a nice lunch catching up and hearing about their cruise.

Saturday night we went tried a Mexican place near our house. I thought it was yummy but I am starting to think Hubby is food snob. He hasn't been a fan of the few places close to our apartment that we have gone to recomended by yelp. That is when the serious drinking started with tequila shots. The future momma was tired from her day so it didn't sound like they were wanting to party, so we had people over to our apartment.

Future dad brought our friends over that don't live in town and we had a wonderful night of drinking games.

Hubby made everybody french toast with french bread and strawberries for breakfast. It was so yummy and a perfect end to a perfect spring break weekend.

Back to work tomorrow and I wonder if we will be feeling lonely and old again by the weekend. I bet our neighbors are starting to worry. We were so nice and quiet for the first six months. What happened? Spring break baby!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

Wishful Wednesday over at Seattle Smith's topic is....I wish I could afford __________ purse/handbag....

I wish I could afford this Ralph Lauren Collection Hobo.

This topic comes at the perfect time because my black bag is getting boring and tattered. Has anyone seen a bag similar to this one any where? I don't know how much the Ralph Lauren one costs because I coudn't find it on their website. I'm sure it is around a cool grand!

Also, does anyone have an hp webcam? I took a picture of my kinda new kinda bangs and I couldn't remember how to save the picture so I could post it on here for you all.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not me Sunday Floatopia

Woke up Sunday morning not feeling like P Diddy and wanted to to do a not me Monday post. I have time to do it right now, so it is not me Sunday. Not me Monday is hosted by MckMama

*I did not go to something called Floatopia with 10,000 drunk college students.
*Some guy did not offer me beer to use our cooler.
*I did not tell him to ask my husband when he comes back.
*I did not feel weird having a husband.

*The college girls in their tiny bikini's did not make me really want to buy the brazil butt lift.
*I did not stay up way later than normal this weekend.
*I did not sleep in way later than normal this weekend.
*I did not wake up feeling hung over when I had nothing to drink.
*I did not have my gay husband help me with me outfit to go out to a club.
*We did not drive around downtown for an hour looking for parking and then leave without getting out of the car.
*We did not go to a bar our friend works at after driving around downtown and find out when we got there that she wasn't working.
*We did not have to listen to terrible kareoke.
*We did not have way more fun playing board games and card games at home.
*I did not have a realization that I am no longer 21 and feel really old.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

top 2 tuesday

typing while eating st. patty's day cookie. can't capitalize letters. you forgive me, right?

This week's top 2 tuesday is top 2 favorite celeb styles. I was thinking about picking Jessica Simpson but her dress on the view on Monday? Yikes! I was also going to pick SJP but I didn't like the pictures I saw so I thought I better pick someone that always looks flawless. Even though I love love love SJP. Did you see her on the new show Who do you think you are? I love her effortless style. I also love these two celebs effortless style:

Jennifer Aniston!

Effortless makeup, hair, and accesories! Simple style. Love!


Love her shoes and hair.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Review of no technology day

Hubby said it was relaxing. I said it was refreshing! I'm going to attribute the next day at work feeling like a Monday to no technology day. But it was refreshing because it was a Wednesday!

Here is how the day went:
AM- I couldn't watch tv while eating breakfast so I thought I would get ready faster and be on time to work. But I couldn't just sit there and eat. Hubby wakes up before me and has meetings with Blue while I lay in bed. It is hilarious! They just look at each other and eat and talk. I don't find Blue to be that conversationally inclined so I read my book. Result= still not early for work. So TV is fully allowed in the AM still.
PM- I get home first. Poor Hubby leaves before me and gets home after me! I had every intention of cleaning up but I wanted a snack I think. So I read my book and ate. Hubby got home and we chatted for a little while. It was nice and we had a really good talk. Then we got ready for the gym.

Gym- I was worried the gym without an ipod would be horrendous. But I came up with brilliant idea to race Hubby. It pushed me to work out way harder than I normally do. Fyi I totally beat him! He said I pushed him to go faster too but I don't know if I believe him. Result= for days I want a good workout I might leave the pod at home and race the Hubby. Some days I will bring the pod.

Making dinner- I helped Hubby make dinner which he appreciates and helps things get done faster. While he was just monitoring things I cleaned pretty much the whole apartment. I love me a clean apartment. While cooking and cleaning I remembered things to talk to him about that I probably normally wouldn't. Result= I'm thinking of doing no tv while making dinner every other day or so.

Oh! While I was cleaning the bathroom Hubby's groomsman T called. T is coming to visit soon and is interviewing with our company so Hubby took the call. I was jokingly yelling in the background. T thinks I'm crazy but he calls Blue Festus so maybe calling the kettle black? Hubby also called his parents regarding our taxes. I read my book. I told him to tell his mom my library story and we all had a good laugh. I will have to tell you guys tomorrow. So Hubby totally broke the rules and should have to suffer the consequences of two days no technology. But I'm not going to punish him because his real weakness is the computer and he didn't even glance lovingly at it.

Rest of the evening- Dinner was wonderful. He helped me clean up and get lunches ready for the next day. Then we played cards. He kicked my butt at gin 3 times and then we played a quick game of war with 20 cards and it was over in about a minute. There was a double war and I lost. No fun!

I loved our no technology day and I may have no technology hours or something every once in awhile. It was great to catch up on all our shows and emails the next day though!

I was glad for the positive responses I received on here and there was one IRL. I posted on facebook like I said in my post and my Future Sister-in-law called all concernicous. My other friend put why? I texted her the day after no technology day about Idol. She asked how our day went and I told her it was relaxing and refreshing. She asked what we did and I told her. While we were texting back and forth I told Hubby that she and her husband are the ones who should really have a no technology day. She surprised me by texting back, "Cool we should try that sometime seems nice." Like I said they are big techno geeks especially her husband is totes into computer games. I said, "You should. It was really nice. Would J do it?" I haven't heard back from her.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Writer's Workshop

Writer's workshop topic I picked:
What lights your fire? Describe five things you are most passionate about.

1. Children. Some of you new followers may or may not know that I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in the 6th grade. I went to college with that goal in mind and have teaching credential. I was a substitute teacher for 2 years in San Diego and traded in my pencils and dirty looks for answering phones. Teaching is still my number 1 career goal. If that goal is never realized I would like to have a day care in our home or at least volunteer to help in future child's (Magic) classroom. I heard on the View on Monday that Newsweek wrote an article about young teachers not being educated on classroom discipline. That lights my fire!

2. Hubby. You have all seen him. Obvi lights my fire!

3. Dance. It was a huge part of my life and I miss it regularly. So you think you can dance and the DDR help. Someday hopefully we will have enough money that I will be able to take classes again.

4. Customer Service. I like to say I have worked in customer service for 11 years. Really probably longer. Like I said I had the goal of being a teacher for a long time. My parents were great at encouraging me to achieve that goal. They said if that is what you want to do babysit, volunteer, get a job working with kids. I babysat at age 12 and on and volunteered at a day camp and got a job working with kids at 15. I have worked in restaurants and retail and I get so annoyed when I get bad customer service.

5. Animals. Before I wanted to be a teacher, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I love animals but I did not want to have to put them to sleep. Still part of the reason I don't want as many pets as I used to. Dealing with them getting old and dying wasn't something I thought about as a kid. Just got the Blue right now.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Newlywed Game

I haven't done a newlywed game post in awhile. Those of you newlywed or not so newlyweds can grab the button and play along today or on your anniversary. I don't know how to do mclinky so you can comment when you do and put a link on your blog.

I haven't done this since our two month anniversary! Oops! Lots to catch up on! Today is our 5 month anniversary!

We had a lot of firsts as a married couple:
- first new years eve (Meagan had a migraine, we did nothing)
- first dating anniversary (honored by a blog, we did nothing)
- first time celebrating my birthday as a married couple (I got make up I picked out. Cheesecake factory with friends to celebrate.)
- first Valentine's day (mom was here, you saw the pics)

We have some friends/family coming to visit and a baby shower in March. I'm really looking for motivation to be a neat freak. I feel like if we had random visitors, people who just stopped by, I would keep the house clean. But we don't so I just clean when I know people are coming over.

That is about it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday and Wishful Wednesday

I couldn't resist Top 2 Tuesday this week. Baby names!!! Because Hubby and I have been together 6 years we have run out of things to talk about and have started discussing baby names. Mostly we just make up ridiculous names and I fear for our future child. Let me state for the record we are not pregnant. This is all Taylor's idea to do baby names and I couldn't resist.

Please don't get offended if I don't like your name for my baby please! I wouldn't get offended if you didn't like my name or the names I like.

Hubby's initials are CMH and mine are MCH. I already have middle names picked out for boy or girl. Boy- Curtis, Girl- Marie. So if we had a boy his initials would be _CH and a girl would be _MH so I figure why not keep up the tradition and do a boy's name that starts with an M and girls name that starts with a C.

I would give my daughter my middle name, Colleen. So her name would be Colleen Marie or Colie for short. Colleen is not on the top 100 popular names for 2009 so I'm a fan. I'm very into the nickname being just as good as the name. Hubby likes the name Natalie but I don't like it because the shortened version is Nat. Hubby didn't veto Colleen like he did my all time favorite name Izabelle (Belle) so we will see. Guessing the dog will be named Belle.As a backup I made up the name Catalie. Has the C and the atalie he liked. Obvi just kidding here people. I think girls names are so much easier. There are lots of adorable girl names and others that start with C.

Now to the boys name. I am stuck on Matthew Curtis. Matt for short. It has gone down in popularity, but not as unpopular as I would like. It was number 11 in 2009. In 1990 Megan was 11th popular and I always had another Megan in class with me. Hubby has also not vetoed this.

When we were talking about names that start with M, Hubby said, "Magic for boy or girl." He was joking, but I think until we know if it is a boy or girl that is what the baby will go by.

I have around 5 friends/family members who are pregnant with boys right now. We also already have a couple little boys running around. This morning I was thinking maybe Hubby and I will go old fashioned and not find out until the little one arrives. I want to have gender neutral stuff and I don't know if something is lost when you announce on facebook what you are having and the name. Just a thought I had.

Wishful Wednesday...
This Wednesday's topic is...I wish I could have worn_________dress on my wedding day.
Obvi I cherish, adore, love my wedding dress. But it is wishful Wednesday and going online bridal gown shopping is fun! So here is what I would pick if I had to do it over again, I think. It has a lot of the elements my dress had but I think this beading would show more in pictures and is all over. I like the mermaid look too. I feel like you would need a pretty fancy wedding to wear this Lazaro dress. It was $$ at Kleinfeld's. I don't know how much that is.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yes, I love technology but not as much as you, you see

*Sorry I keep making you vom with the pictures! You want pretty wedding pictures tomorrow?

Here is our technology routine:
I wake up in the morning and turn on the TV to watch while I'm eating breakfast. Then I listen to it while I'm getting ready for work. When I get home I turn the TV on and eat my snack and lay on the couch until Hubby gets home. Normally Hubby says hi to Blue and me and then turns the computer on. Every other day when Hubby gets home we go work out. I take my ipod with me to listen to while I work out. Then we go back to the apartment and watch TV. He makes dinner and usually we turn the tv off or pause it while we eat. After dinner we watch a show. Sometimes he watches a show that I don't really care to watch and I check my email and facebook and clean up the kitchen and make lunches. So in generally we spend maybe 20 minutes with no technology on.

I don't neccesarily think that this is a bad thing. But I was kind of feeling like I'm letting myself and the apartment go. Now, I am proud to say that I haven't gained any weight since the wedding. Shockingly, I have even lost weight. I pretty much weigh myself everyday and if that number gets close to the wedding day weight I cut back on the fatty foods or work out more. But, Uncle Chris you can skip the rest of this paragraph if you don't want to get a gross visual of your adorable neice,
I was not shaving as often as I use to. Did anyone see Monique (not surfer wife the one in Precious) on Barbara Walters' special or the view? She tried shaving once and it hurt so she doesn't do it anymore? It wasn't that bad, plus my hair is blonde. I am going to blame the lack of sun shine and this very cold and rainy winter. What is the point of shaving when you wear pants and sweaters all the time? Part of it is also forgetting to bring razors into the shower with me. Do you ladies leave your razors in the shower? I find they get rusty and I refuse to shave with a rusty razor. Anyways, I had the epiphany last night while I was de-Amazonwomanizing myself that I had been letting myself and the apartment go.

So I proposed a no technology day! Obvi computers at work are a neccesity, but when we get home it is no TV, computers, cell phones or ipods. I posted this on facebook last night. I have to first admit that I am nosy. I am always asking people about stuff at work and checking people's facebooks. But I kinda feel like my future sister in law has taken her nosyness to a new level. She skypes me every time she has a question about my facebook status. So last night I posted that we were having a no technology day in our apartment tomorrow and I would talk to everyone Wednesday and then do do do here is fsil skype calling. FSIL, "Why are you having a no technology day?" Me, "Um, I don't know, we just are." Am I going to admit to her like I did to all of you that I was an Amazon woman and spend 20 minutes a day talking to my husband without distractions? No. Me, "What are you guys doing?" FSIL, "Watching CSI and we are both on our computers." She doesn't usually describe what they are doing in this much detail. I didn't know what the point of the description was, that you have a great relationship and use a lot of technology? FSIL, "What are you guys going to do?" Me, "I don't know." I honestly don't know. I would like to do some chores, read, or scrapbook. I don't know if Hubby will be down with that stuff so we might play some card games. We will probably work out since we didn't yesterday. Mostly I want to prove to myself and him that we aren't addicted to the TV and computer and can go without it.

What would you do with a day of no technology? Could you go a day without technology?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Shopping help!

$20 at Old Navy. Comes in this color, blue, and black. I wanted a dress to wear to a baby shower that was cute, casual, and made me look skinny. Would this little romper work? What color? Help!

Recap of my Mom's visit

Here are the pictures from my Mom's visit. She was lucky she got a sunny weekend. It has been rainy every weekend since.

Pictures from the San Diego Zoo.
This elephant exhibit is new and ginormous! Probably one of my favorite parts of the zoo.

Mom and me being monkey dorks.

This was my facebook profile picture for a few minutes. But it was not cute.

Look behind my head. There is a baby panda! One of the reasons my mom wanted to come down and go to the zoo was to see the baby panda. We only get them on lease from China for a couple months. So cute!

One year engagiversary picture. Not the beach he proposed at but we took Mom here because of the amazing houses to look at.

Anyone notice I wore the same shirt she wore to the zoo. I bought the shirt for both of us in the same size. I wanted to wear my valentine's day shirt on valentine's day but I couldn't find it.

It was tons of fun having my mom visit. My favorite part was when we were talking about how we didn't see any penguins at the zoo. I said, "I think they are at sea world." She said, "Yeah, aren't they fish?" I said, "No, they are mammals." Hubby chimed in, "No, they are birds!" We had a Tina/Jessica Simpson moment. Oops

Friday, March 5, 2010

St. Patrick's Day=Trashy?

Here is what I have planned for the weekend:
1. Target- After work today I’m gonna stop by Target. I have to get some basic essentials. I also wanted to see if I could find any cheap, cute St. Patrick’s Day decorations. We have a blank wall that is directly behind where we sit at the computer. So it looks very bare when we are skyping. The problem is the heater control is right there so it is awkward to decorate around it. I’m thinking maybe some shelves that I could put different decorations on.
*I started looking at for some ideas. I was appalled at what they have!

I have always wanted one of these!

This is a purse!

Everything was so trashy!

I don't have any green that I could wear to work. Something subtle like this for $8 might work.

The wreath is $20. Not sure where to put it. I really like this chalkboard. It is $10! Again, don't know where I would put it.

Or maybe just a $10 string of green lights to go around our little cut out window area.

2. I am going to try to do some laundry tonight because it is supposed to start raining at noon on Saturday.

3. There was some good tv on last night we need to catch up on. We still have SVU from Wednesday we need to watch. I haven’t finished Grey’s from last night. We also have CSI, Marriage Ref, and Taking the Stage from last night to watch.

4. Saturday morning we are planning on going to the library and then running at the lake before the rain comes.

5. Then the rest of the weekend indoor activities. I really want to do a Modg toilet and get that emailed to her.

6. Hubby has a new obsession with walnuts. He read some where they are good for you so he puts them in our chocolate chip cookies. We bought a huge bag at Costco and he has just been snacking on them. Have you ever had a plain walnut? In my opinion, they are too bland! So I found a recipe for candied walnuts that I am going to try.

7. Clean up the apartment.

8. We will probably watch Inglorious Bastards Saturday night.

9. Maybe the rain won't be too crazy and we can go visit Hubby's Uncle.

10. Lots of reading.

11. Try to create some hilar blogs for next week.

12. Maybe our pictures I printed from Walmart will come and I can work on my scrapbook.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am being stalked by our dentist!

If you want to get all the details you can read the post about Hubby's Teeth here.

Last year Hubby had to have a root canal. A tooth that had a cavity had died from the trauma of the filling.

The dentist that did the filling is a dentist that was recommended to us by people we work with. A lot of the people at our office go to him.

Our dental insurance coverage ran out after he had the root canal. He had to go to the original dentist for the crown they put on your tooth after you have a root canal. The crown was going to be about $1,000 out of pocket for us. Hubby felt the dentist should pay for some of it because he felt it was his fault he had to have the root canal in the first place. The dentist agreed to put the crown on free of charge.

When Hubby went in to get the crown put on, the dentist took him into his office first. I don't know if this is ethical or legal, but he had a conversation with him. He told him that teeth dying after being filled is common. So he didn't take responsibility. I don't know if this is true or not. He then told Hubby he was going to do the crown free of charge but in exchange he would appreciate that Hubby not bad mouth him to our fellow employees. Everyone in the office already knew what was going on. We are a small office family. Our manager was making jokes about how he would just tie a string around the tooth and yank it out for him.

Anyways, long story short. Hubby now feels guilty. He is going to continue to go to this dentist for cleanings and wants me to as well. The problem is, I have a tooth they filled that hurts. It isn't gray yet so I have been putting off going to the dentist. But I do not want to go back to these people. I think they messed up both our teeth and I don't know if they will treat me with the respect and kindness I deserve if I go back.

The major problem is, I had an appointment in April. I guess the hygenist will be out of town that day and they want to reschedule. I figured, "Oh good, I just won't reschedule and they can take the hint." No. They have probably called me 10 times.

What do I do? Keep ignoring them? Tell them I will not be rescheduling?

I would post a funny picture but I have to stuff, address, seal, and stamp like 200 envelopes!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

WEDDING: After the ceremony

He's on one knee. You can't really tell.

We used the close up of this for our Christmas cards and wedding album cover.

One of my favorite pictures.

I love this one too because I haven't ever seen this done before. Turned out really cute!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Stopping the good guys from cheating

I am about half way through with Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love). I gotta read every chance I get because I have about 5 books checked out from the library right now and they keep coming.

I'm still really enjoying the book. My mom is reading it right now too. We had a little Skype book club meeting and she texted me when she got to a certain part. She is enjoying it to. I think women of all ages would enjoy it.

There is one part that I think you bloggy friends might be interested in. She did a ton of research on marriage and trying to make sure that she was making the right decision to get married again. She discussed that there are scientists who believe some men are genetically programmed (they have discovered a gene)to be monogamous. There are also some who are not (Tiger). I know my blog friends are smart enough to know a Tiger when they see one. So I won't worry about that. The part Elizabeth was confused by was when those that are non Tigers cheat.

Elizabeth was married in her twenties, for those of you that didn't read Eat, Pray, Love. If you haven't add to your to read list immediately! In Committed she explains that she thought getting married was like bringing a baby home from the hospital. Nurses and doctors give babies to mothers all the time even if the mom doesn't have all the skills and knowledge she needs. They have faith she will instinctively know what to do. That didn't work for her.

Here is just one tip she mentioned so far in the book about the non Tigers that cheat. She found a theory by some woman about how a marriage is a house that has windows and walls. There are windows into the marriage which are things you discuss with family and friends. There are also walls. Things that are private to your marriage that you don't discuss.

Non Tigers get into problems when they start rebuilding the marriage. They might have a friend that they aren't planning on doing anything wrong with. But if they start sharing things that are supposed to be protected by the wall or create a window where one shouldn't be and maybe build a wall between their spouse and them by not telling them about the relationship. Then problems might arise. She said if this happens that the person should obviously stop and let their spouse know what happened and put the house back in place.

I think it is good to know one theory of how these things happen so you and your spouse can avoid putting your self in that position. Keep your marriage house intact.