Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chase is 2 months old!

What a difference a month makes!!! I can't believe how much Chase has changed! He has smiled since he was born but now he does this huge open mouth smile. He laughs and looks around at everything. He noticed his mobile in his swing and started batting his toys on his play mat.

He stays awake more like an hour and a half now. He is usually a pretty good napper. Sometimes he struggles with naps. He does pretty good going back to sleep during the night. He just needs to be swaddled up. Grandma showed Chase how to suck his thumb but he isn't coordinated enough to do it on his own. When he is getting tired he tries to get his thumb in his mouth and gets pretty frustrated. He has been able to get it in his mouth a few times on his own when someone is holding him. He'll make some noise when you put him down at night but almost always falls back to sleep. He wakes up 1-2 times a night to eat and sleeps an average of 3-4 hours consecutively at night. Breastfeeding is going a lot better than last month.

Chase was a party animal this month. His Uncle Jeff got married so Aunt Julie is officially an Aunt now. He hung out with his cousin Caelan who is 9 months older than him. He got to meet his other cousins Conner and Holden. Conner is 2 and Holden is 20 days younger than Chase. He also got to visit his grandparents' ranch.

He met his great grandpa Howard. He got to meet a lot of relatives on my side of the family at my cousin's graduation party. He hung out with his cousins Luke and Sam. Luke is 3 1/2 and Sam is 1. He celebrated his first father's day with his dad, grandpas, and uncle!

Can you believe all the other boys Chase gets to play with?! He also has a little friend Carter that is 2 weeks older than him that we go on walks with and to the mom support group.

Chase goes to the doctor on the 7th so we will get an accurate height and weight then. We weighed Chase on our baby scale our friend let us borrow. He was almost 14 pounds. We measured him with a tape measure and he was about 23 inches long. He is wearing 3 month clothes and when we finish this pack of size 1 diapers we will try size 2s.

To all you new moms out there let this be your light at the end of the tunnel! It gets better, I promise! Chase is now the love of my life, such a good baby, and adored by everyone!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

What would you do...

...if one of your good friends was having a birthday party for her daughter on a day that it was going to be 99 degrees out? I facebooked her and called her asking if there would be plenty of shade since Chase can't be out in the sun and she hasn't responded. She commented on a picture afterwards so I know she has been on facebook. We really want to go to the party. It is 25 mins away. Even if we had Chase in his stroller I would be worried about him being too hot!

...if you received an elopement announcement? I knew they were going to elope. I gave them the idea to get married on June 1st and they said they were going to since they both had the day off. I feel like they sent the announcements out so people would send them gifts. They aren't having a party of any kind for at least a year. Would you send a gift?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Boob Tube BABBLE!!!

Boob Tube Babble

The voice-

-duh Javier was saved by America
-Casey got lucky! Adam said he was going to save that other guy, sucks for him!
-I don't like Frenchie. I fast forwarded through her.
-I love that Adam didn't know the Adam Lambert song!
-Cee Lo why do you need two watches?
-Christina's hair? Scary!
-Casey singing "I will always love you"? Big mistake!
-Fast forwarded Beverly
-Javier is probably going to win. I wouldn't buy his cd though :/
-I want Blake's cd

16 and pregnant-
-Am I naive wondering how all these kids get pregnant without cars?
-"so you're 39 weeks. Are you tired of being pregnant? This is the point where you get to deliver. We'll deliver you this week." um, where was this dr when I was 5 days late?! No, I'm glad I wasn't induced.

The Challenge-
-I can't believe the rookies won the challenge and Evelyn lost!
-I still don't think its fair that Katelyn is considered a girl. She used to be a man! I guess she was a wimpy man cause Evelyn and Laurel are more manly than her.
-Robin has a kid? Since when? Let me google. "A source close to Robin indicates that the child was conceived sometime before the most recent Real World/Road Rules challenge filmed in New Zealand , The Duel 2 and that she is expect to give birth in June. I'm told it's a boy. No word on the identity of the father, although it is not another cast member." She was on duel 2 and I guess she was pregnant :/! I looked it up on wikipedia to see what happened. She won episode 1 and was out episode 2. It filmed October 2008. She didn't attend the reunion show probably because she was 8 months pregnant.
-Of course Adam from Vegas gets in a fight the first night. Scary that Mandi couldn't see when she got knocked down! So excited about Adam's replacement! Mike!

Original Teen Mom July 5th!

Flipping out is back on July 6th! Don't miss it!

I'm also going to talk about what movies I want to see. A movie screen is a boob tube too! So excited to see Footloose. Loved the preview during SYTYCD! I also want to see Horrible Bosses. Ryan Gosling looks so hot in Crazy, Stupid, Love! Yum!

What shows did you watch this week? What movies do you want to see? Link up with Neely and me!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tips and Tricks Tuesdays from Moms

Tips and Tricks Tuesday

Ok, I decided while the baby is busy (I won't type the s word, he wakes up when I do, I swear!) I would finally get this post up with what a day in the life of a mom with a 6 week old is like!

Thursday 2pm fed
3:45pm nap in playpen (this was exciting because he started hating the pack and play. Baby wise suggested he play in it and take a nap in it once a day and I thought it was a good idea to get him used to it so he isn't always sleeping in bed with us when we go places).
5 eat
Changed diaper
5:45 dad home, chase hanging out with dad, mom making dinner and hubs lunch for tomorrow
5:55 chase peed himself dad changed him
7pm feed (this day I was trying the Baby wise schedule)
8:20pm nap
9pm feed
12:50am (Friday) started grunting. Reswaddled back to sleep
1:40am feed
2:15 crib
3:52am he woke up crying so I fed him
4:20 crib
He woke up crying again around 5 am and I knew he couldn't be hungry so I just brought him in bed with us. He slept great and I had to wake him up at
7am to feed him
Sat in bouncer while I ate breakfast, washed face, brushed teeth and hair
Changed diaper
He got tired but he would not fall asleep in his crib so
9am nap on mom
10:30 feed and change diaper
11:25 played in playpen while I did dishes
12:12pm crib, crying, paci doesn't work, walked around with him, back in crib at 12:24
1:05 woke up crying
1:12 back in crib paci at 1:15
1:24 crying again!
1:30 back in crib
Vacuumed bedroom
1:37 crying again I got him out and cuddled him for a little while.
1:54 feed. We had dinner plans so I wanted to feed him around 2pm so I could feed him again around 4:30pm before our friend came over.
2:30 change diaper, get ready while he plays on playmat, videotape him doing tummy time (trying to catch roll over)
3:11 crib mom gets to write this blog!

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Style Monday

My Style Monday

I've been wanting to link up with Lindsey for My Style Monday for awhile now. Finally got a minute to do it. Of course no one cares what I wear. Usually pjs since I get spit up on, peed on, etc on a regular basis. We will be taking a look at Mr. Stylish himself, Chase!

What he wears when he is coming home from the hospital.

What he wears to bed when the weather is cool.
Sporty blue outfit for hanging with Grandpa.
Bananas over mommy outfit for being silly.
Pants end up on backwards when Dad dresses him!
A somebunny loves me outfit because his older brother is a bunny!

Friday, June 17, 2011

boob tube babble!!!

Boob Tube Babble

Anyone else think Ames is gay?

I don't like losing people on the voice so quick! I can't imagine who we will lose next week! Anyone else falling more and more for Adam? He might make my list. So hot!

I just watched The Glee Project this week and I'm so obsessed! You guys have to watch it! It is on Oxygen Sundays at 9/8c.

So excited Marriage Ref is coming back! I'm obsessed with that show! Sunday, June 26th at 10/9c.

I think we might watch the new nbc show Love in the Wild. It starts June 29th at 10/9c.

What shows did you watch this week? What shows are you excited to watch? Write a post and link up with Neely and me!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pick a picture for my header

Some of you might remember I won Neely's giveaway for a deluxe blog design from Jenn. You might be wondering when the blog is going to get all snazzy. Well, I have been procrastinating on getting a picture of Hubby, Chase, and I to Jenn. I keep forgetting to have someone take a pic of us. Below are the two pictures I already chose for the header.

Which of these with Chase in them should I pick?

Hubby and Chase-

Chase and me-
This pic we took of ourselves-
Or wait until I get a good pic of the three of us?

Thanks bloggy friends for all your help!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tips and Tricks Tuesdays from moms

Tips and Tricks Tuesday

This week I was going to give an hour by hour play by play of what it's really like being a mom! No one told me this before I got pregnant!!!

But Chase has had a hard time today and my in laws are here so I don't think I'm gonna get a post done today. If you are luckier than me and have a baby that naps and some advice you can give go ahead and link up!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Decorating help

I only have a few minutes to post this before the baby wakes up. So I'm not going to waste my time trying to get the pictures to turn the other way. We have this sign, see below and I don't know where to hang it.

This is our front door. Should I hang it over the light switches on the left?

Like this but upright?
This is looking at the kitchen when you walk in the front door. Should I hang it on that wall on the right?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Boob Tube Babble!!!

Boob Tube Babble

Happy Friday everyon! So ready for the weekend and time with Hubby! Read this as a break from 24/7 baby. My mom friend and I were talking about how you appreciate weekends so much more when you are a SAHM. I only have comments on two shows this week. I tweeted some of my thoughts about this week's 16 and pregnant and no one really responded. Did you watch it? Did you have thoughts? The real world reunion was kind of crazy. What about thoughts on these shows:

love that Ashley had a flash mob date! I want to be in one!
Why participate in a roast of yourself crying?! William left?!
She fell in love with Bentley?! Clearly she is attracted to the worst guy in the crowd, that's why she is on this show!
Wait William is still there?

The voice-
xtina looks like hooker barbie.

Seemed like Dia was the fave on twitter. I wasn't that impressed. I guess because everyone does heartless different. Pick a different song!
What is the point of them performing as a team if we vote for individuals?
Love Blake! "I'm your biggest fan". So sweet! does anyone else feel like everyone even Carson hates Blake?
Xtina is this shows Paula. Her comments are ridiculous!

What shows did you watch this week? Good stuff coming up soon on mtv. Original teen mom and the challenge rivals! Write a post about what you watched and link up!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Past and Present

We were dying to get this picture of Chase and his great grandpa because we knew it would look identical to the one of his dad and grandpa. We took it this weekend at my brother in law's rehearsal dinner. Can you believe Hubby's aunt said Chase looks nothing like his dad?!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

50/50 list update

1. Organize desk
2. Organize guest room
3. Wedding scrapbook for mil
4. Wedding scrapbook for me
5. Baby book
6. Get a good paying job
7. Make cookies
8. Get chase on feeding/sleeping schedule- don't know if this will ever happen, but I've been working on it
9. Decorate nursery
10. Decorate living room
11. Decorate bedroom
12. Family vacation summer 2011- also working on this one. we have a place to stay just all need to pick a date!
13. San Diego trip spring 2012
14. Cut Chase's fingernails
15. Cut blue's nails
16. Go to Europe
17. Go to NYC
18. Get abs again
19. Go on an overnight date with hubby
20. Take chase to meet his great grandpas- he has met one now!
21. Take chase to chico-done!
22. Take chase to my parents house
23. Start college fund for chase- we've started looking into 529 plans. we are waiting for Suze Orman to tweet us back about which state we should get a 529 in
24. Take chase to Disneyland
25. Help dad edit wedding video
26. Go to Yosemite
27. Go to MLB spring training
28. Go to high school reunion
29. Go to Texas and visit aunt and Neely, amber, Tara, and ashley
30. Go to a rivercats game
31. Go to Tahoe
32. Go to Disney world
33. Go camping
34. Go to Christmas eve service at bayside church
35. Stay at four seasons biltmore again
36. See movie bridesmaids
37. See movie bad teacher
38. Watch princess bride with mil
39. Go on Mother's day garden tour
40. Volunteer in Chase's classroom
41. Buy a new pair of jeans
42. Finish 40 day love dare
43. Finish What I love about you
44. Get a children's bible
45. Get a Froggie book
46. Take parents and in laws wine tasting
47. Go with dad to Hawaii again
48. Make mouth guard
49. Put pictures in coasters
50. Buy new coasters
51. Watch something borrowed
52. Go to Seattle
53. See the musical Wicked
54. See movie water for elephants
55. Read book water for elephants
56. Go to Oregon

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tips and Tricks Tuesdays from Moms- Stuff!

Tips and Tricks Tuesday

This week I'm talking about baby stuff that we actually use all the time!

-We love the carter's receiving blankets from babies r us. They are nice and big, perfect for swaddling. We have 8 and bought some from target that we thought would be good but are smaller and only use when we are out of the other ones.
-Every night I like to make sure he has two sleeping gowns and two blankets at least in case he has a pee leak.
-We love the sleeping gowns. Don't like to fuss with buttons at 2 am. They only come in zero-3 months so don't waste your time looking for them in newborn.
-We use carter's wash cloths. We use two a night to wash his face or give him a bath.
-We use cottonballs to wipe his eyes every day.
-Someone gave us johnsons foaming head to toe baby wash that works great for sponge baths.
-He has three hooded towels that we use when he gets a bath.
-this is the link to our mattress
-Lately he has been spitting up more so cloth diapers or wash cloths are all over the house.
-He is just starting to get too big for his newborn stuff at 4 weeks. We usually put him in a onesie, pants, and socks when he gets dressed for the day. It's been pretty cool here lately. He's worn shorts on a warm day. He goes through 2-3 outfits a day due to pee and poop leaks.
-They say to always put a hat on your baby when you go out. He has 3-4 we use depending on his outfit.
-We use 10-12 diapers a day and 2-3 wipes every time we change him.
-We use the target brand up and up diapers.
-He recently got a diaper rash and desitin really helps. It was nice to have on hand.
-Bottles and formula were handy for his dehydration emergency since my milk took awhile to come in. You can sanitize the bottles in boiling water ahead of time.
-get a toy dog named scout that you can plug into the computer and teach it the baby's name. They are like $20 at target and all babies love them.
-we have the safety 1st diaper pail. you can put real trash bags in it. I bought febreeze scented ones and it never stinks. its a little small you have to take it out like twice a week.
-we use a vibrating bouncer right next to the dinner table.
-he'll go in his swing when I'm cooking dinner if he is asleep and it isn't moving.
-i use the bjorn if he wants to be carried and he's getting too heavy.
-we didn't freeze any meals ahead of time. we just bought chicken nuggets, chicken bakes, and hot pockets at costco and we still have some in the freezer. we only had dinner made or brought to us about once a week.
-find a few friends or a parent that works/lives near the hospital to bring your hubby and you food while you are there.
-we have an old school wood rocker with a pad I got from We don't use it that often. he prefers to be walked up and down the stairs.
-of course my brest friend is an essential and don't forget to take it to the hospital with you.
-monitor philips avent DECT baby monitor SCD510/00

What stuff do you use? Got any other great mom advice? Link up!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Boob Tube Babble

Boob Tube Babble

Here are my thoughts on the shows I watched this week:

RHOC-I'm predicting it here and now Alexis and Jim get a divorce. Is Eddie an actor? I'm not buying it. I feel bad for gretchen. I believe she loves slade and wants to have babies with him. No one should be denied that :( Vicki and donn talked 1 time in 4 weeks?! I feel like all she did to try and save her marriage is pray. God can only do so much. You have to take actions to keep your marriage going.

Bachelorette- I think Ashley and William are a cute couple! She's got balls making him think they are getting married! It was weird but for some reason I thought it was cute. William is my fave now! Ashley said no one has eaten in the middle of the bellagio waters. I think someone did that in a movie once. I like the dentist too. But is it me or are his teeth weird? I like West too. Why does she beg Bentley to stay? Why would you want to be with someone you already had to tell to stop talking?! Mickey is cute. Did the mask guy take his mask off to wash his face? Otherwise he's gonna take it off and it's gonna be all zits. Did he have the mask on when he auditioned? Tired of hearing about all the dead people! The mask guy got to stay over some cute guys! Stupid!

The voice- wow blake's girls were bad! One of christina's girls wrote reba's on the radio song?! Wow! I thought Christina should have picked her!

What shows did you watch this week? Write about it and link up with Neely and me!