Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Bucket List

We didn't get around to going to see farm animals and feeding ducks this spring. I'll have to put it on the list for next year. So excited for summer and to make sure we do all these fun things!

Click Chicks- weather

Time for another wonderful click chicks pic. It is Tuesday 5/28. I was emailing the other girls about topics for June and browsing photography stuff on pinterest and I looked outside and saw the most beautiful clouds. I thought I should run outside and take pictures of them for this week's challenge. Then as I was taking pictures of the clouds I took a picture with the sun peeking through and thought it turned out really cool so I tried to get a picture of just the sun. What is better than a picture of the blazing sun to represent the warm summer weather?

I'm kind of obsessed with this picture! No editing. So fun!

The schedule for June is:
June 6th- rule of thirds
June 13th- close up
June 20th- dad
June 27th- upside down
July 4th- red, white, and blue

Link up!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Click Chicks: celebrate!

I had a hard time trying to figure out what picture I wanted to use this week. This weekend I co hosted my sister-in-love's baby shower for my niece (posted pictures yesterday). After the shower I asked her if she wanted me to take pictures of her with her mom and me and our mother-in-law. I had bought her a dry erase board I found at hobby lobby with the colors of her nursery. We were writing different things for each picture she took. When she and my brother-in-law got ready to take a picture together I said they could write my niece's name on the board. She has had a name for awhile but they weren't planning on telling anyone until she was born. I guess they had talked about announcing it at the shower. So they agreed to write her name on the board for the picture. I was so excited. Literally jumping up and down!

They haven't made her name public yet and I can't wait! So I'll keep the name secret today. I took a few pictures. This one if my favorite because they look so happy! It was such an honor to take these pictures for them!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sister-in-love's baby girl shower

I had such a great time co hosting my sister-in-love's baby girl shower. I can't wait until she gets here! The theme was ribbons, bows, and pretty pink toes. The color theme was orange, pink, and gray.

Out front of the party. The dry erase board I got at hobby lobby.

A cute picture of my sil's belly by the party favor nail polish.
Each nail polish had a tag that said ribbons and bows and pretty pink toes.
Welcome sign my co-host my sil's sister made with her cricut.
Some of the clothes I bought my niece. She's pretty spoiled.
Each center piece was pink carnations in a jar with a headband my co-host made around it.
For lunch we had sandwiches and salad.
Dessert was made by a friend of my sil's. She's so talented!

I forgot to get a picture of the drink table. Our cousin made a yummy orange drink with champagne. We had cute pink striped straws from hobby lobby and some water and pink lemonade. It was a great party and all our hard work looked great!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Allergic to peanuts

I don't think I've talked about this here but our doctor advised us not to give Chase peanuts until 2 years of age. We have no family history of peanut allergies but we trust our doctor and peanuts aren't a food that a child "needs".

I gave Chase peanut butter for the first time this morning. I had benadryl ready to go but figured everything would be fine. I took pictures. He said yum. Then he started acting weird.

I couldn't tell if he was just acting weird because it is a new texture. It was a little like watching a dog eating peanut butter. I got nervous and called my dad. I told him I was freaked out and Chase was kind of acting weird. Chase stopped eating the peanut butter and kind of made his mama I'm not feeling good sound. My dad reassured me that he was probably fine.

Chase acted like he wanted to go outside but I was still nervous. He sneezed and acted like his nose was itchy. Then the hives appeared. I tried to call my mom but my stupid phone deleted a lot of my contacts. I think I called my dad and said he had hives and my dad said give him the benadryl and call the advice nurse. I gave Chase benadryl and called my mom some how.

Chase seemed a lot better after I gave him the benadryl. I called the advice nurse and she seemed a little freaked out. She was glad I had the benadryl and told me to give him more so he got the full dose for his weight. She said watch him and made an appointment for 4:45.

My friend was already on her way over for a playdate while all this was going on. I of course meet her in the driveway in tears. Luckily her hubby is a doctor and she's amazing and totally understands. So Chase and his friend played and we chatted and then I could tell he wasn't feeling well. Then he threw up. So my sweet friend got on the phone to the pediatrician and said my friend needs to be seen sooner. Got us an 11:15 appointment! My dad came over to go with us to the appointment.

The appointment was kind of uneventful. Chase was totally fine at this point. But we were prescribed an epi pen and sent to the lab for a nut panel. I had no idea what to expect. They draw the child's blood. Of course we got the trainee that couldn't do it right the first time but Chase was so tough got pricked twice and didn't cry.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

click chicks- Mom

This week's theme is mom. I was hoping to get some great pictures of my cousins and their mom on our annual mother's day garden tour or maybe one of my mom but no luck. So I remembered Wednesday that I still needed to take or find a picture so I decided to see if we could get a good selfie. So much easier to get a selfie now that I understand manual settings better. I got some cute pictures but I think this one says mom the best.
I'm writing this Wednesday night outside while Chase has his feet in the pool with a hose so I don't have time to check what is next week's theme. Check with my other co hosts and see if they had time to post it. I'm sure they have great pictures too. Can't wait to see all the link ups!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I guess I can start wearing other clothes now last week of 30x30

We are calling this day 21-30

I didn't technically wear day 22. It was an option for Chase's party that I didn't choose. I was sick day 25 and didn't feel like smiling sorry.

Dun dun dun dah! Here is my 30x30 collage!

What I need from you all is tell me if there are any outfits I should never wear again. Like the chambray and pink skirt with the belt. Is it too country? What about the booties with the jean skirt?

I had so much fun doing this challenge. The closest I got to repeating was the jeggins and polka dot tank. I wore them together twice but with different shoes and once I wore a cardigan. I could keep going too. I love that it forced me out of my comfort zone/black rut. I like the navy with the pink skirt or gray with brown and I never would have done that before this challenge. Again, tell me if it looks terrible so I don't continue to wear it.

I can't believe I only wore my brown boots once. I'll have to try them with a skirt and ask you all what you think. It was a very hot April/May!

My favorite outfits were with my plain gray and navy ts. I like my navy stripe t too. Thank you target for these three fave ts.

 I want to do a 30x30 challenge again. Maybe if I'm not pregnant by fall. Gosh I really hope I'm pregnant by fall.

I kind of want to share this collage on my personal facebook page but I'm kind of embarassed. Should I?

Also wanted to show what I usually crop out of my pictures. A little photo bomb from the hubs and munchkin :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bridges! Click chicks

Confession time: The themes we pick aren't totally random. I knew I would be going to Yosemite this week and the girls wouldn't let me pick waterfalls for the theme so we compromised on bridges. It was so hard to pick just one bridge picture. So here are my three favorite!

Love this rock bridge. Do you see my people?

This is Swinging Bridge. No clue why it is named that.

This rock and wood bridge might be my favorite bridge but probably not my favorite shot. The sun came out right as I took the picture.

I can't do a post with just pictures of bridges after going to Yosemite. I'll leave you with a special treat of my favorite waterfall picture!

Can't wait to see everyone's bridge pictures! Link up!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Chase's 2nd birthday party details

I have to first tell you that I stole all the ideas off pinterest. I came up with having a coloring table. That's it.

Cones on the front steps. Oh, this was my idea too.

When you walked in the door there was a race track that went through the kitchen and around to the front again for the kids to ride their cozy coupes and trikes on.

Flags from dollar tree above coloring table.

Favors. Dollar tree car with two trophies in a clear favor bag from party city. I tagged a dollar tree balloon to them too.

Close up of favor label.

Cake made by Grandma.
Sign from dollar tree.

I saw this idea on pinterest and thought it would be fun but wasn't sure where to get a tire. Coincedentally my dad needed new tires for his motorcyle which meant I had to pick him up from the motorcylce shop. When we were leaving the shop there was a stack of tires by the dumpster and my dad made a joke about needing tires. I said I do need a tire! So we asked if we could borrow one. They said yes as long as we brought it back to be recycled.

I got the hacky sacks at party city.
I found a picture of the checkered image on google. I added on the text on pic monkey and printed them at home.

Stoplight cupcakes.
I found checkered duct tape at wal mart and wrapped it around the water bottle labels.

I made the winner's circle banner on I found the bunting at party city in the patriotic aisle.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

2nd birthday party advice!

Yesterday, we had Chase's 2nd birthday party. I will do a details post asap but today I wanted to do an advice post like I did last year for my friends that have parties coming up.

This year we had Chase's party at our house. We invited about 32 adults and 9 kiddos. 14 adults and 3 kiddos showed up. I thought it was a great number of people and friends for Chase.

This year I took Chase to the dollar tree with me. I showed him their invitation choices and he picked the race car invitation. So we ran with the race car theme. Dollar tree had race car plates and some decorations. I should mention I bought 40 plates and when it was cake time there didn't seem to be enough plates. I guess more plates next year!

I of course went crazy on pinterest and made all the decorations. I really liked having the party at our house this year so I could prep while he napped. I was worried he would get woken up by the people who came early to help but luckily he woke up right on time :) I was a little crazed trying to get everything done last minute but I think I did much better not yelling at people in front of the guests like last year.

I feel like I was kind of yelling at Hubby trying to get him to start the grill and make the hamburgers and hot dogs. I guess the people he was hanging out with weren't hungry yet.

On the menu we had hamburgers, hot dogs, and a bunch of snack things. I totally forgot to put the fruit out! Next year I would love to have a check list of food to put out to make sure I put everything out. I also didn't plan out what food I would put on what trays or bowls. It worked out fine.

We had a coloring table, a bean bag toss, a race track to ride on, and toys to play with inside. The kiddos pretty much just rode their cozy coupes and trikes around and around.

We learned from Chase's friend's party a few weeks before that the kids all wanted to take a balloon home. So we bought mylar balloons at the dollar tree to tie to the favors. I also got cars at the dollar tree. I put them in clear bags with two trophies. The oldest kiddo we had at the party was 5 and he loved the favors.
It was a hot day and I should have told people to bring their swimsuits. Grandma and Grandpa got Chase a water table that the kids played in a little. We also had the basketball hoop we just got Chase set up in the back yard that people played with.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

30x30 week 2 and 3

So, I got a little busy with birthday stuff and haven't updated you all on my 30x30. I hope you didn't think I had quit! Still going strong. Have day 20 on right now. Only 10 more days! I'm having a great time doing this challenge and I think I'll be doing it again soon!

week 2 outfits day 9-13
week 3 outfits 14-20

click chicks animal!!

This week's click chick's theme is insect or animal. I really wanted to capture a lady bug but we went to a Spring festival at our local museum and I had to share this picture!

Here's what coming up:
may 9th- bridge (I know I say this every week but so excited!)
may 16th- mom
may 23rd- celebrate
may 30th- weather