Friday, February 26, 2010

I have a gay husband

Like the chick on real housewives of NY. I have Hubby and I have my gay husband. I have been wanting to introduce you guys to him for awhile but we haven't come up with anything fabulous to do! He went with me to see New Moon and gossips with me over coffee. Hubby fully supports this relationship because he gets enough estrogen watching tv with me. Yesterday I was watching Oprah when he came home and then we watched the View!

Anyways, my gay husband and I are bored with life. We met working at a summer day camp when I first moved to So Cal. I aboslutely adore all the friends I made working there and felt so blessed to have found friends in a new place when I wasn't going to school. GH is struggling with this right now. The friends we made at camp are in South America, and in college several hours away. GH isn't working.(Edit: GH just came over last night and update! he is working!) He is busy trying to get into grad school. You don't make a ton of friends hanging out at home filling out grad school apps.

Hubby and I didn't see any of our friends last weekend and I refuse to let this happen again! We are already doing better than last weekend since we went out to dinner last night with our regular Saturday night friends. It is pretty depressing though because the 6 of us usually hang out frequently but two of them are moving two hours away! The other two moved closer to us but the wife is 6 months pregnant and the husband will be working on the weekends through March 15th.

One of our couple friends that I met working at Nordstroms are a little younger and like to go out to bars. I'm not really down to stay out until 2 and get wasted! The girl is also in school and she said she was planning on working on homework this weekend.

We have another friend couple we rarely see because they have a 19 month old. I already texted that wife and she said they have stuff going on all this weekend.

One of Hubby's groomsman lives nearby but works overnights at a hotel so he is pretty much only available Sunday afternoon. Same with our family friends that works at a bar.

So GH, Hubby and I might end up doing something tonight or Saturday. What would you suggest for a married couple and a single gay guy to do? What about on Sunday? We might be able to get together with groomsman, bartender, and GH. What does a married couple do with two straight and one gay single?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can't think of a title

*Sorry about the pic I was going to put one of her looking crazy on the view but this is crazy enough.

I am not a quitter. Well I did quit a lot of different activities as a little girl, but I don't usually quit social online networks. I still have a myspace account. Which reminds me, do any of you know why everyone switched to facebook? I think it is the weirdest thing. Anyways, I signed up for twitter because every celeb had one and you know I love me some celebs. I thought how cool I can read what they are doing all the time! Well, none of them would respond to me. I think two local radio hosts responded to questions I had. I had like 4 weirdo followers and it was lame!!! So I quit!

I joined again to help me deal with my extreme boredom. I am loving it so much more now! I have all my bloggy friend followers I can tweet with. Plus this wonderful cherry on top: a celebrity that I watch weekly and talk about on a regular basis to anyone who will listen, SUZE ORMAN! RESPONDED TO MY TWEET!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know she is not a movie star or someone who did a sex tape to gain fame. But come on she is like probably in the top 10 of Harpo's bffs. #1 Obama, #2 Michelle, #3 what's her manfriend's name again? Quentin Tarantino or Spencerton? #4 Gail, #5 John Travolta, etc. probably like #6-9 are her 30 dogs sophie, sophia, sopheria, etc. Gosh I sound like the octomom on the View the other day. Did anyone else see that? Yowza! What was I talking about?

Oh yeah Suze tweeted me back! I was already having an amazeballs (I can say it now that Depandi said it) day Carl's Junior Bacon Swiss Crisy Chicken. Have you savored one of these bad boys? Its probably 8,000,000 calories and 340 grams of fat. But I'm still under wedding weight so come to me papa!!! Seriously Hubby musted have slipped me some of the octomom's drugs that she says she isn't on. Trust this I sleep way more than 2 hours a day and do not have enough energy to raise 40 kids.

Ok here is the tweetspondence (don't worry twitter you can have my made up word):
meags7827 @SuzeOrmanShow married Oct. '09. filing jointly. my income puts us in lower tax bracket. best place to get taxes done turbo tax or h&r?
SuzeOrmanShow @meags7827 try TURBO

As a former subsitute teacher I have about as many w2s as grams of fat in the bacon swiss crispy chicken. My wonderful father takes that stack and uses turbo tax every year. IRS hasn't gotten mad yet so it must work! Not that I'm the Hubby's problem, we were debating what to do. He is a little nervous about filing jointly and doesn't want there to be any mistakes. So he thought going into an h&r block might be better. Now my bff Suze says try Turbo so guess what we are going to do! Plus Gretchen and a lot of other celebs have gotten on the band wagon.

Who is doing your taxes?

Big internet hugs and octomom drugs for you all!!!!

p.s. no way did octomom not have surgery! Oh and the laugh?! What was that?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well, isn't that SPE-CIAL?!

My wonderful mother-in-law sent Hubby and I a Valentine's Day package. There was some delicious chocolate in it. I wanted to eat the whole box that day. There was a lot and I try not to be Ruby, so I spaced my feedings out. But my love for that chocolate was taking over my life! I was eating the chocolate hearts at home and snickers that my boss leaves on her desk at work and I saw no end in sight. Then everyone started talking about what they were going to give up for lent and I thought, "Aha! I can give up chocolate." I didn't post it on here at the time because I was afraid my addiction was too strong. Now that I have made it a week and resisted reeses cups. I am here to tell you that you can do it too! But what I really wanted to tell you is how now I feel like I'm the office Catholic lady. I'm not even Catholic! My dad was raised Catholic and some of his family still is. I wasn't raised in the church. I don't even think I do the cross thing right! But since there is so much chocolate here and I have to keep telling people I gave it up they think I'm Catholic! Oh well!

I saw on twitter that a sea world trainer died and then I saw that a whale killed the trainer! Of course I assumed it was at sea world San Diego. It was actually at the Florida one. Here is the link. I put one from the san diego news channel because it talks about trainers in san diego that have been attacked. I think Shamu might be going away soon!

I've read a couple posts about the Bachelor the women tell all. I fast forwarded through most of it. Michelle is for sure crazy. Rozlyn is for sure a slore. My favorite part was when she made the dig about Chris hitting on the producers wife! Literally, just right this second I realized that means he is married. I read in one of those posts about how she revealed he was married and I thought, "Oh I missed that." BLONDE! I guess he could be divorced though. Honestly, it did put a seed of doubt in my mind about Chris. But obviously I don't know the details. I'm just saying in a few months if he is divorced, I won't be surprised. Then he could be the bachelor and interview himself. That would be fun!

As far as who he picks next week, I haven't watched Bachelor/Bachelorette every season, but in my opinion they always pick the fan favorite. Even Jason picked Melissa, the "fan favorite". He may have changed his mind by the after the rose ceremony, but he did still pick her. I have been shocked every week that Vienna is still there. Along with a lot of other people. My mom said she lost sleep thinking about Jake pickig Vienna. My poor mom! But ultimately it doesn't affect my life in any way. I will be shocked with everyone else but will still be waking up to my Hubby's farts.

Ditto regarding the Tiger apology. I didn't think any of it was neccesary. Apologize to your wife and family. You don't need a camera to do that. Just get back on the golf course!

It has been a long time since I talked about what I have been reading. Around Christmas time I started reading the Thomas Kinkade Cape Light series books. The first one was a little slow but I really enjoyed the second one. The third one is in my to read pile right now.

My friend at work and I read together during our lunch. I get an hour and Hubby only gets half an hour. Poor Hubby. Have I told you guys he works 10 hour days every day. I'm such a bad wife complaining about him not helping out around the house when he works so much more than me! I only work 8 hours. Anyways, so I get half hour with Hubby and half hour reading and gossiping. She has a daughter in high school that loves to read also. So my friend at work reads a lot of young adult stuff that her daughter reads. Of course we loved the Twilight series. If you loved the Twilight series you should check out Alyson Noel. The book I just read is the first in a series about immortals. It is called Evermore. I read it in two work days and the weekend. It is similar to Twilight but work friend says it isn't as mushy lovey dovey.

Last night I started Commited by Elizabeth Gilbert. She wrote Eat, Pray, Love. If you read it you will remember Felipe. Commited is about how they stayed together and promised a lifetime of fidelity without marriage and how our wonderful government left them no choice but to get married and how they dealt with it. She is a wonderful writer and I am really enjoying it. About to start chapter 2.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Introducing the fur baby, Blue!

*On the couch back when I was a single fur mom in Nor Cal.

*Me with shorter blonder hair!

Our fur baby is a bunny. His name is Blue. The people we got him from were already calling him Bluesy because of his blueish gray coloring. Vom right? Well I couldn't come up with anything else so I shortened it to Blue and liked that it reminded me of, "Your my boy, Blue!" from Old School. He also goes by Scott. Back in the day when I had a house phone someone called for Scott and Hubby and I joked that Scott was Blue's real name. It stuck. It is pretty much his middle name. He also goes by Koala. He is pleasantly plump and makes a rucus when my drunky friends sleep over. They renamed him. He also goes by Festus. Our groomsman Taylor came up with this name. He is weird. But I think Blue likes all his friends and the names they call him.

He has been with us 5 or 6 years. He has lived in Nor Cal and So Cal. In 4 different apartments. He thinks we moved to this bigger place for him. He really appreciates that there is more room for him to hop.

All my Bunny education came from the internet. There they told me when Buns thump that is a signal they are scared. Blue usually only thumps in the wee hours of the night. Since it is supposed to mean they are scare Hubby or I have to get up and calm him down so he doens't have a heart attack from fear. I think he just does it when he is pissed at us for not giving him enough food.

He likes to eat his food pellets, hay, romaine lettuce (I read on the internet you aren't supposed to feed them iceberg), broccoli, carrots, cilantro, apples, and leaves. Yes he will eat leaves that come in and fall off your shoe. He also goes out on the porch to eat leaves. At the new place the porch is many hops away so he likes for me to go out there with him.

He can count. When he is on the porch he sometimes thinks he wants to come back in and would like you to please open the door. Sometimes it takes him awhile to decide if he wants to come in or stay out. If you count down from 10 he will hop back in before you get to 1 and close the door on him.

He has a very different relationship with each of his skin parents. He calls me Treat Lady because he thinks I dispense food and treats from my body. He follows me around when he is hungry. If I lay down on the floor near him he hops over to me and tries to get treats. If I don't have treats he will bite my pants.

*Biting my pants.

Hubby is his adoptive father. Hubby and I were just dating when Blue became my fur baby. So I was a single fur mom. Now that we are married Hubby has adopted him. Hubby is in charge of petting and brushing Blue. Blue appreciates him helping him to look his best. He bites his pants too. I don't know why.

The phrase shit ton was coined after someone saw how much Blue pooped. He also eats his poop. Yes this is disgusting but the internet says they don't digest all the nutrients the first time it goes through them.

He enjoys licking his boobies, face and paw paws. He likes to flop when he lays down. That is when he shows you his cute white belly. He likes to play in boxes we get at Costco. He lays right underneath his water bottle so it gets nice and hairy.

He likes children. He followed our friend's child around and hopped over to him when he fell down. I took him to school with me when I was student teaching and he really enjoyed it until a kid poked him too many times in the butt. Then he grunted at him. Blue likes to grunt. If you open his cage or try to clean it. He will grunt.

*These are pics when our friend's child was playing with him. He was such a good boy letting him pet him. Also shows his box.

Total Request Live

I was lazy this weekend and its rolling in to today. What do you, my lovely readers want to hear about next? Are you dying to hear about my weekend with my mom or would you rather hear about our crazy bunny, Blue? Or anything else you have been wondering about? Place your requests in the comments!

So I mentioned before that Juliana at Blonde Walks into a Blog was doing a celeb look-a-like post. Well it is up and you have to check it out here. She looks just like Carrie Underwood. There are lots of fun pics of her friends in real life, blog friends, and of course yours truly. Check it out and you can comment more about how I look so much like Alyson. Maybe I'll win a prize for most comments about my famous face!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Conversations with Hubby

remember the other day i was telling you about a dinosaur show?
it was called Dinosaurs remember the Sinclairs?
you remember the show
in fairytail land
you're on crack with the make believe dino show
just kidding i know what you're talking about
how long have you known what i was talking about?
since I met you
lol no with the dinosaur show
i've known about them a long time
since the prehistoric times
THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!
Um annoying huh?! The sad part is this is the second conversation we have had about this show and I googled it because I couldn't remember much details except there were green puppet dinosaurs.

Me: "Do I look the same, hotter, or uglier than when we first met?"
Hubby: "Hotter."
Me: "So I wasn't hot when we first met?"
Hubby: "No you were hot."
At this point I think he is just trying to be a good hubby and say what he is supposed to so I ask the question every wife does: "Do these pants make me look fat?"
Without even looking he says, "No."
Me: "You are such a good Hubby."
Hubby: "You have bad peanut butter breath."
Lol! He ruined it! Still love him though!

Talking about our friends baby-
Hubby: ovie (he was trying to say obvi)
Me: ovulation

One time he did roglmao

p.s. I posted this in 2009 again! I wonder how long it will take me to figure out its 2010!!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Celeb hair for Shelley

My bloggy friend Shelley requested I give her some celeb hair make overs. Because I am such a good blog friend and because I was THAT bored, I did! Enjoy!

Went a little political with this one. It is Sarah Palin's hair.

Rihanna hair.

Heidi Klum hair.

I really like this one! It was creepy in the begining staring at her face, but then I was getting jealous because she already has amazing celebrity hair and all the hair styles looked great on her.

It is so fun! You guys should try it to. But let's not forget who introduced you to the never ending fun. Me!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Celebrity Hair

I have been lacking in blog motivation lately so you can stare at my face some more. MODG did a post with different hair styles, but I told her about the best web hair makeover site, She agreed that it was the best. I will have to repost this on Sunday so she can comment on my looks. She is too busy taking pictures of cat butts to comment on any other day. The rest of you who comment every day should get an extra special prize, let me know what you want. Enjoy!

Should I let it get as long as Miley's?

I always loved Jennifer Aniston's hair.

For the Lady Gaga fans.

Should I cut it short like Suri's mom?

I went red in college. There were some fans. This is Debra Messing's hair on my head.

I had a lot of fun as a blonde. I wish I could afford to stay one! This is Anna Paquin's hair. I don't know who she is but I like her hair!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Juliana at A Blonde Walks Into a Blog is doing a post on look a likes coming up. When I was in high school my hair was more red and the movie American Pie had just come out. Everyone I met told me I looked like the girl in the movie that talks about Band Camp. Back then I didn't really appreciate it. Looking like the weird band geek in a movie? Not too exciting! Now that she is on How I Met Your Mother and find myself admiring her hair styles and hoping someone will see the resemblance again. Any other celebrity you think I look like? I did that one awhile ago and it said Kristen Bell. I had blonde hair then. I was going to do it again after Amanda at MODG (you should know her blog already my stupid computer won't let me link) found out she was Asian but it wanted me to register and I was over it by that point. Who do people tell you that you look like? You can probably get yourself in at Juliana's blog still.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WEDDING: The ceremony

My Dad walking me down the aisle.

He said he almost cried when he saw me. I wanted to take his breath away.

Kiss on the cheek from Dad.

Shaking my Dad's hand.

Getting his ring from my MOH. See how I turned toward the audience. I impressed the wedding planner at the rehearsal because I already knew to turn that way. I told him, "I'm a professional bride". Kind of sounds bad but I meant I had been in a lot of weddings as a bridesmaid and have stage training. But it made people laugh at the rehearsal.

Laughing because I didn't know which hand was his left. As a dancer and choreographer I should have known and thought of it before. But it was a funny and memorable moment.

You can go here for a picture of our palm ceremony and the words we said to each other.


The kiss!

I love this picture because of the ecstatic looks on our faces.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Comment on what you want.

We had a great weekend with my mom! I picked her up from the airport around 10am on Friday. Friday Hubby was working so we had a girls day. We went to the mall and got some fun stuff. Ate lunch at my fave, Red Robin, I have to say they are shrinking the clucks on the clucks and fries plate. Not cool Robin! Then we went back to the new apartment. She got a tour and loved it. Then we thought we would be smart and get tickets to see Dear John on Fandango. It was a good thing because blonde me had written down the wrong times for the movie and we would have been late! It was my first Fandango experience. We don't go to the movies because it is so expensive these days. I liked not having to wait in line to buy a ticket but I still get a student discount (cause of my baby face and I still have my student id if they don't believe my baby face) and they charged me a $2 convenience fee or something. So I would have saved money if I stood in line.

I have read every Nicholas Sparks book. I love them all. I get so excited for the movies. I loved a walk to remember and notebook. I saw a commercial for Dear John that said people are comparing it to notebook. My friend that works at the movie theatre warned me that they changed the ending and people come out bawling. So I brought 4 kleenex just in case. I used 2 of them but I think it was because I have read the book and am more attached to the characters and knew what was going to happen. My mom hadn't read the book and didn't cry at all. I use 2 kleenex during a sad episode of Oprah. I would have used 4 kleenex at time travelers wife if anyone had warned me. I didn't read that book and I was a mess during that movie. It is the only movie where I came home and told Hubby about it and started crying again. So if you have read the book don't get your hopes up to high for this one. They change a lot. If you have read the book and seen the movie email me so we can talk about it! If you haven't read the book it is an ok movie. I would say wait until it comes out on video. During the previews they showed the preview for the next Nicholas Sparks movie, The Last Song. Miley Cyrus is in this one and once again I have gotten my hopes up. Looks really really good!

I have pictures and can tell ya more about what we did with Mom this weekend for another post.

The dvr remote fast forward button has been acting up lately. This weekend even Hubby couldn't use all his man strength to get it to work. This is no bueno since I only watch recorded stuff and my time is way too valuable to watch commercials. So I have to go pick up the old lady and trade her in for a new one after work today. Let me tell you I had to stand in line for an hdmi cable once before at this fantasy land known as the cable office. I am not looking forward to it!!

Also on the to do list this week I need to go to the library and pick up the 3 books I have on hold. Someone got a little crazy with the hold button. No way can I read 4 books in two weeks!

I also have to make a trip to Target for bunny food. Hopefully T will have a guest list ready and I can look into invites for her shower/bachelorette party.

I really wish I had today off! Could have gotten all this stuff done!

Speaking of stuff to get done I seriously need to get on some scrapbook making. I think what is holding me back besides my laziness is that I got a bridal shower scrapbook and my mom's camera stopped working at my bridal shower. I could harass my cousin for the pictures she said she was going to send me, but I am just not excited to make it. I really wish I had gotten a honeymoon scrapbook. I would have exchanged but Target and no one else have honeymoon scrapbooks. So I should just return that other one. I need some motivation too. I need to set a deadline for myself. I have a super busy weekend coming up March 27th. I will make that my deadline! Have the wedding scrapbook done by March 27th!

You guys still with me? Comment on what you want. xoxo

Sunday, February 14, 2010

1 year engagiversary!

1 year ago today I woke up in our tiny apartment and probably wished Hubby a Happy Valentine's day. He got out of bed and was very busy. He made me stay in our room and busy in the kitchen. Then I couldn't look in the fridge.

Let me back up a little bit. You can go here to read about the dtr Hubby and I had and the ring shopping experience. I didn't mention in that blog that Hubby had a sogotp date. When we had the dtr we agreed begining of 2009 would be a good time to get engaged. So I told him if he hadn't proposed by Feb. 15th 2009 I was done. I didn't come by this choice easily. You may disagree with giving him a date. He had told me he wanted to marry me but he wanted to be 26. I thought he was weird when he told me this. I also didn't believe that he wanted to marry me until he had bought the ring. We also had a dtr when we were deciding to move in together and he worked well with a deadline.

So he bought the ring in November but had until Feb. 15th to propose. So Christmas went by. No proposal. Our dating anniversary went by. No proposal. My birthday went by and my parents were in town. No proposal. So I was pretty sure it was going to happen on Valentine's Day. I don't know what I would have done if he hadn't proposed. Glad I didn't have to think about it.

Let me also mention I am a total snoop. When we came back to so cal with the ring he tried to hide it from me. I found it. So on Valentine's Day he was all busy and running errands. I checked to see if the ring was still in the box. You guys think I'm a horrible person yet? Hopefully you just think I am the control freak that I am.

I realized in all my worrying about when he was going to propose that I had gotten him nothing for Valentine's Day. So when he was on his errands I did some errands of my own. I went to Old Navy and bought us matching Valentine's Day shirts and got him a book and card at Barnes and Noble.

When we were both home from our errands I had him open his present and we put our matching Valentine's Day shirts on. I remember we were just hanging out and he said he wanted to go for a walk on the beach before the sun went away. It was February. So I said ok. I think we quick grabbed a couple sweatshirts and took off. Now I knew where the ring was remember. It was in the closet and I watched him pretty closely and I didn't think he got the ring. I thought ok we will go for a walk on the beach and then he'll propose later. I honestly thought there might have been a cake that said, "Will you marry me?" Since I couldn't look in the fridge.

We got to the beach and Hubby put his sweatshirt on. I was annoyed because no one could see our matching Valentine's Day t-shirts. But he said he was cold so I got over it. So we walked along the beach and turned around and I thought ok that was nice. Then he goes, "Let's stop here". He got down on one knee and said, "Meagan, will you be my wife?" I said yes and he put the ring on my finger and I gave him a huge hug and a kiss. I thought it was so cute that his knee on his jeans got wet from kneeling in the sand. We have a picture on our phones that we sent to our parents. We need to get the picture off the phone and onto the computer but we haven't taken the time to figure it out.

We walked back to the car and called all our friends and family and told them the godo news. We heard a lot of, "Finally!" We also told everyone the wedding date, since we had already picked it and asked people to be in our wedding party. Yeah, I like to plan ahead!

This is a picture we took on our camera when we got home from the beach to send to everyone.

He made me filets wrapped in bacon with garlic butter and had bought chocolate covered strawberries. That is why I couldn't look in the fridge.

I think when we were driving home telling everyone I came up with the idea to just go over to our friend S and J's and surprise them. It was one of my favorite moments. We went over to their place and they were hanging out with S's sister and boyfriend. So we were all chatting and catching up and I couldn't believe they didn't notice the fat rock on my finger! Then S's sister B went to the bathroom and I guess she was kind of thinking to herself while she was in there and thought it was kind of weird that we came over on valentine's day and we seemed really happy. She walked out of the bathroom and over to me and looked at my hand and said, "Oh my god!" Everyone freaked out and couldn't believe we hadn't said anything! Of course they were super happy and congatulated us. S and her husband J were in our wedding.

It was so nice to remember this day! I don't want to ever forget those butterflies I felt that day. So much has happened in a year! We planned a wedding, got married, honeymooned, moved, I got a job, and have now been married for 4 months. S and J have a baby on the way. Our other friend T is engaged.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1 more rehearsal pic, story, and some updates

Here is my future sister in law (she is engaged to my brother in law) and our good friend P at the rehearsal. You guys thought it was fun because my dad wore khaki shorts and tennis shoes? Just wanted to give you more pictures of the fun!

Someone also asked if Hubby made it to drunk town. Well I thought he might be mad if I told this story, but I have told plenty of people. The rehearsal video is hilarious because Hubby was in drunk town before dinner. We had the rehearsal at 11am and went back to my parents' house right after to hang out and have appetizers. Hubby had beers.

In the video you see me ask if I have to sit next to him at dinner. We are a couple a little more on the Vicky Don (real housewives of oc reference) couple spectrum. We spend 24/7 together we don't need to sit next to each other and sleep together every night. Anyways, we are on video during dinner talking about making a speech to thank everyone for coming and you here me say, "Come on drunky". Then during the speech you can tell he is tanked and after you here my family talking about how he is faded or something.

Then a little later I got the video camera and was recording stuff and Hubby walks over to me and we try to be cute and funny. We point the camera at ourselves and kiss. Let me mention at this point Hubby and I were on the grass and he had flip flops on. Right after I walk over to some of the wedding party and he walks inside the house. When you walk in my parents' front door there is a tile floor. Are you seeing where this is going yet? Drunk town + wet grassy flip flops + tile floor? Hubby totally ate it and cut his hand trying to save himself by grabbing on to the door handle. Someone came outside and says, "Hubby fell! He cut himself!" Of course I'm thinking great, we are going to have to take him to the hospital to get stitches! He was ok but his mom and I made him switch to water at that point!

Well, today is my friday! My mom comes to town tomorrow morning! We are going shopping and to see Dear John! So excited! So I will be a little absent from blogging. I will have a post on valentine's day because I can't miss our one year engagiversary! Yes, my mom will be here on valentine's day. Just what every husband wants, to spend his 1 year engagiversary on valentine's day with his mother in law! We are going to have a romantic dinner with my mom and then send her on a plane! We talked last night about getting each other gifts and we decided the laptop we just bought because our other one DIED! is our gift to each other! So romantic!

I forgot to tell you guys that one of our friends said How I Met Your Mother got signed for another season! So this season isn't the last! We also discussed how one of our friends thinks their mom is Robin. We told him he is dumb the dad keeps saying Aunt Robin. Someone else thought it was Rachel Bilson and we said um no are you a bad listener? The mom is Rachel Bilson's roommate! Duh!

Oh! And I found out yesterday, one of my best friends and bridesmaid S is having a boy! Poor pregnant lady keeps getting sick so the doctor gave her something to help her really bad cold. Plus they are moving this weekend to their new condo! So we are hoping they can join us for lunch or dinner Sunday and we can see pictures! So crazy to think how much has happened in a year! I guess I'll get into that on the valentine's day post!

WEDDING: the boys before the ceremony

I want to do a post that answers some of the questions I got on the rehearsal post. I was thinking about doing it Friday but my mom is coming in to town so I probably won't have time. Maybe tomorrow.
Before the wedding when Hubby and I were at Target I suggested we buy each other cards to give each other on the day of the wedding. It was super funny because there were two cards made for giving to your spouse on your wedding day. So he bought one and I bought the other. There was a mix up when he dropped me off at my parents' house and his card to me was in one of my bags. He was supposed to get the card at the rehearsal, but he was in drunk town. So the day of the wedding he was all concerned about his card. Here is is writing it.

Hubby and his brother.

The Spartans. That is what our amazing and hilarious videographer kept calling them.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jake and Tenley: Live long and prosper

Do you think he looks like them? I do! I have thought Jake and Hubby looked similar since Bachelorette Jillian. We watched Star Trek this weekend and I don't know what it is, something in the face is similar. Watching Bachelor last night and Ali said, "I look at him and think I would be so lucky to have him as my husband." I have always felt lucky to have Hubby as my husband. I know if he went on the Bachelorette or Bachelor all the desperates would be lining up. So of course snuggling into bed last night I told Hubby how lucky I am that he is my husband.

Ok, let's talk Bachelor. Did I miss him asking for Gia's hand in marriage? Because he asked for everyone else's. Someone's heart is going to get broken. Gia's mom and Ali's mom are so sure he is going to pick their daughter. Newsflash! Not going to pick both of them! I loved Jake on Bachelorette but I am not such a fan now. 31 never been married, cries pretty frequently, wear purple...worries me. To me he was saying the same stuff to all the girls and their families. I love your family especially your mom, blah, blah, blah. Ali, do you think we didn't see Bachelorette? We all saw when Ed did the same thing in the same room and yes he came back and they ended up together. But Jake was on that season! He saw it! Did you not? I have never asked my job for time off to be on a reality tv show but I'm guessing they let you take whatever time you already have or say sure go for a month or something. Do they really call you and say you have to decide its your job or the reality tv show? If it had happened several seasons ago I would call her bluff for sure but I don't think the producers think we are that dumb that we can't remember 1 season ago. I was team Ali and Tenley from day 1. Ali was losing me after all the Vienna drama. Now she left I'm team Tenley all the way! Her the wedding march? not good. But I don't really care who he chooses.

Star Trek was really good! Kind of confusing though. I never thought it would be funny. My dad is a total trekie so I knew some of the people's names and I can do the vulcan hand thing. Hubby enjoyed it to. He liked it way better than Mama Mia! So ladies, if you tortured your husband recently with Mama Mia, I recommend taking one for the team and renting Star Trek. There is a cute guy and it is interesting!

Edit: I made the trifecta mad! Oh no! Sorry, I met Hubby at 19 and was married at 25 he was 21 and we got married when he was 26. I think I know once person over 30 that has never been married, so I looked up the stats.

10.9% of American men over 30 have never been married

7.8% of American women over 30 have never been married

9.3% of American men and women over 30 have never been married


Total males over 18 years old = 102,313,000
Age Never Married
30 to 34 3,371,000
35 to 39 2,289,000
40 to 44 1,953,000
45 to 54 2,117,000
55 to 64 757,000
65 to 74 383,000
75+ 239,000
Total 11,109,000

11,109,000 men over 30 have never been married

Therefore, 10.9% of men over 30 have never been married

Total females over 18 = 110,115,000
Age Never Married
30 to 34 2,349,000
35 to 39 1,544,000
40 to 44 1,411,000
45 to 54 1,797,000
55 to 64 801,000
65 to 74 337,000
75+ 383,000
Total 8,622,000

8,622,000 women over 30 have never been married.

Therefore, 7.8% of women over 30 have never been married

Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census.
No. 53. Marital Status of the Population by Sex and Age: 2003
Page 49
Statistical Abstract of the United States 2004.

Total population over 18 212,428,000
Total population over 30 never married 19,731,000

Therefore, 9.3% of men and women over 30 have never been married

Search terms used:
Percent Never Married Census Bureau

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wedding Music

Ceremony Music
While guests are waiting- slow love songs

Processional Music- Canon in D

Bridal March- Bridal Chorus

Recessional- Mendlesson’s Wedding March

Reception Music
Background Music- Slow love songs
Special requests- Taylor Swift, The Fray, Gavin Degraw

Announcement of Bridal Party- Party like a rockstar by Shop Boys

Cake Cutting- I can’t help myself by Four Tops

Bouquet Toss- Single Ladies by Beyonce

Garter Toss- Macho Man by Village People

Father Daughter Dance- You Don’t Have to Let go by Jessica Simpson

Mother Son Dance- Fly Me to the moon by Frank Sinatra

Anniversary Dance- Love will keep us alive by Eagles

Couple’s First Dance- Steady as we go by Dave Matthews

First Dance song- Love shack by B52s
Don’t Stop Believing by Journey
1st hour songs by artists like Jimmy Buffet, Tom Petty, Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, etc. The Macarena
Songs we do NOT want- Chicken Dance, Shout by the Isley Brothers, YMCA
The rest of the night more current dance songs
I got it from my mama by

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Help a wife out!

I am so frustrated! Hubby is one of those guys that likes everything out in the open where he can see it. He doesn't put his socks in a drawer. I have tried several different methods for putting the mail away. None of them work because he can't see the bills and coupons out in his face. Anyone else have a husband or boyfriend like this? What do you do with the mail? He thinks he helps out a lot because he cooks dinner. He does help, but last night I said, "If I clean the bunny's cage, will you take out the trash?" He said yes. He put the bag of trash on the patio because it smelled. It is still there. Last weekend I told him he needs to find a place for our old tv stand and put some of his mail away. The tv stand and mail are still on the couch!

I feel so blessed to have found this blog community. I had no idea there was a way to connect with so many amazing people around the world!

Lucky me, I got another award!

Katie and Bret at ="">The Mathis' gave me this award:

To accept this award you must tell the blog world 5 random things about yourself and pass on the award to two deserving bloggers.
1. I am BLIND without my contacts. I thought my eyes were as bad as my dad's until he tried on my glasses that are a really old perscription and said, "Oh my gosh! You are blind!" Don't think I will ever get lasik. I would probably still have to wear glasses to be able to see.
2. Last weekend I tried to convince Hubby to go with bootcut jeans. He thought they were too tight on his thighs and a little gay. I told him, "I like gay." I wouldn't mind if he was a little bit metro.
3. I haven't drank milk since my freshman year of college because a girl did a speech about how it isn't good for you and I researched it for a science class. People love to debate it with me. I drink silk light chocolate soy which has as much calcium and sugar as the milke Hubby drinks.
4. I think Hubby and I will be finishing the box of tagalongs today. One box lasted three days between two people. I think that is pretty good.
5. I was a mean girl in junior high school. I could write a post about all the mean things I did but then you all would hate me!

I pass this award on to:
1. Working Mommy @ Lessons's Learned for being my #1 supporter ;)
2. Kristen @ Diet Coke and Pearls for being my new bloggy bff :)

TMZ update: ENewsNow The LA Coroner says Casey Johnson died of natural causes (diabetes-related).

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WEDDING: Girls before the ceremony

I like this picture because you can see my engagement ring!

Mom and MOH helping me put on my dress.

Fixing my hair.

MOH putting my garter on.

Future SIL bringing my card from Hubby it says "Bridey" because I wrote "Groomie".

Reading the card from my groomie.

Looking out the window.

WEDDING: The rehearsal!

My dad walking me down the aisle!
Love my rehearsal dress!
Notice everyone is happy and relaxed. I think it was this way the whole weekend! Very little stress!
After rehearsing at the wedding site we went to my parent's ranch. Hubby's parents and god parents cooked up a delicious meal. We had a wonderful time. Hubby and all the boys wanted to party all night long. I just wanted him sober and well rested.

The facebook comment I put describes it all, "On his way to drunk town".

Special Surprise!

Last time I got some awards was pretty much a fail! I will try to do better this time!

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
Steven at My life, My thoughts
has passed on this award to me. Thanks Steven for thinking I am creative!
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.

Done and done.

3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.

4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.

1. I'm bony. Hubby doesn't allow me to sit on his lap because he says I have a "sword butt". My tailbone also stick out a lot it is lovingly referred to as "my tail".

2. I danced from age 5 to 22. Haven't been in a dance studio since I moved to So Cal. Bums me out.

3. I also did all the other typical girl things:ice skating (I competed. I can only do single jumps.) and horse back riding (I could jump in that sport too)

4. My pets live a long time and are fat. I had a cat for twenty years. My bunny is almost 6 and doing great.

5. My favorite girl scout cookies are tagalongs and thin mints. It is that time of year again and I got a box of tagalongs for my birthday that is sitting next to me calling my name. I could eat an entire box in an hour, easily.

6. My favorite animals are pigs. I seriously want to get one some day.

7. And the last most fascinating fact about Megs... my favorite tv show is Friends! I relate real life situations and conversations to Friends and bring them up while I am talking to people.

MY seven nominees are...
1. Laura @ Cowboy Boots & Baby Booties
2. Sarah Ann @ Misadventures in Matrimony
3. The girl with the flour in her hair @ Peeling an orange with a screwdriver
4. Cee @ Curiosity
5. Monique @ A day in the life of a surferwife
6. Meredith @ (flash) pasteurized
7. Jessalyn @ cape cod awesome