Saturday, April 20, 2013

My two cents

I have been avoiding the Boston Marathon bombing topic here. I read so many amazing blogs about it that I didn't think I needed to say anything.

Until the pictures of the bombers were released. I posted on facebook that day that those pictures make me sick to my stomach.

I think I'm a pretty forgiving and understanding person. I think I am understanding of a lot more things than most people.

But the amount of time and energy and thought put into hurting hundreds of people? I don't get it. When I saw those pictures of guys with hats and backpacks on they just looked so normal.

I know people say that the bad guys in real life don't look like the ones in cartoons and movies but we've never really seen pictures like that before. I can't think of another tragic even like this where we saw pictures of the person acting out their plan.

Yes, we see weird school photos from school shooters or remember the unibomber sketch? But these pictures? Ick.

I just imagine them plotting every detail. I wonder which one thought it would be a good idea to wear hats.

I think it is human to rationalize these tragedies by saying oh they have something wrong with them. We shouldn't let people with mental illness buy guns or explosives. I don't know. Sounds like these psychos were kinda normal.

I remember being glued to the tv the day it happened hoping for some answers. But the sad thing with these tragedies is we don't really ever get the answers we are looking for. We just have to pray and prevent and try to move on.


  1. No answers because these people are evil and insane!

  2. I managed to avoid the TV for the most part this week, and I'm glad. Every thing was just so upsetting and overwhelming. They really did look so normal. When we first saw the pics I really questioned.. did these guys really do this? Then we saw the other pics... and yeah. Just horrifying. Though I believe they are actually the pawns in a bigger plan, and that scares the heck out of me. I hope this week is very very different.