Thursday, February 28, 2013

Click Chicks photo challenge WATER

I took these pictures at the begininng of January when I was really trying to learn how to use my camera. I had seen a tutorial on pinterest about speeding up the shutter speed to capture water. So I thought the perfect place to catch splashes of water was bath time! Love these pictures!

He might play with a plastic baster in the tub. I'm not sure. Next week is shadows!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What to say and what not to say to someone that miscarried

   I've wanted to write this post since I miscarried but haven't gotten around to it. Unfortunately someone we are all close to in the blogging community is going through this right now so I thought I should get this post up and help you all with what to say and what not to say. I'm sure the experience is different for everyone but this is what helped and hurt me.
   I know my other friend that has been through two said it annoyed her when people said "it's for the better" or "it happened for a reason". If you haven't miscarried saying "I can't even imagine" just stings for those of us going through it. For my situtation with having a blighted ovum people saying things like "I've never heard of that" or "so you weren't really pregnant" were tough. The other one was a comment on my post here telling me "you did lose a child". Oh, and really bad was, "are they sure?".
   The thing that helped me the most was a text from my sister in law's sister acutally. She said, "Oh sweet heart breaks for you. My prayer for you 'lord you know the desires of Meagan's heart and you know her pain this instant-shower her with peace and wisdom as she tries to understand why this happened. We are grateful that your plans are better than ours-so we trust you have protected us all from an even greater pain. I ask that you would allow Meagan's womb to be ripe and ready for the next baby created there-and that in healthy the baby grows to full term! Allow them to mourn in such a way that even Chase sees his parents model love, peace, perspective, hope, and an UNdefeated spirit that he might use those same life skills as trials come his way when he's older..." I know people don't know what to say in these situtations so they think maybe not saying anything is better. I had to call my parents sobbing and tell them I was sad they hadn't checked on me. I told them it is similar to the feeling of being really sick and wanting your parents to take care of you but obviously taken up a notch because you are suffering from a loss too.
   Again, it might be different for some people but I liked when people checked on me. My sil and I talked every day on the phone that week I think. I swear my two besties had signed up for alternating days to check on me. I let people know that distractions helped. I have continued to say how grateful I am that I have Chase and he is the reason I get out of bed in the morning. So if this is a person that doesn't have another child be the reason they get out of bed in the morning. Make plans with them.
  Lastly, when you see the person don't do the pity face and hug. Act normal please. I was afraid to see a lot of people that knew because I was afraid of the pity face and hug. Once I saw they were going to act normal I could relax. It is ok to ask them how they are doing once you think they have relaxed.
   Disclaimer- If you were the person that left that comment or said any of the things mentioned above please don't take it personally that I mentioned it or be offended. I know you were all just trying to help and that your words came from a loving place. This post was meant to help and not hurt.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


   I posted a picture last night of Chase licking the beater from Hubby's cookie dough. This was the first time he has ever gotten to lick the beater. He is almost 22 months old. I pretty much licked all the dough off before I gave it to him. Yes, my son is deprived. But it gets worse.

   He's never had peanut butter. Our doctor suggested we avoid it until age two even though there are no allergies in our family. We made it to 18 months and asked her again if we could give it to him. At 18 months she said yes but Hubby thought we've made it this long let's just wait until he's 2. Deprived! I eat peanut butter every day!
   He is only allowed to drink milk or water. He doesn't need these things so why give them to him?
   We were playing out front this morning and my mom was telling him how they used to tell me I needed to get my disneyland legs. I thought to myself, poor kid has only seen a few disney movies. Disneyland definitely wouldn't be as exciting as it would be for some other disney movie lovers. I think the only disney movies he has seen are cars 1 and 2 once. He's seen the toy story trilogy once.
   As far as food and drinks go, right now we are helping him make healthy choices because he doesn't know any better. We don't plan to be weird about food or drinks. But we will continue to mostly offer healthy choices in our home.
   I definitely look forward to movie nights and disneyland but right now we do dinner and bath and bed. He doesn't sit still for 2 hours.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Click Chicks link up week 3 Nature

I will admit I totally forgot about this challenge this week until Tuesday night. So Wednesday after work I got out the camera and took some pictures in the backyard. There wasn't a lot to take pictures of. We might need to do this theme again in the spring!

Speaking of which we made up a schedule for you all:

week 4 Feb. 28th- water
week 5 Mar. 7th- shadows
week 6 Mar. 14th- green
week 7 Mar. 21st- sunsets
week 8 Mar. 28th- window
week 9 Apr. 4th- bokeh (blurry background)
week 10 Apr. 11th- Silhouettes
week 11 Apr. 18th- happiness
week 12 Apr. 25th- black and white

Ok, on to the picture!

I'm slightly obsessed with blurry backgrounds or bokeh as Jessica told me it is called. Love that I got it with this shot.
Link your nature pictures up, go check out the awesome posts by my fellow click chicks and come back next week with water pictures!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's been about a month

   It has been about a month since my miscarriage. I'm still dealing with it. I know physically I won't have to deal with it forever. I have faith that some day it won't be something I think about as often.
   Mostly I wanted to write this blog to tell anyone that is dealing with or may have to deal with a miscarriage about a website that I have used a ton during this last month. The page I have used the most is this one.
   I have a heck of a time finding that page when I need it and it has been so helpful so I thought I would share.
   I'm doing good. I keep reminding myself that God's plan is better than any plan I could come up with. Life is pretty much back to normal.
   Please don't hesitate for a second to email, tweet, facebook, me if you have any questions about miscarriage. I'm here for you all and will always be totally honest and no question is too weird or personal.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Click Chicks- week 2 hearts!

Sorry, I suck at life and posted this early and once you post you can't take it back. Link up is Thursday.

This week in honor of St. Valentine we are linking up pictures we took of hearts!

I have zero Valentine's Day decorations so I wanted to take pictures of Chase with some hearts to put in a frame as my Valentine's Day decorations. This was a tough photo shoot for us. He wanted to sit next to me and not in front of the hearts. So we made a collage and then gave it to friends and family. I think it turned out stinkin' cute and I love it in its pink sparkly frame!

I made the collage on picassa. I added the banner on

 Next week is NATURE!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


So what if:

-I'm SOOOO jealous of Jessica Biel for being married to Justin Timberlake. Wouldn't we all enjoy a little Justin to go home to and sleep with?

-I recorded the grammys. I watched like half of it. Taylor rocked it. I tolerated whoever sang with Elton John because they were singing with Elton John. I tolerated Miranda Lambert. Loved JT. I got to Maroon 5 about to perform before I had to wait for another night to watch.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Click Chicks week 1- Self Portrait!

So excited for our first week of the Click Chicks link up!

This week is self portrait. I really struggled with this. It was hard to find a place to put my camera that the toddler wouldn't get to and where there was good lighting. I ended up using the window sil by our couch.
I have to tell you this wasn't my favorite picture I took but it was Hubby's favorite.
Next week's challenge is HEARTS! I plan to take pictures of the toddler with hearts for Valentine's day! I doubt there will be any more pictures of me in this challenge!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Click Chicks link up!

I can't believe it is February 1st (my birthday) and I'm just getting around to talking about what I got for Christmas! My wonderful husband surprised me with a Canon Rebel!!!!!!

I'm sure I've talked about how I wanted a dslr on here before. I am obsessed with my beautiful child and I am so glad I now have a camera that can capture how blue his eyes are. Everyone told me when I got it that I had to get out of auto. At first I didn't understand. It took great pictures in auto. But now I've read a few things on pinterest and I see that it can take even better pictures manual. I started giving myself a setting or skill to attempt and after about two ran out of ideas and inspiration.

So I thought why not get some of my fellow dslr bloggers to help me out?! And the click chicks link up was born!

So here we are...
Ivy from Little Woman, Little Home
Lindsay from Eat, Wine, & Be Merry
Rachael from We're Ready For Roots
Jessica from Heart On Homestead
and myself here to host a weekly linkup where we will be capturing specific shots each week and coming back here every Thursday to share and compare. This is us breaking out of the novice photographer mold and trying to up and improve our skills and have each other to lean on.

Our first linkup will be Thursday.....
February 7th, 2013
and our first challenge will be

This way we'll all be able to get to know each other and share a little bit about ourselves, our blogs, and our cameras. I'm excited and hope to see a great turnout. Feel free to grab our button and spread the word....

And don't forget to come back next Thursday for our first official link up!!!