Thursday, January 26, 2012

My birthday list

My birthday is in less than a week! I told the husband I will only accept a duvet cover as my birthday present.

This is what our bedroom currently looks like.

We bought our bed on a whim when we first moved into our house and my awesome in laws loaned us this bedspread. I want to hang the mirror up in the middle of the wall. Notice the white cupboards on either side of the bed.

This is what I want our bedroom to look like.

I like the metallic look of this bedspread.

When we were shopping online last night hubby fell in love with this duvet cover.

The california king duvet cover is on sale for $210. We need to get a down comforter to go in the duvet too. Do you see the quilted coverlet that is part of the collection? I don't think we need that plus it is $210! The bedskirt is $80. Not sure if we need a bed skirt. Our boxspring is white and pinterest has taught us we can just buy material and upholster the boxspring with it. Each sham is $60! Do you think we need to get the shams?

I will let you all know what I end up getting for my birthday on the 1st. Then you will have to help me decide on paint color and if I paint the white cabinets or not!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Oh my gosh! Chase is teething so bad! Yesterday was the 5th day of me giving him tylenol. I HATE giving him tylenol! He has had tylenol once before in his life. I called the advice nurse at our pediatrician's office and they had me bring him in to make sure there was nothing else wrong with him. Nope, just teething.

The dr suggested giving him ibuprofen. I know ibuprofen should be taken with food and/or milk in the stomach. I nursed Chase at midnight and he was in too much pain to sleep so I gave him ibuprofen at 1 am. At 3 am he threw up! I felt so bad for him!

I had already decided after 5 days of tylenol that I would look into amber bracelets. Ashley's daughter has worn an amber necklace since 3 months and has gotten 5 teeth with no problem. She got her necklace from Inspired by Finn. I was going to get a bracelet from them for Chase and saw that they offer a 15% off discount if I blog that I'm going to try their product. Score!

I will definitely let you all know how it goes!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's ok Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

Linking up with Neely and Amber today. They are trying to get 100 link ups. You should write a post and link up!

It's ok...

That Chase has ended up in our bed the last two nights. He is teething hardcore and I tried to get him back to sleep in his crib for an hour last night!

That I continue to let Chase go in his walker. Babycenter says they can prevent his upper leg muscles from developing properly but I know plenty of people that used walkers and the kid freaking loves it.

That my brother-in-law and husband are supposed to be eating healthy and they've been drinking beers and eating ice cream. It means I get to eat ice cream too!

That our garbage cans are still sitting out front and trash was picked up yesterday.

That I sent out save the date emails for my son's birthday party in 4 months.

That I forgot when my "nephew's" birthday is and planned a trip and I'm not going to change the dates to be home for his birthday. He'll be 2 he won't remember.

I should probably stop now before you all think I'm completely crazy! What's OK with you today? Go link up with Neely and Amber!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Resolution

My New Years Resolution is to get our house organized.

We moved in at the beginning of last year and I was 6 months pregnant. My baby now takes at least one two to three hour nap a day so I have no more excuses for an unorganized house! I want to make a to do list for Hubby and I to work on. When I get this to do list done I get a sectional sofa for our family room!!!

  1. Hang pictures and mirrors- we have pictures and mirrors we know where we want to put them but haven't gotten around to doing it yet!

  2. Will and Trust- I like to lay awake at night worrying. I told Hubby the other night I was worried about Chase while he was sleeping and that worrying is in my nature. He said, "I know." Anyways, one of the things I worry about is not having our Will and Trust done so we need to get on it!

  3. Clean the blinds- This is a project I've been working on for awhile and I need to finish!

  4. Organize Chase's clothes- I think my sil and I are going to work on this on Friday. He has short sleeved 6 month stuff hanging in his closet. Boyfriend sleeps in 12-18 month footie jammies. Time to put away the 6 month short sleeved stuff!

  5. Donate clothes I don't wear!

  6. Wash make up brushes

  7. Wash bras

  8. Move Chase's jumperoo to next notch

  9. Clean appliances

  10. Wash cars

  11. Clean all the hard-to-reach places: behind the stove, refrigerator, washer/ dryer, sofas and under beds. Dust behind furniture and appliances. Dust window sills, ceilings, and baseboards. Don't forget to dust down doors, molding, and hidden corners were cobwebs may form.

  12. Clean carpet

  13. Wash windows and screens.

  14. Clean oven

  15. Clean stove burners with Ammonia

  16. Rotate mattress

  17. Buy trash can for aluminum cans

  18. Turn in aluminum cans

  19. Organize papers

  20. Update filing system

Sunday, January 1, 2012

8 months!

This has been a HUGE month for Chase!

At the beginning of the month he started crawling! Pretty soon he was pulling himself up to standing.

He had his first Christmas!

He started saying Mama and Dada.

He had his first cold :(

He has his two bottom teeth and I think the top ones are working on coming in.

Through it all he's still our happy silly boy and we couldn't love him more!