Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wanted: Best Friend

I need a bloggy bff! I need someone to discuss posts with. Someone that wants to email and tweet. You must watch at least 15 of my shows!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wait A Minute!

I just realized I didn't post a blog that I thought I had posted. I was wondering why no one commented! duh! Here are some gems from that post:

Sorry guys, I have been stressing about this guest post I wrote for this blog. If you aren't a follower you should be one! I will let you know if and when they think my post is good enough to go on their site. I was stressing trying to make it funny and it isn't really a funny topic. I felt like I couldn't write here without having that done. But I just emailed it to her so wahoo! I can go back to my regularly scheduled verbal diarrhea (thank you spell check for that one).

Hubby and I had date night Friday night! We used our coupons for Olive Garden (thanks Mom and Dad). I had the new Lasagna Rollata al Forno- Lasagna rolls stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella, asiago, parmesan and romano cheese. Topped with mozzarella and seasoned breadcrumbs, baked in five cheese marinara. In my opinion, the pasta was too chewy. I think the manicotti would have been just as good.

Quotes from Hubby watching the Bachelor Pad preview: "Is Weatherman on this?" "Why is Gia on the show if she has a boyfriend at home?" So excited!

Back to the post I was writing:
Yes folks, it is that time again! Jersey Shore season 2 premiere Thursday night!!!! We are getting our gym, tan, and laundry on and we are making sausage and vegetables. Have you guys noticed that they always make that? Are you going to be watching?!

I wanted to write a long hilarious post but I talked to my bff, Spoon, for like 3 hours instead.

Have you guys gotten those emails that say don't talk on your phone while it is plugged in? Hubby totally believes these emails. You need to know this about me, I NEVER charge my phone. I wait until it makes that weird beep noise and says Low Battery. So I had one bar when I started my 3 hour phone conversation. So obviously it beeped and said plug me in! So I did. Then Hubby freaked out! He was like don't talk on your phone while plugged in!!

And just because Hubby and I are adorable and my friend S's baby is adorable and I know you guys like all things adorable:

*Title- I put my ipod on shuffle and this is the title of the first song that came up. I stole this idea from someone else. It is pretty fun. Anyone know who sings that song?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

20 Q's

*Look at me when I'm talking to you. Picture from
SYTYCD post will be delayed this week. We will be pretty busy this weekend. I do have this post for you today and I’m hoping some of my single guy friends want to participate in Show us your life Friday.

Update on Jake and Vienna : US Magazine is reporting that Vienna was drunk at an LA club. Are you shocked? “At Syndicate Hospitality's MyStudio nightclub, Girardi encountered Gregory Michael, the Greek star who told Us he "definitely made out" with Girardi before her Pavelka split. "She stalked him!" another source tells Us. Observing Michael talking to another girl, "she started crying. She freaked out. The entire club saw." Yet Girardi was all-smiles at a Playboy event at bar210. At that shindig, a witness tells Us Girardi "was drunk and all over the place." How drunk? "She was opening her shirt and showing her bra and hanging on every guy."

The only news on Jake? Evan Lysacek talked to him and he is fine.

Are you team Jake yet?

What did you guys think of the Hills final episode? is reporting that Brody said the Brody/Kristin relationship was completely fake.

Here 20 Questions Laura posted on her blog. You can fill them out too and link up to her blog.

1) Dressing up or casual?
I have a lot of more dressy dresses in my closet I would like to wear more.

2) Most original Halloween costume?
Princess Buttercup from The Princess Bride

3) What would your talent be if you were participating in a beauty pageant?

4) What do the words retro boutique design mean to you?
50’s style dresses and aprons?

5) What do you see as your greatest achievement?
Getting my teaching credential

6) What household chore pacifies you?
I had to look up pacifies, the internet say something that eases the anger. If I am so mad I clean I am usually slamming things too, so probably picking up shoes or things laying around.

7) Favorite type of weather?
Sunshine! I like it just warm enough to enjoy the sun but not too hot.

8) Do you sleep with the sheets tucked in or out?
Hubby makes the bed every night before we get in. I could sleep on a lumpy messy bed.

9) Do you have freckles?
Yep, got 2nd place (I think, maybe I didn’t place at all, I have no ribbon or anything) in a freckles contest in Wisconsin

10) Favorite kind of sandwich?
Not a sandwich fan. I would go with a cheese sandwich. I just put cheese and lettuce in bread. Sometimes I put mustard too.

11) Can you hold your breath without holding your nose?

12) What’s your name spelt backwards?

13) What message is on your voicemail machine?
Just my first and last name.

14) What was the name of your first pet?
My parents named our cats we had when I was born. I think I had fish I named before I got my cat but I can’t remember. So I will say Figaro was the first pet I remember naming.

15) Do you believe in karma?

16) Do you believe in luck?
Yes, but less than karma.

17) Do you have a nickname?
Yeah people call me Meg, Meags, Mug, Bug, etc.

18) Are you a shopping addict?
Maybe, I’m addicted to having a variety of outfits, but Hubby doesn’t approve.

19) Favorite superhero?

20) Chocolate or vanilla?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Holy sheboozus and donut holes


Sorry friends, had a busy weekend with friends in town and birthday parties. Here are my thoughts on the top 8 show:

Two performances! One with an All-Star they haven't danced with before and a fellow contestant! I love that!

Oh, Alex! No performance! I thought he would still be ok. Then they explained he could be automatically out, which makes sense. Of course, he started crying again!

Lauren&Pasha- Time to get sexy Lauren! Love Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Started off hot! Sexy outfit! GREAT! I think Lauren'ts back! I agreed with Nigel that she matured. At one point she was kind of leading. It is hard for contemporary dancers to not lead.
*My favorite dance of the night!

Jose&Lauren- Contemporary. Jose is sloppy. Loved the leg lift that they did! I was ready for Jose to go home at this point. Hubby thinks he looks like a chipmunk. I agree.

Ken&Comfort- hip hop. Oh geez. Can't Kent get a break! Before Cat or Nigel said anything, I said he looks like Justin Timberlake. Fox, I'm available for any job. How did he keep his hat on during flips? He grew up this week too! I loved the butt smack!

Adechike&Courtney- Jazz. Love that it is set at a bar during last call. Courtney's gold costume? Was that from the 80's? Adechike is still struggling with chemistry. I won't miss him if he goes home. The audience barely cheered for them. Disagree with Nigel that he was good. Agree with Mia that it was mediocre.

Billy&Allison- Allison left and Katie came! Love Katie! Broadway-love cats! I think Billy just danced it. No burglar character. Disagree with all the judges that this is the best Billy has danced.

Ashley&Dominic(ugh)-hip hop. What are those pants Ashley was wearing? I saw no ninjas fighting each other. I love Nappy Tabs but I think part of the problem was the choreography.

Robert&Kathryn- Poor Robert, he messed up the lift. I was worried Robert would go home this week. So glad he wasn't even in the bottom three!! I can't believe people think he is arrogant!

Adechike-Bollywood. Really good! So fast! I disagree that it let him down like Nigel said.

Lauren&Kent- Love that Travis choreographed this! Their technique was incredible! I agree with Nigel. The combination of all three was amazing! They are the ultimate male and female dancers!

Robert&Ashley- I wish Sonya choreographed a routine for them. I don't know why the producers gave them quickstep (aka kiss of death?!). The producers had to coordinate the routines this week for it all to work out. I really don't think it is fair to give Kent and Lauren a Travis Wall routine and then give Robert and Ashley quickstep. I have never seen a quickstep done correctly so it looked good to me but I was sure Nigel would hate it.
Billy&Jose- I like how Jose's hip hop and Billy's contemporary were incorporated into it. did not enjoy the awkward lifts or the bite. Agree with Nigel it wasn't powerful enough.

Too bad Alex was too badly injured to stay in the competition. I was surprised Billy and Ashley were in the bottom three. They need to step up their game! Do you think Alex will come back next year?

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thank Vienna for getting you a new twitter follower

Dear Jake,
You mentioned a few times last night that Vienna underminded you, I think America would have been a little more on your side if you had said that she is IMMATURE! I think you need to go running back to Tenley if she hasn’t found love on the Bachelor Pad which I’m assuming no one will.

I don’t buy Vienna's excuse that she wanted to beat you to the punch with the media. Her claims that your are a fame whore, to me, seem unrealistic. She was the one that had pictures of herself at a spring break party that, to me, don’t show the “I want to be out of the spotlight and settle down girl” she claims to be. I think you went to people magazine and did the interview on abc because you wanted to defend yourself and probably no you realize there is no point trying to discuss the break up.

She also said you were emotionally abusive and Chris asked her to explain and she said there were no emotions. Ok, that is not abuse stupid!

Then she was denying cheating and hooking up with that actor guy and you and I said at the same time, “He [Greg guy] was the one that came out and said it.” The whole break up in the media tabloid war started when the Greg guy said Vienna told him you were broken up and he believes her cause they made out.

Then she said she broke up with you twice and gave you the ring back. Sounds like an immature person I know. I am with you that it was just a game. So whether or not she broke up with you or not first, to me, doesn’t really matter. She says she broke up with you over the phone and her friend was sitting there. Your friend sitting there doesn’t mean she broke up with you first. Maybe you thought she was playing one of her little games or maybe you didn’t get the voicemail! It doesn’t change the fact that she was making out with some guy shortly afterwards, classy.

I hope that America doesn’t think you have anger issues. I really think anyone that is interrupted every time they speak is going to start raising their voice and throwing things.

I think Vienna was too immature (the being needy wanting you to kiss her and talk to her all the time). I don’t think you were compatible. Sounds like you figured it out pretty early on and you shut down and Vienna finally left, so thank goodness. I won’t call her rude for interrupting you every time you tried to speak.

There seemed to be a lot of petty things you were fighting over like where to put furniture and her stupid dog. Oh, Mama Kat reminded me that she was mad you didn't call her dad, let's take a poll people, please leave a comment if your husband calls your dad, mine doesn't. Like I said, Vienna acts like some immature people I know and they are in relationships. Vienna may find love again, but I feel bad for the poor sucker that saw her behavior last night and thinks she is someone they would want to date. I predict we will be seeing her in the Hollywood spotlight more. I also predict the company that hired her made have second thoughts after her behavior on the show last night.

Jake, I hope you are able to find love again!

Love your loyal fan from the start,


P.S. Jake, I didn't want to post the pictures of Vienna being a slore, but I hope you can lower your standards a little closer to hers and not disrespect me, I gotta do it, my people like pictures and especially slorey ones.

If you would like other points of view on this topic visit Mama Kat and Neely's blogs.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wardrobe malfunctions and hungry jazz faces

Are you guys enjoying these posts? Do I do them too late?

I think we all know I want Melinda to go home! I was planning to stay up and watch the whole show and vote for Robert but Hubby wanted to go to bed earlier. So I told him if Robert goes home I blame him!

First up was Adechike and Lauren doing Hip Hop. When I heard about this combo doing this style I said, "What?!" I thought it was good, not great. I didn't see the chemistry. I disagree with Nigel saying his personality was brought out and that there was great chemistry. What did you think?

Next was Ashley and Ade doing contemporary. I was anticipating this routine to be good. I love seeing new choreographers!
*Someone should choreograph a routine to the song in Eclipse during "you know what".
What talents do you think Ashley showed us she had with this routine? I think acting and being thrown. I don't think it showed her dance talent. I agree with Nigel when he said, "The steps didn't get in the way."

At this point in the evening I realized Dominic wasn't going to be on the show! Wahoo!

Then there were some solos. Billy put his leg up in the air and Jose spun on his head. Next!

*My favorite dance- Robert and Courtney, Jazz, LOVE! Sonya! Yes! I love that she wanted to show off Robert's talent. I think she did an amazing job doing it. So Great! Did you notice how the judges couldn't compliment Ashley and Adechike enough and barely complimented Robert?!

Melinda and Pasha did their Salsa. I thought it was going to be a disaster and then she said she was Colombian and salsaed her whole life! I got a little nervous until Pasha tried to pick her up. Those tap legs are too muscular for lifting still. I feel like she was playing up the audience and would almost forget Pasha was there. Most women wouldn't be thinking of anything but Pasha! I agree with what the judges said about the dance being awkward and that she was drowning.

*Best moment of the night- When Mia said it was a mistake to get rid of Christina! Then Adam agreed!!! Did your jaw drop to the floor like mine?

Then Kent did his solo. I thought to myself, "Now that is a solo!" His solo was PERFECTION! Every breath, every moment!

Next up was Alex's solo. He really surprised me with this solo. I think he at least deserved to be top 4.

Then they gave me some Lauren and Neil Broadway! Loved it!
*Another jaw dropping moment- When her dress broke and there was almost a nipple slip!
I agree with Nigel that I didn't always feel the chemistry. I just keep wanting Lauren that did her solo to "Let's get it on" to come back!

Where is she?

Billy and Catherine, Contemporary. All I thought was Catherine is amazing! I don't think the piece was all that Stacey Tookie wanted it to be. I think the concept of someone leaving someone is a little overdone and honestly you couldn't really tell what was going on when watching it. I agree with Nigel that Billy needs to figure out the acting part.

Robert's solo was GREAT!

Jose and Anya Samba. Anya is awesome and I guess Jose did good considering it isn't his style. It was great to see Dmitry! I agree with Nigel that Jose isn't the best dancer on the show. But I disagree that he has "it".

Kent and Allison Jazz! I thought it was good. I think the judges were too hard on him and his "hungry jazz face". I think he had it at points but there were other moments that were great! What do you think?

Alex and Twitch Hip Hop. I thought this was going to be a total disaster. When Alex started dancing I saw no trace of a ballet dancer on that stage! I thought Napoleon and Tabitha were going to play up his ballet side with the choreography but I'm so proud of them that they didn't and so proud of Alex that he was able to do the routine!

Nigel mentioned people don't like the format of having the all stars. I LOVE it! What do you guys think?