Tuesday, January 21, 2014

To my boys,

34 weeks pregnant tomorrow and our house has been taken over by baby gear times two. I'm up early this morning because I was too hungry to stay in bed any longer. When I thought about what I could blog about this morning my heart instantly told me that I need to write a letter to my boys.

Dear Hubby,
   I've told you in person how grateful I am that you have given me these boys. During the hard times I think about and see how much Chase adores you and I know I picked the right man for us to be the father to our children. Neither of us are perfect but we are perfect for each other. There is no one else I would want to make and raise babies with ;). You have been so awesome during this pregnancy coming home from 10+ hour work days and jumping right in to helping with dinner and Chase. Thanks for all the times you've done the dishes and tolerated the messes and laundry piles.
   I know things are about to get CRAZY around here. I pray you continue to be patient with me while I figure out how to be a mom for 3 boys and a wife to you. I think we did a pretty good job getting Chase to a healthy and happy 2.5 year old. I hope this time around to be less stressed out about the twins' sleep. I'm going to try to remind myself that they will sleep eventually and get on a schedule eventually. But if I get crazy maybe remind me of that too :).
   I'm so excited to see you become a Dad to 3 boys! I don't think either of us had any idea this was what our future held but are both thrilled for our family to be complete.

Dear Chase,
   To the one that made me mama. Your excitement about your brothers has blown me away. I knew I wanted to give you a sibling but I definitely worried when we found out you were getting two at one time. I know you are going to be the best big brother.
   You about broke my heart last night when we were talking about mama being in the hospital for a few days having your brothers and you said with your pouty face, "I wanna go wif you". I love you my little sidekick and wish I could bring you with me. I'll come home to you as soon as I can.
   I don't know if you've noticed but mama has been spoiling you a little bit in these last few weeks we have together. Maybe I need to come up with another fun place for us to go or maybe we'll have to make cookies! I can't wait to get back home and have some more special moments with you. Maybe the first night I come home I'll let you stay up late watching Planes.
   I think with twins people worry that you will be jealous of all the attention they get. I'm not too worried about it because I know you. My friendly comedian you have so many people that love and adore you and like I told Nana yesterday, a lot of people probably think you are more fun than the boring babies anyway! I know you will take pride in the compliments we get about your brothers because you are going to be a huge part in raising them too.

Dear K and A,
   My babies. You are about to enter a very close family full of love. We are all very excited for you to complete Daddy's golf foursome and our family. I know you can hear your crazy big brother in there. Sorry about all the noise. It is probably only going to be louder when you get out here.
   I'm sure you've heard your brother figuring out life as a 2.5 year old. You'll find out it isn't easy. I hope you cut him some slack as he figures out life as a 3 year old and a big brother. I hear its probably going to be tough for him. But know that he loves you with all his heart. Mama is an only child so I hope I can help all three of you figure out how to love each other and communicate.
   I tell everyone how being a second time mom is even more exciting than the first because I know I am going to love you both instantly the moment I see you. I have worried about both of you and loved you since I saw your little hearts beating on that first ultrasound.
   I look forward to meeting you and getting to see your little individual personalities develop. Just so you know, your big brother wants to be the funny one so you might have to come up with something else ;). I am going to try to savor every second of your first year because I now know how fast it goes.
   By the way, if you could turn head down so we can all get home faster that would be awesome!

To all my boys,
    I love you all so much and hope I can be the best wife and mama to all of you. I'm the only one you've got ;)!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dear baby b, you were your brother's first favorite

33 weeks pregnant tomorrow and having a hard time sleeping. Getting up to go to the bathroom and getting back in to bed right before your husband's alarm goes off is the worst!

I am enjoying getting up before Chase and having a little time to myself to eat my cereal and blog.

I mentioned it on facebook and twitter but Chase totally has a favorite brother already. For awhile he has said that baby b (he calls him by his name) is in his tummy. Yesterday kind of sealed the deal on the whole favorite thing. He wanted to help me pack my hospital bag and was all ready to go to the hospital. I told him the babies decide when it is time to go and probably won't be for another month or so. Later I asked him if he wanted to go to the grocery store. He said no, I want my baby. He calls blankets babies so I didn't know if he was cold. Then he said, "I want my baby, (baby b's name). See, he has a favorite!

He seems to understand that there are two babies. He will tell you if there are one or two things so that seems to be a concept he understands. Last night at dinner he was saying two brothers, two boys. My first instinct was to worry a little bit that baby b is the early favorite but this morning I can laugh about it. I'm sure my three boys will all have different relationships with each other and all I can do is try to help them develop. It is an interesting family dynamic we have been handed but I know God planned it this way.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday morning chat

I'm taking some inspiration from my friend Shannon and taking these few moments this morning before Chase wakes up to just chat and catch up with my blog readers! I miss blogging but it is getting to be crunch time around here with getting ready for the twins to arrive.

This weekend we had plans to take maternity pictures. I was going to get my hair done and it was going to be great. Then the weather decided to be cloudy with chances of rain which it hasn't been for like 34 days! My friend that was supposed to take the pictures also texted me the morning of saying her son was sick. Luckily my sister-in-law lives super close to the location I wanted to use and was available and takes amazing pictures. Chase is such a ham and I think it might have been a little bit for auntie so maybe we got better pictures using her.

I love the pictures so much. My favorite is the bottom left with Chase on his tip toes. All I see when he kisses my belly is the top of his head so I had no idea he goes on his tip toes and I'm so glad we have a picture of it.
I'm going to be 33 weeks on Wednesday. Yesterday, I was really starting to feel it. A twin uterus at 32 weeks is the same as a full term singleton uterus. It frustrates me to have to tell Chase I need to sit on the couch or that I can't make dinner for the family. I'm trying to listen to my body and slow down.

This cold/flu season has been awful for our family. Last week Hubby was sick and we have lost track of who gave it to who. Knock on wood we are all starting to feel better but I'm so paranoid about scheduling any play dates with friends.

On the to do list today is dishes and folding and putting away laundry. I think I will have to at least take Chase to the park. Mom guilt is pretty bad lately. Last night when I told him I had to sit on the couch he said, "I not want to sit on the couch." I said, "I know mom is no fun lately." He said, "yeah". I thought about reminding him that I had colored with him and played t-ball with him but he's 2.

I start doing non stress tests this week. At first I felt like it was an unnecessary annoyance. I have to go twice a week until I deliver. But after yesterday and being in pain I'm looking forward to checking on my little guys and making sure they are ok. My plan for today is use my maternity belt and ace bandage to try and save my body some aches and pains. Hopefully the maternity belt still fits!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas card pics

I don't love my face in our Christmas card pictures but I'm glad we got a cute shots of the candy cane hearts on the belly.