Friday, February 19, 2016

Austin you are almost 2!

   Oh my big silly boy, I can't believe you are almost a two year old! You are my little Chase never stops talking junior. I can't believe how much you are saying at two years old. Love when you say "right there" and "thank you, mama".
   You weigh about thirty pounds which seems huge to us but I think Chase weighed more when he was two.
   You cuddle and relax more than Ky.
   You have to wear your jammies backwards to sleep now too. When you dance you spin around with one foot. You love shooting baskets. All three of you love jumping on the trampoline. You love to hit the baseball and play catch.
   You are still a very passionate kisser.
   Thank you for being easy sometimes and giving things back to your brothers.
   These two years with you in our family have been crazy and wonderful. We have laughed and kissed and cuddled so much. I look forward to lots more!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kyle you are a few days from 2

   I can't believe you are almost two years old, Buddy! I feel like you and your brother were just turning 1! At the beginning of this year, you were just starting to walk across the room and now you are walking down the stairs without holding on to the rail (even though we all tell you to) and using the potty before getting in the shower.
   Today, we visited your old physical therapy clinic. It was great to see familiar faces. I can't believe how much time has passed since we were going there once a week.You were so quiet when we were there. You talk more with me but you are definitely the quiet one of our three boys.
   You are such a silly dare devil still. You are always climbing and jumping. I say "get down Kyle and sit down Kyle" several times a day. If you fall and get hurt you go right back to whatever you were doing. You are always getting in to stuff and trying to get stuff off the counter.
   When Austin first started saying your name he said "Ky" so we often call you Ky or Ky guy or Ky Ky.
   You like veggies the most of our kiddos. You also love salmon.
   You love paw patrol, blaze and super why.
   You love sleeping with your choo choo and you need more sleep than Austin. You were the first to have to be put in backwards pjs for sleep.
   You have caught up to Austin in height. You are only a half inch shorter. You are 3 pounds lighter though.
   You have become a total Daddy's boy. Most nights Daddy puts you in your crib for bed. If Daddy leaves the room you get so upset. When he comes home you just hug in forever.
   You love to dance. Your quick knee bends and freeze crack me up.
   You are my runner. Everyone says how fast you are. I just wish you wouldn't always run away from me and into the street!
   You are our special little Ky Ky and we couldn't love you more. Happy birthday. I look forward to a wonderful year watching you grow and learn more.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Peanut Oral Immunotherapy Consult

   If you have been a reader for awhile or know me in real life, you probably know that Chase is allergic to peanuts. A friend of mine that has a son with peanut allergies told me about doctors in the area that are doing oral immunotherapy for peanuts. My first thoughts were this has to be a crock. No way would we be doing this to Chase. We did a little research and saw that people were dosing twice a day and there is a mandatory rest period after and we didn't see how we would be able to keep our child resting twice a day especially once he was in school.
   We did discuss with our very well respected allergist and decided to wait for the patch that is probably going to be released in the next few years.
   But we kept seeing more and more and joined facebook groups and started asking questions and finding out more. When we found out the local doctor was only dosing once a day and spoke with one of her oral immunotherapy patients we scheduled a consult.If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here is a news article about the doctor we are seeing.
   We know two other peanut allergic kiddos that see this dr. I expected the dr to want to get Chase's asthma under control or do a few things before we started oit. Chase's asthma has been pretty controlled this cold and flu season. He currently is on no medication and is doing great. Chase is only allergic to peanuts. His peanut IgE is 56.6 and most of it is Ara h 2.
   I was shocked at how well the appointment went. He had his environmental allergies tested again (which was a little traumatic). He is still allergic to dogs and cats, but that's it. Our doctor thinks he is a good candidate for oral immunotherapy and has had pretty good success.
   We have a start date scheduled and I don't see any reason why we would not start. When I was driving home I was thinking more people need to do this!