Monday, November 30, 2009

Crazay Monday!

The hubby is sick. :( He wasn't feeling good yesterday and was kind of useless. He has strangely been under the normal human body temp. We have this thermometer that turns green if you are a normal temp, yellow if you should stay home, and red if you should go to the hospital. His weird temp freaks it out and it doesn't know what to do! So he took some nightime sudafed stuff to help him sleep. I didn't tell him it only works for four hours hoping he would be able to sleep through the night. He didn't wake up miserable in the middle of the night so that is good. When the alarm went off I got the thermometer and brought it to him in bed. Hoping it would turn a color. Nope, cause he is a freak. Tried to take it again and he lit it up with his phone. Since he was still reptile temp I told his butt to get to work!

He must have really been not feeling good cause before I got there, an hour later, he had already left. Which means more work for me! So it has been kind of crazy! Plus having days off last week and the end of the month!

He used his sick time wisely by sleeping, chasing the bunny around the house, and creating the most random Christmas list ever! Maybe it will be tomorrows post! Oh! And his birthday is Wednesday! I need help coming up with a gift idea! What are some good wii games?

Can't remember what else I was going to tell you guys. Creepy weirdo visiting our warehouse for some reason told me I was gorgeous. That is always fun when you worry about a work stalker!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Didn't want to depress you with mine! xoxo!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Lyrical Friday

*actual wedding picture. My Dad twirling me like he has always done. Love this pic!
For this edition of Lyrical Friday I have chose the lyrics to the song I danced to with my dad at my wedding! Jessica Simpson's You Don't Have to Let Go. Tear!

I don't need your strength anymore
cause you've made me strong
You may not see the woman in me
That you dreamed of
Holding me in your arms

All the days that you gave
All the moments you've saved me,
Praying for my life
Sacrificed, just to make me who I am on my own

You don't have to let go
You don't say it
But it's in your eyes
All the fears of good-bye
But I can promise
You'll always have a place, and a way to my heart

All the days that you gave
All the moments you've saved me,
Praying for my life
Sacrificed, just to make me who I am on my own

You don't have to let go
I can live
Cause you lived for me
And I can love
Because you loved me.

All the days that you gave
All the moments you've saved me,
Praying for my life
Sacrificed, just to make me who I am on my own
You don't have to let go(Ooh ooh ooh)You don't have to let go

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So random I don't even do my random thoughts on the same day as everyone else!

*This is a picture of the top contender for the bridesmaid dress I will have to wear in June. We haven't tried it on or found out the price, but I like it! What do you guys think?
*What do you wear on Thanksgiving when it is going to be 77 degrees?!
*My brother-in-law proposed to his wonderful, hilarious, caring girlfriend recently. I am getting a sister! Kind of glad they are just enjoying being engaged for now and the wedding might not be for a year or so. I feel like these weddings are happening non-stop!

*Work with the Hubby is going great! I am sure there are a lot of people out there that wouldn't want to work with the person you live with, but some how we are making it work! It hasn't really been hard at all.

*Found out today I get Friday off too! Poor Hubby has to come in though!

*Excited for Thanksgiving with friends and football and I am grateful for everything in my life!!!
*I realized today that I stold the frog (blog friends) thing from Jen at Jen's Voice. They are both funny and I am blonde!
*It is on on my frogs' birthday tomorrow! Yes Thanksgiving! She is roll on the floor funny! Check her out and let her know where you heard about her!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


*Oprah, I know this is kind of a crazy pic of you, but please be glad I didn't do the no make up picture. Its too scary and people wouldn't even know what the heck this post was about.

Well frogs (again I stole it from Stacie at Stacie's Madness -I would link if I knew what the crap mr. linky was or how to use it), I haven't seen very much upset over Oprah's announcement, but I am super bummed about it! If you aren't, or don't care, read yesterdays post, I specifically asked for advice people and received none!

Oprah is leaving me! She is like a second mother to me. I was a latch key kid growing up and Oprah and Days of our Lives kept me company while I "did my homework". My life will be a little more empty without her. Who will tell me about diets I won't do? Who will tell me about stuff I can't afford? About books I won't read? Shows I won't watch? Who will tell me weird stories that disturb me life? Who will tell me I shouldn't let the hubby look down there when the baby is coming out cause it will mess him up forever? Who will introduce me to people like Phil and Oz? Who will tell my daughter these things?

I know there are rumors that she is just moving to her own network. When she made her announcement, she did not mention it. She sounded like she was done. So I am going to cherish every crazy last moment with her. Because lets get real people, my cable probably won't have this new channel she is creating and I am not going to pay for that.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Are you my mommy?

I am reading the first book in the Thomas Kinkade series, Cape Light. It is due back at the library Saturday so I wanted to get a lot read last night. We went to the gym but I just rode the bike and read. Then while Hubby was cooking dinner I read.

It was taco night last night and I always help with the rice. He has been asking me to help with dinner almost every day this week. One of the days I got him to help with dishes too, since I helped with dinner. Last night I helped with the rice and he didn’t even have to ask. Around 8:30 he asked me to if I was going to do the dishes or something else, and I told him I would in a few more pages. He got frustrated and started cleaning the kitchen up. I was frustrated that he was frustrated. I got to the place in my book where I wanted to stop and finished up the kitchen. After a little while of not talking, I apologized for reading. It was kind of a half apology. I don’t think reading is something I should apologize for. I don’t know why he doesn’t understand reading. His mother reads but I don’t know if she did as much when they were growing up, or even when she finds time to do it.

She is a great mom. She is an amazing cook. She even made their baby food. They never went to fast food restaurants. She keeps the house really clean. Does laundry all the time. She sets a high standard for me. I hope to be like her.

Anyways, he apologized for being frustrated and said he feels like he is the house wife. He also said that when we have kids I will have to do the cooking. He doesn’t want the kids to think of him as a motherly figure! I told him I don’t think he needs to worry about that. Plus it is 2009! The reason he took over cooking was he was driving me crazy nit picking everything I did while I was cooking. I told him if he was going to hover and criticize, then he could do it. We also had to divvy up labor since I was cooking and doing dishes.

We talked about it and I don’t have a problem doing some of the cooking that I can do. Of course he would have to be watching the children so he wouldn’t be able to hover. But as I lay in the bed thinking about what makes a person a father figure or a mother figure I thought: he will be a father figure because he will teach them all about sports and play catch with them. I will take them shopping and teach them how to dress and do girly stuff if we have a girl.

What do you think defines the father or mother roles?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving to be remembered

I was so excited Mama Kat had a writers workshop today cause I needed some inspiration! Here it is:

A Thanksgiving to be remembered...
Last year was a Thanksgiving to be remembered! I was a substitute teacher at the time so I got the week off and was able to go home to be with my family. My parents and I, my two cousins and their husbands all gathered at my aunt and uncle’s house.

One of my cousins was pregnant! We were all so excited. We looked at pictures of the sonogram. Talked about what his name was going to be. Took pictures with her and the belly. Felt him kick.

Then, as tradition states we must do, we went around the table saying what we were thankful for. I can’t remember if anyone went before me but I started us down the memorable part. I said, “I am thankful for Conner”. I was being serious! I was so excited for him to arrive! A couple people said some stuff I don’t remember now. Then my cousin that was pregnant said, “I am thankful for my husband’s sperm”. I think she was trying to go along the same line as me and was kind of being silly. But she usually says stuff like this. I’ve got another one coming in a little bit. Now I have to give you a little back story. One of my cousins’ husbands works for my uncle. I think after my cousin said she was thankful for her husband’s sperm he might have said something about his sperm too. We were all having a great laugh. Then, it was my uncle’s turn. He started to say, “I am thankful for my son-in-law…” I started dying laughing because I thought he was going to say sperm! But he was going to say something about his son-in-law that works for him!

Anyways, my family is so funny. We always have pee in your pants funny moments when we are together. Seriously, we have them written in some scrapbooks.

Oh wait, you wanted to hear the other funny comment! Now this was a comment my cousin made earlier when she found out she was having a boy. But the story was told again that Thanksgiving night. She was thinking about how strange it was to be having a boy and she said, “I have a penis inside me!” Of course my hilarious aunt said, “Well isn’t that how you got in this situation in the first place?”
Did you like my story? Sorry if my Thanksgiving story didn’t quite warm your heart. It warms mine!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Picture Obesession!

Hello! I feel like I have been super absent from blogging lately. I told myself blogging at work wasn't being a "great" receptionist. Thanks Suze Orman on Oprah for making me try to be great at something! Anyways, I told myself I would blog at home, don't want to leave you all without me! Blogging at home didn't happen! We moved, everything is still not ready for the apartment warming party on Sunday. We got our professional pictures from the wedding! I am obsessed with all 594 of them! I put them on my computer at work and just watch as they all flicker by. Anyways, my mom wants me to make her a scrapbook with pics from the wedding. We ordered christmas cards last night. People get them at Walmart! I haven't seen them yet but they were cheap!! Then I will have to pick out pictures for my album and scrapbook. Phew! So yeah, haven't had blogging on the brain. That is all I have got time for! Miss ya!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Feeling Random Today

I spend way too much money in the vending machine at work. 25 cents for a handful of skittles and the money goes to kids with cancer? Tottally worth it!

Why isn't there a cents symbol on my keyboard?

I broke my no alcohol and caffeine thing after about a week. Moving was horrible! (aha blog idea!) I was stressed and couldn't do anything because there were no boxes. My friend that was there with me decided it was close enough to 11am (reasonable time, right?) for a beer. I had to agree. After that first beer, moving was a lot more fun! Lunch was a delicious margarita! But preggo S and nosey B weren't around.

Went to a follow up appointment with eye doctor. A week early, on accident, because I am blonde. Everyone keeps asking me if I take my contacts out at night. After a girl I knew slept with hers in one night and ripped part of her eyes off, um heck yes! I guess its ok now cause the contacts are high tech, aka totally slippery and fall off my finger. After 12 years of taking them out at night there is no reason to leave them in. I like taking them out, it is more comfortable. Leaving them in is GROSS!

I know I started that blog about getting weird calls at work, you guys just let me know if you get sick of me telling you about work, but when I tell you someone is not available, and ask would you like to leave them a voicemail or can someone else help you, "I am returning his call". Is not a response! The other day someone said choice A. Kinda funny and I say the options so often I knew what he meant, so I put him on hold. And don't interupt me when I am giving you choices! Just pisses the recptionist off! When I temped for a couple days as a telemarketer they taught you how to get past the "gate keeper". That was what they called the receptionist. In our office phone calls are essential so I don't deny very many people. But when I can tell you are a telemarketer, I love to play the "gate keeper".

I grabbed underwear from the bottom of my drawer today and did not realize until I got to work that there was no elastic! I don't know what happened! Did the elastic disentegrate in my drawer? They are going in the trash the minute I get home! I have total droopy drawers!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lyrical Friday

Lyrics from my latest favorite by Luke Bryan, Do I:

Baby, what are we becoming

It feels just like we’re always running

Rolling through the motions everyday

I can lean in to hold you, or act like I don’t even know you

Seems like you could care less either way

What happened to that girl I used to know

I just want us back to the way we were before

Do I turn you on at all when I kiss you baby

Does the sight of me wanting you drive you crazy

Do I have your love, am I still enough

Tell me don’t I, or tell me do I baby

Give you everything that you ever wanted

Would you rather just turn away and leave me lonely

Do I just need to give up and get on with my life

Baby, do I

Remember when we didn’t have nothing

But a perfect simple kind of loving

Baby those sure were the days

There was a time our love ran wild and free

But now I’m second guessing everything thing I see

Do I turn you on at all when I kiss you baby

Does the sight of me wanting you drive you crazy

Do I have your love, am I still enough

Tell me don’t I, or tell me do I baby

Give you everything that you ever wanted

Would you rather just turn away and leave me lonely

Do I just need to give up and get on with my life

Baby, do I

Still give you what you need

Still take your breath away

Or light up the spark way down deep, baby do I

Do I turn you on at all when I kiss you baby

Does the sight of me wanting you drive you crazy

Do I have your love, am I still enough

Tell me don’t I, or tell me do I baby

Give you everything that you ever wanted

Would you rather just turn away and leave me lonely

Do I just need to give up and get on with my life

Tell me baby do I get one more try

Do I, baby do I

Love this song but I will make sure my Husband never needs to ask these questions.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Newlywed Game: 1 month anniversary!

I can't believe Sunday was our 1 month (technically 4 week) anniversary! My moms (mom and mother-in-law) both emailed us happy 1 week anniversary, a week after we got married.

I was thinking things have been pretty crazy this first month of marriage.

The first week was our honeymoon. First time on vacation with only each other for a week. Probably should have tried that out before we got married. But I knew from our many years of dating we would have an amazing time. Which we did!

In the months before the wedding, there were a lot of little things that were costing us money. The trip to vegas for bachelor/bachelorette party, mani/pedi, getting hair cuts, etc. I also took a week and a half off without pay for the wedding prep and honeymoon. So, I was looking forward to coming back to the tiny apartment, working regularly, and getting our finances in order.

Then, we spent some of the wedding money on the new man toy. And we got the opportunity to move to a bigger apartment! Good bye money! It costs $100 to transfer cable?! $30 to transfer gas and electric?! Then our place didn't come with a washer or dryer and the laundry facilities are a hike away. So, out to sears we went! Love all the new stuff but jeez! I don't know what Suze would say!

Hubby was excited that he got an extra $80 on his pay check since his status changed to married. Gotta start saving that to pay off the washer and dryer! Just kidding kids, we have the money! Remember don't buy stuff you don't already have the money for!

But that is about all that has changed. Our wedding day was amazing, we had so much fun, but it was a weird experience. The reason I was bugging him for 3 years to marry me was I wanted to stand up in front of our family and friends and speak those sacred vows. The night before the wedding at the rehearsal dinner at my parents' house, he was celebrating with his friends and family and they figured since the wedding wasn't until 4:30 pm they could party all night long. I was not excited about this plan. He was staying at a hotel with his parents and a bunch of the guys decided to crash there too. So a lot of what I was thinking about at the alter is "Is he hung over? Drunk? Is he going to pass out?" I was really worried he was going to pass out. I think we both did a good job saying our vows. That was what was important to me. But afterwards, I didn't feel any different. I think it is because those vows aren't going to be too difficult for me to keep. I really want to watch the video from our ceremony and get the professional pictures!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lyrical Friday

Here are the lyrics from one of my favorite Garth Brooks songs of all time, Unanswered Prayers:

Just the other night at a hometown football game

My wife and I ran into my old high school flame

And as I introduced them the past came back to me

And I couldn't help but think of the way things used to be

She was the one that I'd wanted for all times

And each night I'd spend prayin' that God would make her mine

And if he'd only grant me this wish I wished back then

I'd never ask for anything again

Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers

Remember when you're talkin' to the man upstairs

That just because he doesn't answer doesn't mean he don't care

Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers

She wasn't quite the angel that I remembered in my dreams

And I could tell that time had changed me

In her eyes too it seemed

We tried to talk about the old days

There wasn't much we could recall

I guess the Lord knows what he's doin' after all

And as she walked away and I looked at my wife

And then and there I thanked the good Lord

For the gifts in my life

Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers

Remember when you're talkin' to the man upstairs

That just because he may not answer doesn't mean he don't care

Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers

Some of God's greatest gifts are all too often unanswered...

Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers

My husband and I can definitely relate to the old high school flame thing. Both of us are glad those prayers weren't answered and we found each other. What unsanswered prayers are you thankful for?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An experience I would like to forget!

I follow Mama Kat over at She does writers workshop posts and this is my first attempt!

I am choosing to write about an experience that I would like to shake from my memory.

I knew when we got married that the "when are you having kids" thing would start. It started when we got engaged. I had no idea how intense it was going to be!

I think the decision to have a child should be between you and your husband. I don't want all my family and friends to know whether or not we are "trying". I also am not going to tell people if I am pregnant until I am in my second trimester. This was a choice my cousin made and I thought it was a good one. I don't want to announce on facebook that I am pregnant and then if god forbid something happens have to announce that on facebook too. I also don't want to say that we are going to wait a year or two and then something might happen and have everyone know my child is an accident! I have tried explaining this to my amazing friends, S and B. Remember S recently found out she is pregnant and announced it on facebook.

The memory I would like to shake and keep from happening again happened this weekend. Because I am feeling this overwhelming pressure from everyone about having children, I was considering giving up alcohol and caffeine. I thought this would stop people from obsessing. When I found out S was pregnant I told her I was going to give up alcohol and caffeine in support of her. I have been pretty good, had a few sips of coke with lunch at the mall because I couldn't resist. But she had green tea, she didn't know it had caffeine! Anyways, when we all went out to a bar for Halloween I reminded the crew that I will not be drinking. They freaked out! "You are pregnant! Or you think you are!" Um no, looked to my husband for support. He told them no she is not. The peer pressure continued. I was so glad I didn't cave in like usual. It made the night a little less fun, I will admit. But looking back, if I had chose to drink and have fun, there probably would have been no one to support Stacy. The kareoke was really loud and she was not feeling good and tired. The girls were sober and bored and over the loud, bad singing, so since we couldn't stand outside (second hand smoke) we went and sat in the car. If I had been drinking I wouldn't have wanted to leave and I would have been loud and obnoxious like the boys when this poor pregnant sober lady was driving us home. I also probably would have been hungover the next day. Woke up so happy with my decision.

The moment I want to shake from memory is when B continued with her are you pregnant or trying to get pregnant questions. She literally asked me if I was on birth control! Is that any of your business? No!

Any advice for how to get this to stop? Ugh! Shaking this from memory now!

Weekend Recap Wednesday

Friday- the usual relax and catch up on old tv shows.

Saturday- Woke up in the mood for Christmas! Watched Elf and drank hot chocolate! I had finished Nora Roberts' Tribute and wanted to get to the library. It closes at 2:30 on Saturday and isn't open on Sunday. Then I remembered I needed to call the bank and order checks with my new name. Found out that you have to go in to have that done. Thanks "guy that changed my name" for not thinking of it when I was there! So we complied a list of errands to run, got ready for the day and we were off.

First stop was the apartment office to pay rent. We have the best apartment staff so we chatted for awhile. Then I asked if there were bigger places up in our little twenty apartment gated complex. She said, no, but we have some really good deals on one bedrooms done here. Let me know when you are ready. In our complex you can transfer before your lease is up. We told her to call us and let us know what she has available.

We then went to the bank. There were several people waiting to meet with the people who sit at desks. We signed in and sat down. There was the lady that is always working that accidentally closed my checking account one time, she's not our favorite, and some other lady. The lady that is not our favorite had a lady at her desk that paid the wrong mortage. We had wamu which is now chase. Not our favorite lady already had issues, obviously, she closed my checking account! So she has no clue how to use the new computer system. The other lady told the people sitting at her desk she would be right back. We never saw her again. So when the lady who paid the wrong mortgage almost had a melt down because she is going to Australia for a bad reason and then left, not our favorite lady went to the list and called me! I was surprised because there was a guy that was there before us but oh well. To the desk! Not our favorite lady didn't know how to change someone's name and couldn't figure out which name was my maiden name and which was my married name. She's special! So she had to call someone over. We will see if the checks ever come and what the heck they say.

I told my fellow book club member, my mom, that I was done with Tribute and none of my books on hold were ready to be picked up. She suggested I start with the Thomas Kinkade books. So I picked up Cape Light. Just getting into it, its ok. Tribute was pretty good, fyi.

Then we went to the mall. Had to return earrings I bought for the wedding that I didn't end up wearing. The earrings were a dilema right up until a couple days before the wedding when my mom and I were at the mall getting my rings cleaned and decided to stop in Claires. The earrings to my necklace were there and it was so perfect! I was so excited! Anyways, so returned the other ones I bought. We also went to crate and barrel to spend gift cards on stuff we didn't get that we registered for, love crate and barrel! While we were at the mall we got a call from the lady that works in the apartment office. She told us she had a couple apartments available and we should stop by so she could show them to us.

We stopped by target to do the spend gift cards on stuff we didn't get thing. Also love target!

Then we went to the apartment office again. She let us into the model of a 750 sq ft apartment. Let me remind you we currently live in a 600 sq ft apartment and with all the wedding presents and the new stuff, we are too crowded and on top of each other! We liked the 750 sq ft place, the kitchen and closet were really big. I couldn't figure out what we would do with the couches and tv in that place though. There weren't enough walls. Then she took us over to an upstairs 800 sq ft that a lady had just transfered out of. The moment I walked in I said, "I like this place better!" Right when you walk in, there is a huge living room and dining room with the patio attached. The kitchen is a little more closed off than our current place, but that just means more cabinets! It still will be ok for entertaining. It is farther away from the road than our current place. We have sirens driving by frequently that make talking on the phone or watching tv difficult. There is a view of the hill we currently live on, we aren't looking into anyones windows. If you walk around to the other side of the building there is a pool, spa, bbq, fitness room, and fireplace. When we found out it would only be $50 more a month we said sign us up!

Sunday: Football. Got the call that we could move in next Saturday. Went down to the office again and signed the paperwork!! We are so excited to have a bigger place finally!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wedding Advice

Sorry I was mia yesterday. They have got me working like crazy over here. We also have some big news going on at home. More on that tomorrow. Here is a blog I wrote with some advice. Take it or leave it.

The first mistake we made was inviting too many people. We believed those wedding websites that say 30% of the people you invite will RSVP no. Our wedding was on a Sunday too! I figured during the school year people wouldn’t be able to come to a wedding Sunday evening. I think 1% of the people RSVPed no.

The other problem with our guest list was not sticking to a strict number. If you are having your reception indoors find out what the maximum capacity is before sending out invitations. We also had a parent, not going to say who, that kept adding and adding to the list. I suggest telling your parents and the future-in-laws a specific number of people they are allowed to invite and don’t let them add.

We had people come to the wedding that weren’t in the original rsvp. But we also had people who rsvped yes cancel all the way up to the day of the wedding. So it all worked out in the end.

Get a layout of how the room will be set up before time if you are doing assigned seating. I did not do this and the day of the wedding my aunt was labeling tables and we realized where the groom sat and where the bride sat were opposite of the families. She switched the tables right by us to match, but everyone else was on opposite sides. I don’t know if they noticed, everything seemed to go fine.

I put a lot of thought and time into the seating arrangements. I was so thrilled to hear that our group of people that are our friends from so cal loved their table. They even want to hang out with the new friends they made! The only awkward thing was my step uncle’s step daughter. Did you follow that one? My grandfather remarried about 25 years ago and his wife has a son. My step uncle. He married a woman that has a daughter. His step daughter. Our tables had 10 seats. There was a table with my parents, my aunt and uncle, my two cousin-in-laws, my grandparents, and the step uncle and his wife. There was no room for his step daughter. I think she is a freshman in high school. I put her at a table with my very sweet cousin and her husband, my cousin that I thought she knew, and some other young, nice people. Apparently she was not ok with this. I walk into my wedding and am looking around the tables and I see some older woman sitting at amongst these younger adults. I was like who is that? I realized as the night went on and my step uncle went and sat at the table for awhile, that she was making her mom and step dad sit there. What is more awkward? You politely sitting until everyone gets up and dances and then you can go sit by your mommy or having your step dad sit with people he has nothing in common with? I think she needs to grow up! So annoyed by that!

This was all the advice I could think of at the time. Please add more for the readers or ask me questions if you have any.