Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If you are not the one thing they can't stand to lose

I am not ashamed to admit how much I love country music. I am able to relate to the lyrics the majority of the time a song comes on my radio. Last night I heard Reba Mcentire's new single "Consider me gone". Love the song! I started thinking gosh I guess the whole proposal thing means I am the one thing he can't stand to lose. Then I thought about some of my friends and their relationships. I think some of them need to ask these questions and tell their significant other to consider them gone, if they don't like what they hear. Here are the lyrics to this great song:

Every time I turn the conversation to something deeper than the weather I can feel you always shuttin' down. And when I need an explanation for the silence, you just tell me you don't wanna talk about it now.

What you're not saying is coming in loud and clear, we're at a crossroads here...

If I'm not the one thing you can't stand to lose. If I'm not that arrow to the heart of you. If you don't get drunk on my kiss. If you think you can do better than this. Then I guess we're done. Let's not drag this on. Consider me gone.

With you I've always been wide open, like a window or an ocean. There is nothing I've ever tried to hide. So when you leave me not knowin' where you're goin' I start thinkin' that we're lookin', we're lookin' at goodbye.

How about a strong shot of honesty, don't you owe that to me...

If I'm not the one thing you can't stand to lose. If I'm not that arrow to the heart of you. If you don't get drunk on my kiss. If you think you can do better than this. Then I guess we're done. Let's not drag this on. Consider me gone.

Consider me a memory. Consider me the past. Consider me a smile in an old photograph, someone who used to make you laugh.

If I'm not the one thing you can't stand to lose. If I'm not that arrow to the heart of you. Then I guess we're done, let's not drag this on. Consider me gone. Consider me gone. Consider me gone. Just consider me gone.

You should listen to the song too. Does the person you are in a relationship with think they can do better than you? It takes a strong person to stand up for themselves and realize how much they have to offer. Do you need to tell someone to consider you gone?

Monday, September 28, 2009

I survived my bachelorette party in Vegas!

Wahoo! I figured out how to add pictures!! Kind of sad that I never got to see this sign when we were there this weekend. But that is one of the few sad things of the weekend.

Our bachelor/bachelorette party weekend was amazing!!! It was so wonderful that so many of our friends were able to celebrate with us.

Lets start with those goals I had for the weekend. Goal #1 was to not drink too much. This goal was ACCOMPLISHED!! Kind of thankful the boys didn't last too long with out us and we met back up around 2am because if left to our own devices my goal might not have been accomplished.

Goal #2 hoping the fiance didn't drink too much was also accomplished!!

Goal #3 Have fun. Totally accomplished. Had one of the craziest best nights ever! My friend N came up with this idea to make a scavenger hunt list for me. At first I thought if I did everything on the list the wedding could be called off. My girls assured me that the list wasn't that bad. They did help me out a lot. But it made the night super silly and so fun! I was a little worried because my other friend S took about 300 pictures and got me completing all the items on the list. But my fiance said he wouldn't get mad if we told him what was on the list. And he didn't! He just was happy we had fun, I know I am so lucky!

Goal #4 no drama. Mostly accomplished. There were a few moments here and there. I was surprised I got upset Friday night. Looking back part of the reason was my fiance and I were being pulled in different directions all day. He wanted to spend time with his friends he rarely gets to see and I with mine. Getting all 15 or so of us to want to do the same thing was like we expected, difficult. You should have seen the itinerary and lists I had made in preparation for this weekend. I am an obsessive planner. So when the only thing on the itinerary we did Friday was go to our dinner reservation, they should have known I would get upset. My fiance tried to calm me down, my amazing friend N helped get everyone back on track. A couple people were trying to make it more drama but a couple of the boys got me smiling again and everything was better by the next morning.

Probably the saddest part was that someone lost their iphone. There was confusion Sunday morning about when we were leaving and a couple people wanted to get home early and we wanted to have a nice breakfast to put a nice end to the weekend and say good bye. This made the couple grumpy and at some point in their morning the phone was lost. Luckily the tension was eased after getting through traffic. I was glad we were able to hug at the end of our long drive.

Oh and the drive! The drive there was actually pretty easy. We left around 8:30am on Friday from San Diego and there weren't any crazy drivers. Like I said we left later on Sunday around 12:30 and we saw three cars that had driven off the road and flipped over!! This made traffic bad obviously. Then people decided to drive on the shoulder, the truck lane, and even in the dirt! Seriously people!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Really Walmart? Really?

From abcnew.com:
"For A.J. and Lisa Demaree, the photos they snapped of their young daughters were innocent and sweet. But after a photo developer at Walmart thought otherwise, the Demarees found themselves in a yearlong battle to prove they were not child pornographers. "

I almost have so many things to rant about with this that it leaves me speechless. I have to think if SNL were on now that Seth Myers would be doing one of his Really? skits.

Let me just say if this is pornography then I know a lot of pornographers. I thought it was a tradition to take bath tub pics. It is in my family. Every picture album has them. There are baby butts on all my friends' facebook pages.

I cherish the picture of myself at age 2 probably and my cousins at age 3 and 4 in the tub. To look back at that picture and then to have them stand beside me on my wedding day I am only filled with love.

I am well aware this country is messed up. For some reason taking away this tradition really upsets me.

Working with children for so many years has of course made me super sensitive to the exploitation of them. I would never be in favor of something remotely harmful to children.

Bathtub pics are not harmful to children!!

I really hope we figure this mess out soon.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time Flies!

I can't believe how time is flying by! Our bachelor/bachelorette party is this weekend! Although it has been in the works for a long time it has felt like forever away, much like the wedding. The weird part is that it doesn't feel like my bachelorette party. It feels like a trip for a birthday or someone else's bachelorette party. Goals are: 1. Don't drink too much! 2. Hope that fiance doesn't drink too much! 3. Have fun!! 4. No drama!

I will update you after we get back. Guessing I am setting my my goals way too high based on past experiences. But keep your fingers crossed!

Due to the crazy atmosphere and large group of our party we have tried to plan out destinations and make reservations at restaurants as much as possible. I was beaming yesterday because we got a dinner reservation for 15 people I did not think that would happen.

Oh and also hope the drive there and back is safe. Crazy drivers!

And hope my first time doing mystic tan isn't an orange disaster.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I had to give up on Pillars of the Earth. Its due back at the library in a few days and I can't renew it again. I have to finish the series book I checked out with pillars. I may go back to reading pillars some day when I have more free time.

I didn't delete anyone on facebook. I'm going to be honest here. I think I have an amazing life. Kind of why I write a blog. I don't want to deprive people of hearing about my amazing life.

Yesterday we ran 1.25 miles and walked back. Since I haven't been running all that much it was a "good job, Meg" moment (I live for "good job, Meg" from my fiance). Knowing I will be in a bikini this weekend in Vegas was my main motivation.

We watched the season premire of How I Met Your Mother. Kind of dissapointed. Curtis probably was a little too excited. When he heard the premire was going to be on he said it was the happiest day of his life. Barney and Robin being super cute isn't going to last much longer is it? Barney being a slore is the reason the show is awesome!

This morning I watched One Tree Hill. What is up with Dan and his new wife? Crazy! Can't believe Nathan cheated! Last week was so good. I was getting ready for work this week so was a little distracted. Maybe I need to save it for sit down and watch time.

Monday, September 21, 2009

To delete or not to delete?

I had a run in on Friday. I was well aware that someone I was once acquainted with worked at a place I frequent. I try to avoid this person every time I go. Friday, my attempts were unsuccessful. The weirdest part was that acquaintance and facebook friend pretended they did not know me. I have long thought that some of my friends on social networks would do the same. This seems so weird and wrong to me.

My first instinct is to delete these people. But they have the ability to do the same. If they are going to pretend to not know me, do they still care whats going on in my life? Why would I delete some one that hasn't been so annoyed by my quiz taking to delete me themselves?


Friday, September 18, 2009

When do you give up on a book?

I am on page 220 of Pillars of the Earth. It has taken me a month or longer to get this far. I had to renew it at the library cause I wasn't done. Normally, I wouldn't give a book this long to get good. Normally, it only takes me a day to read 220 pages.

The only reason I keep trucking along is a teacher once described this book as one of the best books ever! She said it makes all other books you read less than. I am starting to care about the characters. Maybe I will give it some time over the weekend. But I am starting to feel like I should give up on it.

How much time and pages should you give a book? When do you give up on a book?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

25 days until our wedding!

I can't believe only 25 days until the big day! Still feels like a year away! Only a week and a half until our bachelor/bachelorette party in Vegas!

Don't read this if you want to be surprised by music choices at our wedding.

My fiance does not like country music. I on the other hand think country music is one of the few music generes where you have the freedom to tell a story. Hubby and I never had "a song" while we were dating. I always knew we should have one since I was hoping and praying to marry this boy. Once he finally proposed and started talking about wedding details I played a few first couples dance song choices for him. My first choice was "My best friend" by Tim Mcgraw. We are each other's best friends even though some tabloids suggest that is why Jen and Brad broke up. I also love this song because we danced to it at his cousin's wedding. I don't remember any of the songs we skated to when I decided I did want to date him. But I remember dancing to that song. He vetoed it. The second choice was "Look after you" by The Fray. I love The Fray and that song was my ringtone for when my fiance called me for a long time. He vetoed it. My third choice was a song I thought would be good for a first couples dance. I shared it with one of my friends while we were commuting to student teaching and she had thought the same thing when she bought the cd. She is actually one of the people that convinced me we should dance to "My best friend" cause people thought it was more Curtis and I. When I played "Steady as we go" by Dave Matthews Band, my fiance said that he liked that song. So here are the lyrics to our couples first dance song:

I'd walk half way around the world
Just to sit down by your side
And I would do most anything girl
To be the apple of your eye
But troubles they may come and go
But good times they're the gold
And if this road gets rocky girl
Just steady as we go
Any place you wanna go
Know I'll be next to you
If it's treasure, baby, you're looking for
I'll search the whole world through
Know troubles they may come and go
But good times they're the gold
So if the road gets rocky girl
Just steady as we go
When the storm comes
You shelter me
And I don't say a word
And you know exactly what I mean
In the darkest times
You shine on me
You set me free
And keep me steady as we go
So if your heart rings dry my love
I will fill your cup
And if your load gets heavy girl
I will lift you up
But troubles they may come and go
But good times be the gold
So if the road gets rocky girl
Just steady as we go
Ah, hold me
Shine on me
Oh, shine, shine, shine
Shine on me baby

I love every word in this song and it is completely true to our past, present, and future love story. 25 days!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wedding Nightmare!

Here is the dream I had this weekend:

In the dream, we decided to move the wedding to the house I grew up in. This meant that our so important wedding coordinators were not there to handle any dilemma. Which resulted in everything possible going wrong. There were no flowers. Bridesmaids and photographers were late. At the beginning of the dream, there was a debate over if I should wear my wedding dress in the before ceremony pictures. A dog had puked on the lawn we were going to take pictures on and was laying there. I saw my groom walking up to the house and I didn't want him to see me. Someone took him and his groomsmen up to my parents' room. While we were outside taking pictures my cousin (matron of honor) decided to act like she was 9 years old again and stepped on my dress and put my train into the pool. I went to stand under the deck of my parents' room, looked up and saw my groom standing on the deck where he could have easily seen me taking pictures. The thing I was trying to avoid!! Then I went inside and asked my bridesmaids and some other girls if one of them wanted to be maid of honor. None of the girls who already had a dress, the bridesmaids, volunteered. But some random girls did. There was another bad thing that happened involving gifts to my parents but I can't talk about that since I haven't given them their gifts yet.

Now this is either the second or third wedding nightmare I have had. All I remember from another one is just screaming at my mom.

The only thing that makes me not terrified by these dreams is knowing my wonderful matron of honor would never go back to her 9 year old ways and beat me up and disown me as a cousin on my wedding day. She threw me an amazing bridal shower and has been so awesome through the whole planning process. And I know I would never scream at my mom. She has been super planner mom as well. I also have two amazing wedding coordinators that won't let anything go wrong. We are 27 days away. Hopefully no more nightmares!