Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tips and Tricks Thursday

Tips and Tricks for bargain shopping:

I am not very good at bargain hunting. I can’t do stores like TJ Maxx. For a long time I couldn’t even go in a Nordstrom Rack.

I also can’t bring myself to spend $34 on shirts I could get for under $20.

When I went home for my friend’s bachelorette party my mom and I went shopping. Shopping with my mom is the best because she helps me. I can say what I’m looking for and she will spend her whole time looking for stuff. She also tells me if stuff is cute or fits right.

I was planning on wearing a maxi dress to my friend’s Hawaiian themed bridal shower. I am also planning on wearing some other dresses to events this summer and I thought some spanx would help make me like the dresses in my closet more.

So we headed to the best place to get spanx…NORDSTROM RACK! Did you guys know that they have spanx at the Rack? They are under $20 compared to around $30 at the regular Nordstrom. I ended up getting a pair of Donna Karan shapewear for about $20 with tax.

The also have bras! I almost got a calvin klein bra for under $20 that is normally about $40.

My mom was thinking about getting a night gown, again for under $20.

Hubby has gotten some shirts and ties there before too.

Then we were on the hunt for some tops for me to wear to work. We hunted at Macy’s. I don’t know why there was so much stuff in puke green. Found a few things but we were mostly sticking to sales and clearance racks and I wasn’t in love with anything. We also looked in jcrew and banana at their sale racks. I told my mom it was just nice to go in a jcrew and banana again. I loved everything in jcrew, but I can’t bring myself to pay those prices.

We got excited right away when we walked into H&M. I had recently gone to H&M with my preggo friend S but she didn’t really find what she was looking for and I have to be honest the one we went to was not organized as nicely as the one my mom and I went to. When we walked into this one there was a nice assortment of professional looking tops and nice casual outfits. Pretty much everything in H&M is under $20 so you don’t have to search for sales or clearance or look at the price tags. You can just grab all the cute stuff!!

Pic from SF. Hubby needed a bib for his food at Scoma's. I'm wearing one of my new shirts.

Be careful about what size you grab though. I am normally a size 8 in pants. I am generally medium to large on top. I was grabbing larges and tens at H&M cause just by looking at them I could tell they were running a little small. Most of you know that wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses are weird sizes. For example I have worn bridesmaid dresses in size 12 before. My wedding dress was a size 10. At H&M I am a size 12 in tops.

Can’t wait to read what tips and tricks for bargain shopping you all have! Link up and lets all get those bargains!


  1. I wish Dallas had an H&M, I love that place! I have to really be in the mood for Nordstrom Rack as it can overwhelm me but you can find such good deals there. I don’t own any designer jeans (yet!) but when I finally get some I am going there. Also, Rue La La has Spanx occasionally on their site. Thought I’d share :)

  2. I love H&M but their sizing is totally wack. I have to try EVERYTHING on.

  3. Nordstrom Rack (and Loehmanns) are LITERALLY the only places I shop. everything i own is from there or moms closet or gifts. LOVE NR.

  4. i'm a big online shopper so i can snag the deals.. and coupons are my best friend! too bad the more you spend, the more coupons you get.. which just makes me spend more and more!! it's a vicious cycle!