Monday, May 3, 2010

Who needs professionals when you have Megs7827?

I met my husband when I was a sophomore in college. I didn’t know until I met him that people did their laundry just to keep their basket empty.

I don’t remember doing laundry when I was in high school so I guess my mom did it. I don’t know how she decided what to wash or when she decided to do laundry. I do remember having a huge pile of laundry in my closet. I probably put the pile in a bag and moved it to college with me, because I remember that huge pile being in my closet in college. (My uncle that also blogs I'm sure will comment on his fear of my cloests.) I avoided laundry at all costs. If I had no clean underwear, I went out and bought more. I only did laundry if there was something I owned that I wanted to wear that was dirty. Or I would do like all college students and take bags home and have my mom do it.

I think at first Hubby didn’t notice my pile. Or maybe he thought it was cute and endearing. At some point he felt the need to bring it to my attention that my pile was abnormal. He informed me that it is more normal to have all your clothes clean and hanging.

I have pretty much been converted and do laundry pretty regularly.

We moved about 6 months ago. When the weather started warming up a few months ago I couldn’t find a couple pairs of my favorite sandals. Somehow a familiar pile was starting to form in the closet.

This weekend I decided to tackle the closet. I wanted to get it organized enough to walk into and was hoping to find my missing shoes. Somehow we had collected a lot of towels and I guess I didn't wash some sheets from when our friends came down at spring break. That is what most of the pile was. I also found a box that contained the missing shoes. Someone put it in the closet when we moved and I never unpacked it.

So I am really ashamed to be posting these but here you go.

*The pile. Towels, suit case, etc.

*My shelf for sweaters and under tanks.

*My "dresser". I will not blame my messyness on not having a dresser. But I don't have a dresser. Hubby gave up a drawer but I kept forgetting to get my stuff out of it so...

*I no longer have to hide in shame!

*Organized sweaters and tanks.

*My shoes that were lost in a box!


  1. Good job!!! We do laundry pretty regularly, but for whatever reason we never make it into the hamper in the closet, it all just piles up in front of the hamper until there is a mountain much like yours.

    haha you aren't as alone as you thought!

  2. Nothing changes. I used to think you were hiding a dead body in that closet.

  3. Looks great! I need to clean up my closet too...I am guilty of piling things up in there. And I still don't do laundry very often...I wait until my boyfriend tells me he is running out of underware!

  4. I am very proud of you. I need to do this same thing. I do laudry most every day. I hate dirty clothes.

  5. Very nice! I usually try and do laundry every other day.

  6. Awesome! I have two punky punks and have to do laundry at least twice a week. And by "do laundry" I mean that I have prolly 5 loads to do each time. Ug.

  7. Lookin' good! I was pretty embarrassed about my bad laundry habits when I got married. Let's just say it's a work in progress...and I definitely won't be posting pictures of the "mountain" in my bedroom anytime soon. You're a brave girl!

  8. Wow! Doesn't it feel great to declutter?! I love to clean.

  9. looks good! I laughed that under that pile there was a laundry basket! Was that there the whole time? I used to be good with my laundry...I slack more now. My husband does more laundry than i do! I pile all my clean laundry on one of the guest beds! :) Putting it all away i the hard part (I think!)

  10. Ahhh, much better. I was having a mini panic attack looking at the before photos!

  11. Nice work, Megs876387648937! I am very impressed. My closet is slowly going down hill right now. I should hop on the Megs train and organize it before it gets too bad.

  12. Good work girll....looks great!!