Monday, March 3, 2014

They are here! and part 1 of the birth story

I know it has been over a week, I'm sure most of you follow me on instagram and already know that the twins have arrived but I thought I should post here just in case.
Let me introduce Kyle Henry born 2/20/14 at 10:53am weighing 5lbs 14oz and Austin Daley born 2/20/14 at 11:11am weighing 7lbs 1oz.
Our family is complete and we couldn't be happier!

Since I have a few more minutes let me get started with the birth story.
Here I am at 38 weeks pregnant the day before my induction. I didn't mention in my 37 week post that my dr said I was 4 cms dilated. The plan was to arrive at the hospital at 6am and start Pitocin since I was already 4cms. Then my dr would arrive around 8am and break my water.

We got to the hospital at 6am but I guess the orders my dr had sent over were blank so they waited until 7ish I think to start the Pitocin. When my dr got there at 8am she was annoyed they hadn't started the Pitocin early. She tried to break my water but was not able to. That was fun. So they kept uping the Pitocin by 2 every half hour hoping I would make progress so she could break my water and I could get an epidural.

I had some contractions and thought I was making progress. They got the Pitocin up to 17 and tried to break my water again and were again not successful. The dr and nurse did not want to go any higher with the Pitocin so we turned it off. We were given a few options. We could go home and come back in a few days. We could go home and come back at 10pm and start cytotec. We could start cytotec in 4 hours when the Pitocin was out of my system or we could do a c section.

This was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make. I wanted to avoid a c section as much as possible. We didn't think the cytotec would work and once they started the cytotec we would have to stay even if that meant a c section. We ultimately decided what was best for our family was to stay in the hospital for the 4 hours and wait for the Pitocin to get out of my system and then start the cytotec.

So we hung out and had dinner and watched tv and Chase came to visit. We started the cytotec at 8pm. Every 6 hours you add another tablet. I hadn't progressed much by the 2am add another tablet. At 4:30am I was having bad contractions. I made Hubby get out of his bed so he could hold my hand. I might have threatened to stab him or kick him in the balls. I think that is a good indicator for epidural time. I think I was at 6cms when they gave me the epidural.

The plan was for my dr to come in around 10am and break my water and the nurse assumed I would be completely dilated. They were right. They wheeled me to the o.r. All twins are delivered in the o.r....

And I hear the twins waking up. To be continued...

Part 2


  1. Oh congrats!!! They are absolutely precious! :) Love the names.

  2. They are just so precious!! I can't wait to read the rest of the story :)

  3. I am impressed they told you, you could go home though :)