Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gonna have to say it is a SHOCKING Tips and Tricks Thursday

Tips and Tricks for being a tv addict:

Ok here is the list of shows on our dvr in priority order-
*I did not delete or edit before it shows, maybe I need to do some DVR clean up
How I Met Your Mother-if you aren't watching this rent season 1 now, best show ever!
The Suze Orman Show- you should seriously be recording this show, amazing money advice!
Grey's Anatomy- again must watch!
The Celebrity Apprentice- Hubby loves the Donald
Entourage- Hubby's show
Law and Order SVU- must watch
The Amazing Race 15- I watched #1 with my parents when I was in high school. This season it was able to fit into our schedule and Hubby got hooked.
SNL- we both love
Desperate Housewives- I think Hubby's parents got us started on this when we were living in Chico. We would have Sunday night dinner and then watch Housewives. Miss that!
Flipping Out- people I know are on this show, and its a must watch
SYTYCD- you guys already know my obsession with this one
One Tree Hill- Used to be way better but I will still watch on occasion
The Bachelor: On the wings of love- I totally would have married Jake before watching this show, he picked Vienna, I'm over it.
SVU again, maybe for reruns, not really sure here
How I Met Your Mother again this one if for the reruns on Lifetime we got caught up that way
Nip/Tuck- weird show and I think its over. We need to rent the seasons because there were times we were confused
Mad Money- Hubby's show about stocks. Don't call me when it is on it is hard to hear
American Idol- Team Lee!!
The Hills- still watch and I like Kristin but it is time to end
CSI- Love me some crime and hotties like Nick!
The Bachelorette- email me if you have read Reality Steve's spoilers.
Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty- My obsession with her was not increased by watching this show, bring back Newlyweds!!
Melrose Place- I think I watch three episodes last season
Jersey Shore- I'm sure it will be moved up in priority when it comes back on if we need to. Except MTV plays it 1,000 times so it doesn't really need to be. We love it!
Harpo- she raised me
Friday Night Lights- did you all know this came back to cable? it went away for awhile to a dish channel or something. it is back and not as good
The Amazing Race 16- Apparently I lied earlier about amazing race 15, I'm so confused about what number they are on!
Gossip Girl- probably watched three episodes last season
Kate Plus 8- I can't stop watching. I can't stop reading her books either! I don't know why...
The Bachelor- ? The one before Jake?
The Marriage Ref- did any of you watch this show? it was hilarious! I hope it got picked up for next season!
Modern Family- because you guys all liked it so much, I'm not in love, but its ok
Days of our Lives- watched since 7th grade only watch when there is nothing else on
Sex Decoy: Love Stings- has anyone seen this show? we found it because they showed a clip of it on the soup. It is super funny but there are like 5 episodes they play over and over again.
Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood- Love Tori and her books too! I am really rooting for them to stay together and the Guncles to get a baby!
The View- aka my news
Tough Love Couples- again did anyone watch this? amazing television people! I should have done this post when the shows were just starting! I'll update you on any new shows I discover!
The City- cause she was on the Hills, not that exciting of a show, hate Olivia!
90210- not as good as the original!
Holly's World- this is one that is going to start soon! add it to your dvrs people!
The Real World- I don't know if this records all real worlds, but we watch them all even though they have gone majorly down hill since the Hawaii, Vegas, San Diego days, have you seen they are going back to New Orleans?
Real World/Road Rules Challenge- its ok
Ruby- LOVE Ruby!!!!
Southern Belles: Louisville- haha we have had this dvr for 3 years and I think that is when this show was on. It was quality!
The Real Housewives of Orange County- the only one we religiously watch. I pretend to keep up with the others because that is all a girl at work talks about.
Shark Tank- ok show about entrepreneurs (did not know how to spell that!)
Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory- We love Rob! When is this show coming back?
The Girl's Next Door- was better with the originals but still ok
Intervention- LOVE me some intervention but WARNING most of the time they act like they are all better and then they fall off the wagon or DIE!
Keeping Up With the Kardashians- LOVE
Jon and Kate Plus 8- not on anymore obvs
The Challgenge: Fresh Meat- see above
Say Yes to the Dress- Love it! Still watch even though I said Yes to my dress!
Kendra- LOVE!
Man v. food- I haven't seen this on in awhile. You should watch if there are repeats!
Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami- aka when Mason was conceived. Love! Aren't they doing another one?
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant- LOVE don't think they have new ones, watch the repeats though!
Work Out- hasn't been new in years, loved it though
Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List- is this show on anymore?
Bridget's Sexiest Beaches- probably not on even in repeats
Army Wives- LOVE!
Taking the Stage- started to realized I was caring WAY too much about people who weren't even 16 yet, scary!
Tough Love- this is the singles version, equal quality to couples
Best Week Ever- don't think its on anymore
Denise Richards: It's Complicated- love her and her hair, I don't think it is on anymore
Brooke Knows Best- I love the Hogans, show not on anymore
Raising Sextuplets- They were SO cute! I think the people got smart when they saw what was going on with Jon and Kate and got off the air!
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians- See amazing race 15
10 things i hate about you- kinda cute show
giuliana and bill- LOVE THEM!!!! She just announced on twitter they will be back for another season!!!
*My dvr got tired of waiting for me! I have to go back through. No more shit key, my hands hurt, might make this post two parts. Oh I think it is cause the CMTs started. Get ready for some funny ones. Are you still with me?
Dating in the dark- AAAHHH hhhhhaaa this show was AMAZING where did it go? people would go on dates in a dark room and couldn't see each other and they would take compatibility tests and stuff and if they both picked each other they would decide if they wanted to meet. usually they didn't like each other in the light
16 and pregnant- must watch and very educational
the rachel zoe project- already posted about my love for her
*I see the end!
Daddy's girls- i like rev run, daddy's girls was not so good
who do you think you are- a show if it comes back you guys must watch. i was obsessed!
the soup- the reason i watch all these shows probably


I will be adding Glee next season.

The tv was on mute while I was typing this. Just finished and Hubby walked over and said, "Just turn the tv off"

Do you understand why I had the no technology day now?

I can't give any advice on finding time to watch all these shows, I need a life!
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  1. I freaking LOVE Flipping Out, it makes the weatherman feel better about his OCD's when he watches it too.

  2. LOTTTSSS of shows in common!!! What do you think of the Bachelorette this season???

    Me and Big Man just got finished watching all the previous seasons this past week online. The site is:

    I adore that show and have a crush on Marshall, how does anyone not heart that guy!!

  4. ohhhh the Hills, such a secret addiction of mine :)

  5. My eyeballs hurt after reading that. Of course since we both watch 289759827382973 shows we are bound to have some in common. And you're right. They all stem from The Soup.

  6. Seriously, do you have like a magical DVR to be able to hold on this??? I record like 6 shows and my DVR is full in 2 weeks! Its so frustrating. How the heck do you fit it all?!?!?!?

  7. I watch many of those shows too! When is Workout and Kathy Griffin coming back??!! Pleaaaaaase!

  8. HA HA HA. I can't believe you have all those! So I secretly LOVE Tori and Dean. They are so funny. I think the Guncles finally did get their baby too! :-)