Sunday, June 6, 2010

What to do when visiting San Francisco

We stayed at the Hilton in Union Square . The room rates were good and we had no complaints about the hotel. But you should know that it is $50 to park your car there.

Anchor Steam Brewing Company- They have free tours of the brewery which is very interesting. At the end of the tour you get about a half cup sample of 6-8 beers!! Obvi these tours are pretty popular so you definitely need to call about a month ahead. No tours on the weekend or evening. The afternoon tour is at 1pm.

*Hubster at Anchor Steam

Ride a Cable Car- It is $5 to ride a cable car. They take your money once you get on the car. They go from Union Square to Fisherman’s Wharf.

*The pictures I took aren't very obvious that we are on a cable car, but you get the idea right? Yeah I also need to learn how to not get the sun in pictures.

Scoma’s- They have really fresh seafood here. My fil and Hubby’s godfather had shrimp Louis’ they were a huge salad with a big pile of shrimp on top. I think they liked them. Mil had lobster (we think could have been crab) ravioli and she really liked it. Hubby had LAZY MAN’S CIOPPINO Prawns, Shrimp, Clams, Sea Scallops, Fresh Fish, and a 1/2 Dungeness Crab out of its shell in a rich tomato broth. He loved it.. For non seafood eaters the steak sandwich was good. Complimentary valet parking is always a plush in the city.

*Hubby's dinner. Yes, I take pictures of our meals. That is what most of our honeymoon pictures are. We love food!

Morton’s Steakhouse- for crab cakes. You should go during happy hour during the week if you can. Appetizers are half off and there is usually a cheap beer.

Burger Bar- it is in Macy’s in Union Square . There is a Cheesecake Factory too. Delicious good quality meat that you can build your own burger. Unique beers too. Oh and tvs in the booths. Make sure you go when a game you want to watch is on.

Lefty O’ Doul’s- My mil loves Irish coffee and everyone had told her the best Irish coffee in the city was at the Buena Vista. So we went there and she had one. That night she said she thought Lefty’s was better. So the next night we went to Lefty’s and she had an Irish coffee there and said, “Yep, Lefty’s is better.” Plus at Lefty’s is the hilarious waitress Ria and the funny, talented, perverted piano man. We got there around 8pm and were able to sit in the area near the piano. If you do beware the piano man will ask you about yourself and make it perverted. He asked me if I was related to my mil and I said she was my mil and he said, “Oh you let her sleep with your son?!” The whole night he was making jokes about how I stole her son’s innocence and I should hang my head in shame. So embarrassing! So glad we are married though!

*The waitress Ria. The boys had to get a picture with her cause they think she is Great Gam Gam from Beerfest.

Yeah I can see it! We had a wonderful weekend and my brother-in-law graduated from San Francisco State and we are so proud of him!! My in-laws said now they have four kids that graduated from college! Hubby, Bro, me and Bro's gf.


  1. I love the city! It looks like you got a lot done!

  2. San Fran is so fun! We also visited Lefty O'Doul's. Glad you had a great time!

  3. Hey, next time park at St. Mary's down on Kearney. It is about a 5 block walk back up to Union Square but on the weekends parking is only $8 a day.

  4. Thanks for the reviews! I have only been to San Fran once years ago and would LOVE to go back!

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  6. Thank you for sending me this post. Its book marked for when Chad and I plan this our trip. I wish I was coming to San Diego too :(