Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have to do a post before the show comes on tonight.

Let's discuss last night's show.

I was so glad that poof hair girl got cut!

I was a super huge Adrian Lee fan. He is amazing and from San Diego. I was SHOCKED that he didn't make top 11!!

Another shocker was Anthony Burrell! What were they thinking?!

Top 11

1. Christina-ballroom

2. Lauren F.-LOVE HER!!!

3. Ashley- who is she? why is she on the show? she is the girl in the pic, I figured might as well put her pic this week since she gets kicked off tonight!

4. Jose- really? him? not Adrian or Anthony?

5. Tap girl- gets cut tonight I'm sure!

6. Alex Wong- I really don't think he deserves this spot. I hope they cut him after all these terrible girls. I don't know how they are cutting this season.

7. Adechike- he deserves to be on the show

8. Kent Boyd-LOVE HIM!

9. Alexie- she is my 2nd favorite girl and really like her name

10. Billy Bell- duh, so stupid they tried to pretend he wasn't on the show.

11. Robert- I don't remember him from earlier, but he might be ok.

I was super bitter watching this!

I am predicting top 6 is

Robert, Billy, Kent, Adechike, Lauren, and Alexie

Top 4 which is usually how many are still around at the finale probably Lauren, Alexie, Kent and Billy.

I hope Ryan Ramirez, Adrian and Anthony come back next year!

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  1. I was SUPER sads about Anthony! I didn't get how Adechike, who could ONLY do his own style, was picked over him. As amazing as he is at contemporary, just really didn't make sense. Unfortunately Anthony is 29 and will be too old to return next year, but I'm holding out hope for Ryan! Kent is my fave so far, he reminds me so much of Travis and you can tell he just loves to dance.

  2. I absolutely love Lauren.

    I watched already, so I won't say much now. :)

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