Saturday, June 5, 2010


Wednesday night they had auditions in L.A. and Chicago.
Loves it!
-Lauren F. the first girl that danced to Let's Get it On! Amazing!
-Ryan Ramirez was a curly haired blonde that assisted for Mia. Again, amazing!
-Kent Boyd from Wapakoneta, Ohio. I love me a spinner like Travis Wall!
-Adrian Lee from SAN DIEGO yellow and gray striped tank. UH MAZ ING!
-Kellen Borchers danced to Danity Kane's song Damaged in jeans. He is another that has stolen some of Hubby's moves. I put him in loves it because he seems like a sweetheart.


-Tiny man with yellow vest aka HELLA HUNG?! LOL! He was sweating a lot and he called it "manly juice" Was he a midget? Nice gold pants!
-Hick hop? The girl with the leather vest and afro. I felt bad for her when they were laughing at her and she was completely serious.
-Guys in L.A.? Not good? WTF?!

-Rachel Girma-rhythmic gymnast
-Andrew Phillips had a twin in a wheelchair. I loved his music choice "You're the reason I come home".
-Jarrod Mayo came with his mom and danced to "Amazing" by Kayne.
-Lots of good contemporary girls! Hopefully one is the winner!

No one was HOT on Wednesday night. Bummer!

Jarrell Robinson the deaf dancer was such an inspiration!

Somehow I got my days messed up. Maybe having Monday off threw me more than I thought! I have watched all the way up to ballroom in Vegas.

I was surprised they only found 7 people in Nashville!

What is up with the ballroom choreographer? They called her a Nazi Barbie or something. I have never had to choreograph that many people, but I have taught a class of sixth graders and it has got to be pretty similar. You don't usually win people over or get their attention by screaming at them!

Oh yeah, I am so excited Billy Bell is back! Kid needs help with his acne, but man he can dance! I don't remember Andrew Wong but he is also very talented! Loving Anthony Burrell still!


  1. I know NOTHING about dancing but I LOVE this show. I have a feeling I'll be addicted this season.

  2. I was in and out of it this week, but from what I saw, this is shaping up to be an amazing season!