Tuesday, June 29, 2010

50 I looked for in a husband Writers Workshop

1. The desire for children- I could never be with a guy that didn’t want a family
2. Loyalty- I am an incredibly loyal person and I expect the same from my husband
3. Driven- I couldn’t be with someone that didn’t have drive
4. Honesty- I’ve been cheated on, not ok with it happening ever again
5. Someone that loves me for me- I know I can be ditzy, forgetful, crazy, lazy, etc. but I never have to pretend to be someone I’m not with Hubby
6. Good listener- I’m a talker
7. Saver- I’m a spender
8. Patient- I’m not
9. Positive- I’m not
10. Motivated to exercise- I’m not
11. Loves his family
12. Loves my family
13. Gets me to try new things
14. Likes chicken
15. Tolerates my tv habit
16. Doesn’t believe in divorce
17. Tolerates country music- Hubby didn’t request non country music until around hour 10 of our trip last weekend.
18. Loves my friends- I think he might even like them more than I do! He listened to my friend S give all the gory details of birth, he snapped pictures at T’s wedding, and chatted it up with N and her parents. Two of my best friends and I started dating our boys all around the same time and now we are all married and both couples were in our wedding party. I love that Hubby is close with the guys too. I just wish we all lived in the same part of the state!
19. He thinks I’m pretty
20. I think he’s a hottie
21. Forgiving- We all mess up from time to time and he has always forgiven me
22. Shoulder to cry on- I cry like a lot! He is always there for me unless it is because of SYTYCD or something. Then he usually says, “Are you crying?”
23. Assertive- I need a man that can call up the bank or cable company and make sure we aren’t getting screwed over
24. Someone that can surprise me but also tell me secrets he isn’t supposed to- Every girl loves a romantic surprise but when my best friend’s boyfriend tells him he is going to propose he knows he better tell me that!
25. Does his own laundry- We all know I just learned about having clean clothes vs a pile of dirty like 7 years ago. I can barely keep up with my own stuff.
26. Smart- I have my ditzy moments but I also have a college degree and need to have intelligent conversations occasionally
27. Maturity- A man that can be mature when he needs to be is important
28. Does nice little things for me- My love language is Acts of Service. I swoon when he does my chores when I am out of town for the weekend. Coming home to a fridge full of groceries? The best!
29. Words of encouragement- I also need little, “Good job babes!” Every one in awhile.
30. Enjoys fur balls- Right now we have Blue and he is amazing with him. We will definitely have more pets in the future. I always gotta have a fur ball around.
31. No drugs!
32. Doesn’t have an addictive personality.
33. Doesn’t get embarrassingly drunk very often.
34. Caring
35. Trusting
36. Outgoing- I need a man that can hold his own at social gatherings and will dance with me at weddings.
37. Eyes I can gaze into
38. Lips I can kiss
39. Short hair
40. No mullet
41. Being nice to servers, etc.- Sometimes things are ridiculous and Hubby isn’t the type (like me) to just eat whatever they give you
42. Good hygiene- showers and brushes teeth often
43. No game playing- When we first started dating Hubby let me know he wanted to date me exclusively and wasn’t playing games
44. Doesn’t text while I’m talking
45. Let’s me steal the covers
46. Likes to cuddle
47. Likes to explore new places- Bugs me that friends of ours that moved to our area don’t care to explore the area
48. Plays music in the car not too loud- I don’t like to scream over music to talk
49. Drives safely- Hubby has gotten better with this
50. THE MOST IMPORTANT- Sense of humor- When you are 80 years old at least you will make each other smile

Post inspired by Writers Workshop by Mama Kat


  1. This is an awesome post! I hope he reads this!

  2. Awesome list...those are alot of the things I would look for too.

  3. sense of humor is def the most important!

  4. What a great list! Your man is definitely a keeper. #22 made me laugh. I'm a crier too and I feel so silly crying at things I should cry at!

  5. oh, I LOVE your list!!!! I agree with almost ALL!