Saturday, June 12, 2010

SYTYCD my thoughts on Thursday 6/10's episode

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I think I like the choreographers sitting by the judges. I love to hear from the choreographers!

Loved Kent and Lauren dancing a Travis Wall routine!!

Anyone cringe when Cat asked Kent what his type of woman was? Um, Cat...don't know if he likes women!

The tapper Melinda surprised me. She wasn't as bad as I thought she would be.

Mia's routine with the young man. man in his prime, and old man was really good!

Robert surprised me too. So glad Neil and Courtney are back!

I wish they had let all three judges talk. I'm so confused how the regular season is going to go.

OMG! Do you guys despise Dominick yet?!


  1. I adore Lauren. I was glad that she was with Mark- at least for this first dance. Mark is one of my all-time fav dancers(though my crush is Pasha- can we please have him dance around shirtless every week?)

    I'm freaked out by whatshisface, already hitting on Kat. It's so odd and uncomfortable.

    I like seeing the all-stars back, but I bet it's going to have a huge effect on voting each week- you get a good all-star for that week and you get votes.

    I bet that they won't usually have all the choreographers there during the regular competition.

    I don't really like Mia as a judge. I do usually like her choreography, but I don't like listening to her.

    This comment could practically be a post. LOL

  2. I. MISSED. THIS. I am so mad at myself. So far though I love Lauren. I think she might be my fave.

  3. I'm confused about the judging and how the season will work too!

    I really couldn't stand Dominick in his first season, but he won me over on ABDC and he's a local who definitely gives back to Sacramento which makes me like him a little more. I think the stuff between him and Cat is pretty funny, since it takes me back to his season.

    Courtney is awesome!