Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tips and Tricks Thursday

Tips and Tricks for having an amazing first wedding anniversary!

Hubby and I are four short months away from our very first wedding anniversary! I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by!

We went to Santa Barbara for our honeymoon and fell in LOVE! It was seriously the best vacation ever! (Should I do the whole post with exclamation points? You guys know how much I love them! Ok, no more, let’s just imagine them ok?) So obvs, we want to go back. Again, Hubby is trying to surprise me, which I love and adore him for. So I’m thinking we are going there again for our anniversary, but not sure where we will be staying.

He also thinks we should get each other presents. He is so cute, he was researching the traditional gifts to get each other. I told him, it sucks until you have been married a long time huh? He was like yeah, what is it you get the first year? I said, paper. He probably said, “That’s stupid.” I told him we could be like Nick and Jessica and get a new bed which is made of wood which paper is made from. But we want to wait until we get a house to get a new bed. So I’m thinking I’ll get him a card that will count as paper.

These are so funny! Hubby, let's just start with what I do want because that is a shorter list. All diamonds and gems will be accepted. If you get me gold, white gold please! My notes are in pink.
1st Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Paper
Modern Gifts: Clocks No thanks on either of those!

2nd Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Cotton 100% egyptian please
Modern Gifts: China Didn't register for any for our wedding, why do I want it now?

3rd Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Leather why does this creep me out?
Modern Gifts: Crystal Something crystal I don't have to dust please!

4th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Fruit or Flowers four years and you get something that dies or you eat?
Modern Gifts: Appliances 4 years and you get appliances?

5th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Wood
Modern Gifts: Silverware oh how romantic

6th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Candy or Iron probably the most random one
Modern Gifts: Wood

7th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Wool or Copper
Modern Gifts: Desk Sets oh desk set! what is that?

8th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Bronze or Pottery
Modern Gifts: Linens or Lace something lace from Victoria Secret please

9th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Pottery and Willow like a tree?
Modern Gifts: Leather

10th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Tin or Aluminum
Modern Gifts: Diamond Jewelry Hubby said he is going traditional this year

11th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Steel ????
Modern Gifts: Fashion Jewelry he can't match his clothes, he can pick out fashion jewelry?

12th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Silk or Linen
Modern Gifts: Pearls

13th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Lace
Modern Gifts: Textiles or Furs I don't know what textiles are

14th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Ivory
Modern Gifts: Gold Jewelry

15th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Crystal
Modern Gifts: Watches
Here is where traditionally you don't even get gifts, that's nice.
16th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Silver Holloware again what is holloware?

17th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Furniture

18th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Porcelain like a toilet?

19th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Bronze

20th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: China
Modern Gifts: Platinum

21st Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Brass or Nickel like some fixtures to go with my appliances from 20 years ago?

22nd Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Copper

23rd Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Silver Plate and this is my silver plate I got for being married to this shmuck for 23 years (Hubby I don't think you are a shmuck now, but if you get me a silver plate for being a loving and adoring wife for 23 years I might start to change my mind)

24th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Musical Instruments oh boy!

25th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Silver
Modern Gifts: Silver

26th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Original Pictures um as apposed (spellcheck says this is a word not sure if it is the one I meant) to copies?

27th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Sculpture

28th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Orchids

29th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Furniture

30th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Pearl
Modern Gifts: Diamond

41st Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Land love this one, but oh wait until next year!

42nd Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Improved Real Estate upgrade!

43rd Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Travel

44th Wedding Anniversary

45th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Sapphire
Modern Gifts: Sapphire that's more like it and apparently the modern people have gotten lazy and just decided to copy traditional when they have provided an idea

46th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Original Poetry 46 years for him to write you a stinking poem!

47th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Books oh a book! great!

48th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Optical Goods ANOTHER CLASSIC we figure you are at least in your 60's you probably need some optical goods

49th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Luxuries luxuries? like optical goods or groceries? maybe he will bless you with the luxury of not farting that day.

50th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Gold
Modern Gifts: Gold
51? I guess you get nothing this year!
52nd Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Ruby

55th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Emerald
Modern Gifts: Emerald

60th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Yellow Diamond
Modern Gifts: Diamond

65th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Star Sapphire, Gray

67th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Star Sapphire, Purple

75th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Diamonds, Diamond Like Stones, Gold
Modern Gifts: Diamond, Gold

80th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Diamond, Pearl

85th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Diamond, Sapphire

90th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Diamond, Emerald

95th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: Diamond, Ruby

100th Wedding Anniversary
Modern Gifts: 10K Diamond This is my favorite one. Who lives this long? I told Hubby if I live to 126 with or without him I am getting a 10k diamond.

What is your Husband's favorite anniversary gift you have given him? What are some tips and tricks to having a great anniversary? If you write a whole post about an anniversary, link up!

I think you all remember that one of my best friends, S, was pregnant. Well this little guy (Ethan David) decided to show up two weeks early!

So instead of watching SYTYCD I was doing this.

No SYTYCD post this week. I will be busy all weekend with Tiffany's Tipsy Troupe getting that girl married off! I'll post when I have taken care of all my besties and their life accomplishments! Ok?


  1. some of those anniversary gifts are crazy!

  2. Thanks for popping by my blog! Come again!

    Congrats on your upcoming 1 year anniversary! I'm planning a February Wedding now and I can't wait to call my fellow "husband." Love, love, love! :-)