Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Reading

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I have mentioned before that my work friend has a daughter in high school and is always recomending young adult books for me to read. So far I have enjoyed them. If you liked the Twilight series, you will like these books.

The Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine

The Immortals series by Alyson Noel

I read Kate's first book and I'm still watching the show. I also read the second book "I just want you to know: Letters to my kids on love, faith, and family" (typing that right now reminded me how a teacher in college didn't like calling children kids since that is what you call goats). If you read her first book and watch the show there isn't much new info in the new book.

I recently read Face of Betrayal by Lis Wiehl another blogger recomended it. It was ok, at the time a nice change in pace from love stories.

Get Financially Naked: How to Talk Money with you Honey- I read a couple pages. I probably should have read it.

I have The Help by Kathryn Stockett on hold at the public library. My mil recomended lovely bones to me and this book. I have heard nothing but good things.

I have Last Journey: A Father and Son in Wartime by Darrel Griffin on hold at the county library.

At one point I had like 5 books checked out total from the two libraries and Hubby thought it was getting a little intense. So I'm trying not to put too many books on hold.

I definitely need to add:
-Uncharted TerriTORI by Tori Spelling (read all her other books love her!)
-Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler (see above ditto for Ms. Handler)
-You'll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again: One Woman's Painfully Funny Quest to Give It Up by Heather McDonald because she is friends with Chelsea and Surferwife (geez it took me like 3 accidental control v control c incidents to get this linked someone that doesn't read her blog better go over and follow since I worked so hard to make it clickable for you!) and I'm sure it is hilar!

What are you going to read this summer?