Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wedding Pics and last week's SYTYCD

The professional bridesmaid aka Me

Me gorg friend T. Tears of joy!

I loved Billy and Lauren's footloose routine! Can we say perfection?

I was bummed the choreographers weren't sitting by the judges.

I love Mia's critiques! And Adams!

I already saw on Think Happy Thoughts that the judges kept Cristina. Um, she is not a good singer! So I thought she wouldn't be good after reading that Mrs. Bear wasn't happy they kept her. But I love Mark doing a Sonya routine and I think Cristina held her own!

Jose- The break that does yoga? He got lucky he picked hip-hop. He struggled with the choreography and staying in character. He will be gone after he has to do something else.

Katherine doing a Travis routine! Loves it! I think there was a guy in the routine, he was forgettable.

Oh God, Melinda. I have to force myself to watch. Soap actress and guitar player, triple threat! She was anticipating, showing what she is going to do next. When dancers do that it breaks the naturalness/chemistry. I thought she thought Pasha was hot. It wasn't sexy!

Alex- Again, not a good singer. Alex+Allison+Sonya=amazing or should I say Hallelujah! Not being racist or anything, but because Alex is Asian he needs to open his eyes bigger so it doesn't look like his eyes are closed the whole time. I watched this routine twice! How many times has Alex cried? I mean I cried too, but he cries nonstop!

Alexie- Shut up at Adam on star search! Love the Jason Mraz song. Her body movements had chemistry but it wasn't in her eyes.

LAUREN!- She was smiling too much but it was still amazing!

Awww Kent!- 14 other guys and Kent was homecoming king! So cute! Anya is too much woman for him! He opened his mouth too much and was feminine. I kept comparing him to Pasha. Pasha would have done the routine a lot differently. But I still love Kent!

Oh Neil! Ok Ashley did good I wish Lauren picked that routine.

Robert- Kourtney! I could watch them all day! He needed to be a little wilder/animalistic.

I thought Melinda would go home.

I love the new choreographer for the group routine on Thursday!

Bottom three:
I thought Kent and Lauren were both safe!


Billy knew he was safe and needs to whiten his teeth and stop trying to grow a stache!

Alexie- I thought Ashley should have been in bottom three.

Cristina- Didn't deserve to be in bottom three.

I can't tap and I think Melinda is awesome at it, but tappers often don't do other styles well.

Alexie- good solo!

Again, I can't do salsa and I think Cristina is awesome at and showed Wednesday that she could do other stuff.

Justin Bieber! Not a good dancer. 2010's version of Joey Knight from New Kids.

Nigel loves tap. Only reason Melinda stayed.


  1. You are a gorgeous bridesmaid!!
    AND, the bride-holy low dress...but it looks sooo good on her. I am going to Chicago this weekened for a bridal shower and my dress is low, and i was worried, but after seeing this bride, she can make low look classy...so I am going to give it a try! :)

  2. you and the bride both look beautiful!!!!

  3. You look beautiful!

  4. You looked beautiful!!! :)

  5. I cannot stand Justin Bieber. I was in the other room when they showed the video and thought it was a little girl singing.

    Can't wait for this week!

    You and your bridefriend look fantastic! I love the bride's dress!

  6. You look beautiful and what a stunning bride! Come on by today sweetie to see one of your old comments up on Under the Sheets~shhh. Thanx for everything!

  7. You and the brode look gorgeous!!