Sunday, June 27, 2010

SYTYCD 6/23 and 6/24

Pasha and Cristina- Paso Doble- Thought it was going to be really good. Cristina was making scary faces. Can you tell in the picture? Didn't see any chemistry. Disagreed with the judges who loved it.

Takeachike and Allison- Contemporary- Good song! He tried to smile more but wasn't enough. LOVE ALLISON!

I'm glad that all stars stood next to them this week.

Alex and Lauren (LOVE)- Broadway- Going to be good! Very good! He did better keeping his eyes open.

Ashley-Travis-Mark-LOVE! Beautiful! That was supposed to be jazz?

Billy-Krumping? Wow! Wasn't nasty or hard enough!

Robert-Anya- Definitely had the hot chemistry. He was doing some weird counting or breathing. I also think he missed a turn.

Yuck Melinda and Ade- She just looked big and heavy. Very different than Ashely looked in her routine.

Jose and Catherine- Love his smile he needs a new hair do! His arms were lazy.

Lauren and Annoying- New choreographer that I like! I liked the choreography but I don't think he conveyed the whole abuse message.

I can't believe Robert was in the bottom 3! I might actually have to start watching the night that it is on and vote. I don't want to lose Robert!

I was surprised Nigel said he didn't want to keep Melinda. She should be gone by next week.
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