Friday, February 26, 2010

I have a gay husband

Like the chick on real housewives of NY. I have Hubby and I have my gay husband. I have been wanting to introduce you guys to him for awhile but we haven't come up with anything fabulous to do! He went with me to see New Moon and gossips with me over coffee. Hubby fully supports this relationship because he gets enough estrogen watching tv with me. Yesterday I was watching Oprah when he came home and then we watched the View!

Anyways, my gay husband and I are bored with life. We met working at a summer day camp when I first moved to So Cal. I aboslutely adore all the friends I made working there and felt so blessed to have found friends in a new place when I wasn't going to school. GH is struggling with this right now. The friends we made at camp are in South America, and in college several hours away. GH isn't working.(Edit: GH just came over last night and update! he is working!) He is busy trying to get into grad school. You don't make a ton of friends hanging out at home filling out grad school apps.

Hubby and I didn't see any of our friends last weekend and I refuse to let this happen again! We are already doing better than last weekend since we went out to dinner last night with our regular Saturday night friends. It is pretty depressing though because the 6 of us usually hang out frequently but two of them are moving two hours away! The other two moved closer to us but the wife is 6 months pregnant and the husband will be working on the weekends through March 15th.

One of our couple friends that I met working at Nordstroms are a little younger and like to go out to bars. I'm not really down to stay out until 2 and get wasted! The girl is also in school and she said she was planning on working on homework this weekend.

We have another friend couple we rarely see because they have a 19 month old. I already texted that wife and she said they have stuff going on all this weekend.

One of Hubby's groomsman lives nearby but works overnights at a hotel so he is pretty much only available Sunday afternoon. Same with our family friends that works at a bar.

So GH, Hubby and I might end up doing something tonight or Saturday. What would you suggest for a married couple and a single gay guy to do? What about on Sunday? We might be able to get together with groomsman, bartender, and GH. What does a married couple do with two straight and one gay single?


  1. I have a lesbian, she is awesome....we have so much fun together;)

  2. Well since it sounds like your gay friend err, husband (lol ;)is pretty much into girlie things I guess xbox is out of the picture hu? That's what my husband would do with the guys who lived in the dorm next to me. He'd come visit and when we were all socializing the guys next door (including an awesome gay guy named Paul) would play xbox and we'd all talk.
    But anyway, I don't think it should be hard to find something to do. Just do normal stuff like dinner or bowling would be fun.
    Or if you want to get crazy go to a gay bar or club! I know I'd have a good laugh watching my husband get hit on by other guys.

  3. I want a gay husband! Thanks for following my blog!! Im following yours right back :)

  4. Maybe go shopping at a sporting god store? Shopping for GH and sporting goods for the hubby and friends.

  5. I am so jealous...I would love a gay husband haha