Monday, February 15, 2010

Comment on what you want.

We had a great weekend with my mom! I picked her up from the airport around 10am on Friday. Friday Hubby was working so we had a girls day. We went to the mall and got some fun stuff. Ate lunch at my fave, Red Robin, I have to say they are shrinking the clucks on the clucks and fries plate. Not cool Robin! Then we went back to the new apartment. She got a tour and loved it. Then we thought we would be smart and get tickets to see Dear John on Fandango. It was a good thing because blonde me had written down the wrong times for the movie and we would have been late! It was my first Fandango experience. We don't go to the movies because it is so expensive these days. I liked not having to wait in line to buy a ticket but I still get a student discount (cause of my baby face and I still have my student id if they don't believe my baby face) and they charged me a $2 convenience fee or something. So I would have saved money if I stood in line.

I have read every Nicholas Sparks book. I love them all. I get so excited for the movies. I loved a walk to remember and notebook. I saw a commercial for Dear John that said people are comparing it to notebook. My friend that works at the movie theatre warned me that they changed the ending and people come out bawling. So I brought 4 kleenex just in case. I used 2 of them but I think it was because I have read the book and am more attached to the characters and knew what was going to happen. My mom hadn't read the book and didn't cry at all. I use 2 kleenex during a sad episode of Oprah. I would have used 4 kleenex at time travelers wife if anyone had warned me. I didn't read that book and I was a mess during that movie. It is the only movie where I came home and told Hubby about it and started crying again. So if you have read the book don't get your hopes up to high for this one. They change a lot. If you have read the book and seen the movie email me so we can talk about it! If you haven't read the book it is an ok movie. I would say wait until it comes out on video. During the previews they showed the preview for the next Nicholas Sparks movie, The Last Song. Miley Cyrus is in this one and once again I have gotten my hopes up. Looks really really good!

I have pictures and can tell ya more about what we did with Mom this weekend for another post.

The dvr remote fast forward button has been acting up lately. This weekend even Hubby couldn't use all his man strength to get it to work. This is no bueno since I only watch recorded stuff and my time is way too valuable to watch commercials. So I have to go pick up the old lady and trade her in for a new one after work today. Let me tell you I had to stand in line for an hdmi cable once before at this fantasy land known as the cable office. I am not looking forward to it!!

Also on the to do list this week I need to go to the library and pick up the 3 books I have on hold. Someone got a little crazy with the hold button. No way can I read 4 books in two weeks!

I also have to make a trip to Target for bunny food. Hopefully T will have a guest list ready and I can look into invites for her shower/bachelorette party.

I really wish I had today off! Could have gotten all this stuff done!

Speaking of stuff to get done I seriously need to get on some scrapbook making. I think what is holding me back besides my laziness is that I got a bridal shower scrapbook and my mom's camera stopped working at my bridal shower. I could harass my cousin for the pictures she said she was going to send me, but I am just not excited to make it. I really wish I had gotten a honeymoon scrapbook. I would have exchanged but Target and no one else have honeymoon scrapbooks. So I should just return that other one. I need some motivation too. I need to set a deadline for myself. I have a super busy weekend coming up March 27th. I will make that my deadline! Have the wedding scrapbook done by March 27th!

You guys still with me? Comment on what you want. xoxo


  1. I love red robin, those speckled lemonaids are to die for;)

  2. We saw the movie this wkend but I haven't read the book. It was ok. I didn't cry. But the lady behind us was bawling!! Maybe I should read the book if it has a better ending! I did not like the ending!

  3. I haven't read the book..we went to go see the movie the weekend it came out and stupidly expected it to not be sold out...we ended up leaving and just renting a red box movie instead. Maybe I will wait for it to come out on video? Books are always better! I read Time Travelers Wife after I saw the movie. I love Nicholas Sparks too! And Jodi Picoult.

  4. I've been hesitant about seeing this movie. Normally I like his stuff- The Notebook has got to be my favorite chick flick ever.
    The Time Travelers Wife was a pretty good book, but I always hate how movies end up butchering the good parts of the book you know? Still, I'd like to see it because Rachel McAdam's is a pretty good actress and it's be interesting to see how they changed it and if it turned out or not.

  5. our dvr remote is acting up too! SO ANNOYING!!