Monday, February 1, 2010


Wahoo! I had a great birthday weekend. Saturday night cheesecake factory with friends. My food wasn't what I thought I was getting but it was ok. I had peanut butter chocolate cookie dough cheesecake! It was like they knew I was going to be there! All my favorite things! Plus I got to blow out a candle after they unenthusiastically sang to me and my friend who has a bday tomorrow.

Sunday, Hubby went to get a hair cut. When he got home he surprised me with flowers and a card that made me cry! Pictures of the flowers and what the card said to come.

I tried MONKEY MEAT! Even though I am a picky eater I will try whatever you want me to if I am pressured enough. So I got guilt tripped into having a half piece of a tiny piece and it was nasty. It was chewy and made me want to vom. I will stick with chicken and steak please!

Sears update: I tweeted Sears HTS and they were super nice. They called me this morning and said that $75 is not worth losing a loyal customer over. They gave my info to sears cares and they called me today and are sending me a check!!!!!

Hoping Hubby will cook and do the dishes today. Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Happy Birthday! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cheesecake Factory. Jealous.

  2. Well happy birthday girlie. =] I'm glad sears is going to refund you your money! I don't understand what happened to good customer service, it's so rare nowadays!

  3. Happy Birthday! It's my brother's birthday as well! Must be a good day!

    And that cheesecake??? That sounds amazing. The monkey meat? Not so much.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!

    Monkey meat?!? I don't think I could handle that...where did you eat it?

  5. You have been nominated for an award @ My life, My thoughts....enjoy ;)

    blog hugs. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND:)

  6. Happy (belated) birthday!!! Hope your hubs cooked something yummy!

  7. YAY! I know it is a day late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    You are crazy and I can't believe you tried Monkey meat!!hahahahaha And as a side note, I totally say vom too!

    I love the cheesecake factory cheesecake, but I've never been a huge fan of their food...

  8. i'm so glad you had a GREAT birthday!!!

    monkey meat?!?! wtf! i didn't even know they had that, but i'm proud of you for being adventurous!

    i don't really like the cheesecake factory's food either... plus, i can't eat the damn cheesecake anyways!!

  9. I gotta know. WHERE did you try monkey meat?


    when you say monkey meat, do you mean actual MONKEY?? That is SO GROSS, I'm sorry, but seriously!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday! That cheesecake sounds great!