Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well, isn't that SPE-CIAL?!

My wonderful mother-in-law sent Hubby and I a Valentine's Day package. There was some delicious chocolate in it. I wanted to eat the whole box that day. There was a lot and I try not to be Ruby, so I spaced my feedings out. But my love for that chocolate was taking over my life! I was eating the chocolate hearts at home and snickers that my boss leaves on her desk at work and I saw no end in sight. Then everyone started talking about what they were going to give up for lent and I thought, "Aha! I can give up chocolate." I didn't post it on here at the time because I was afraid my addiction was too strong. Now that I have made it a week and resisted reeses cups. I am here to tell you that you can do it too! But what I really wanted to tell you is how now I feel like I'm the office Catholic lady. I'm not even Catholic! My dad was raised Catholic and some of his family still is. I wasn't raised in the church. I don't even think I do the cross thing right! But since there is so much chocolate here and I have to keep telling people I gave it up they think I'm Catholic! Oh well!

I saw on twitter that a sea world trainer died and then I saw that a whale killed the trainer! Of course I assumed it was at sea world San Diego. It was actually at the Florida one. Here is the link. I put one from the san diego news channel because it talks about trainers in san diego that have been attacked. I think Shamu might be going away soon!

I've read a couple posts about the Bachelor the women tell all. I fast forwarded through most of it. Michelle is for sure crazy. Rozlyn is for sure a slore. My favorite part was when she made the dig about Chris hitting on the producers wife! Literally, just right this second I realized that means he is married. I read in one of those posts about how she revealed he was married and I thought, "Oh I missed that." BLONDE! I guess he could be divorced though. Honestly, it did put a seed of doubt in my mind about Chris. But obviously I don't know the details. I'm just saying in a few months if he is divorced, I won't be surprised. Then he could be the bachelor and interview himself. That would be fun!

As far as who he picks next week, I haven't watched Bachelor/Bachelorette every season, but in my opinion they always pick the fan favorite. Even Jason picked Melissa, the "fan favorite". He may have changed his mind by the after the rose ceremony, but he did still pick her. I have been shocked every week that Vienna is still there. Along with a lot of other people. My mom said she lost sleep thinking about Jake pickig Vienna. My poor mom! But ultimately it doesn't affect my life in any way. I will be shocked with everyone else but will still be waking up to my Hubby's farts.

Ditto regarding the Tiger apology. I didn't think any of it was neccesary. Apologize to your wife and family. You don't need a camera to do that. Just get back on the golf course!

It has been a long time since I talked about what I have been reading. Around Christmas time I started reading the Thomas Kinkade Cape Light series books. The first one was a little slow but I really enjoyed the second one. The third one is in my to read pile right now.

My friend at work and I read together during our lunch. I get an hour and Hubby only gets half an hour. Poor Hubby. Have I told you guys he works 10 hour days every day. I'm such a bad wife complaining about him not helping out around the house when he works so much more than me! I only work 8 hours. Anyways, so I get half hour with Hubby and half hour reading and gossiping. She has a daughter in high school that loves to read also. So my friend at work reads a lot of young adult stuff that her daughter reads. Of course we loved the Twilight series. If you loved the Twilight series you should check out Alyson Noel. The book I just read is the first in a series about immortals. It is called Evermore. I read it in two work days and the weekend. It is similar to Twilight but work friend says it isn't as mushy lovey dovey.

Last night I started Commited by Elizabeth Gilbert. She wrote Eat, Pray, Love. If you read it you will remember Felipe. Commited is about how they stayed together and promised a lifetime of fidelity without marriage and how our wonderful government left them no choice but to get married and how they dealt with it. She is a wonderful writer and I am really enjoying it. About to start chapter 2.


  1. That's awful about the trainer getting killed like that. But honestly it's a wild animal you know? It is going to be unpredictable and dangerous and this is what we get for using them for our own entertainment.

  2. Loved Eat, Pray, Love! Let me know how you like her new book!

  3. I saw that whale story on the news, so sad!

  4. I read about the trainer yesterday too! It's really sad- but you know they know they are taking a risk by WORKING WITH WHALES! Haha. They are lucky if they make it to retirement. Still really sad though. And about the Bachelor...I used to not like Vienna but now I think she would be a better choice than Tenley because she doesn't seem quite over her ex yet. She keeps comparing them and bringing him up. I missed the fact that the producer was married too until I read someone else's blog about it. Blonde here too!

  5. I'm about to start Committed too! I loooooved Eat Pray Love.

    Isn't the Sea World situation just horrible? I feel really conflicted about it. I hope they don't kill the whale. Though I feel horrible for the trainer's family, the fact of the matter is that when wild animals are put on display and made to perform tricks, there will be some's only natural and I'm sure the trainer knew the risks of her job. It doesn't make it any less shocking or sad though.

  6. I just started reading Twilight. So far, so good.

  7. I would be surprised if Chris and his wife Gwen divorced, but that's because I'm technically related to them now. Gwen is Nicks cousin. ;) But I have to admit Chris was a total ass to Rozlyn on the show.

  8. That whale story is so sad. Unfortunate but it was a 'killer' whale...I guess you can only train animals so far.