Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can't think of a title

*Sorry about the pic I was going to put one of her looking crazy on the view but this is crazy enough.

I am not a quitter. Well I did quit a lot of different activities as a little girl, but I don't usually quit social online networks. I still have a myspace account. Which reminds me, do any of you know why everyone switched to facebook? I think it is the weirdest thing. Anyways, I signed up for twitter because every celeb had one and you know I love me some celebs. I thought how cool I can read what they are doing all the time! Well, none of them would respond to me. I think two local radio hosts responded to questions I had. I had like 4 weirdo followers and it was lame!!! So I quit!

I joined again to help me deal with my extreme boredom. I am loving it so much more now! I have all my bloggy friend followers I can tweet with. Plus this wonderful cherry on top: a celebrity that I watch weekly and talk about on a regular basis to anyone who will listen, SUZE ORMAN! RESPONDED TO MY TWEET!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know she is not a movie star or someone who did a sex tape to gain fame. But come on she is like probably in the top 10 of Harpo's bffs. #1 Obama, #2 Michelle, #3 what's her manfriend's name again? Quentin Tarantino or Spencerton? #4 Gail, #5 John Travolta, etc. probably like #6-9 are her 30 dogs sophie, sophia, sopheria, etc. Gosh I sound like the octomom on the View the other day. Did anyone else see that? Yowza! What was I talking about?

Oh yeah Suze tweeted me back! I was already having an amazeballs (I can say it now that Depandi said it) day Carl's Junior Bacon Swiss Crisy Chicken. Have you savored one of these bad boys? Its probably 8,000,000 calories and 340 grams of fat. But I'm still under wedding weight so come to me papa!!! Seriously Hubby musted have slipped me some of the octomom's drugs that she says she isn't on. Trust this I sleep way more than 2 hours a day and do not have enough energy to raise 40 kids.

Ok here is the tweetspondence (don't worry twitter you can have my made up word):
meags7827 @SuzeOrmanShow married Oct. '09. filing jointly. my income puts us in lower tax bracket. best place to get taxes done turbo tax or h&r?
SuzeOrmanShow @meags7827 try TURBO

As a former subsitute teacher I have about as many w2s as grams of fat in the bacon swiss crispy chicken. My wonderful father takes that stack and uses turbo tax every year. IRS hasn't gotten mad yet so it must work! Not that I'm the Hubby's problem, we were debating what to do. He is a little nervous about filing jointly and doesn't want there to be any mistakes. So he thought going into an h&r block might be better. Now my bff Suze says try Turbo so guess what we are going to do! Plus Gretchen and a lot of other celebs have gotten on the band wagon.

Who is doing your taxes?

Big internet hugs and octomom drugs for you all!!!!

p.s. no way did octomom not have surgery! Oh and the laugh?! What was that?


  1. octo is gross..............with or without surgery, gross ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ;(

    I switched to face book because all my friends did;)

  2. OMG that is freakin disturbing. scary. eeek!

  3. I had facebook before I had myspace. The college I went to and the sorority I joined told me about facebook before it became popular. So I joined, but mainly used myspace. And then myspace got annoying with all the ads (which of course facebook is now annoying too because they keep changing things around!)

  4. HAHA...funny post. My dad is an accountant so he does our taxes!

  5. We did ours with Turbo. Actually I should say my HUSBAND did ours with Turbo. I didn't exactly get it because I've never had to do my taxes before (my parents always got it done with theirs for free) so I was pretty clueless. But it worked out just fine and we got back our tax return after only about 8 days! It was great.

  6. I always use Turbo. Super easy. Walks you through it.

    I had MySpace and Facebook. I had more friends on FB and got fed up with how slow MySpace was. So adios MySpace!

  7. hahah. I JUST LOVE LOVE this whole post!!
    I do our taxes .But Go with what Suze says. I had FB way before Myspace. I had myspace for a tiny bit because others did. I dont have tweet but I kinda want it now that you talked about it. can i follow celebs without posting anything????

  8. I'm still so sad that your work blocked my blog!

    What local radio hosts? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Mikey Show. Not The Show (lame.) The Mikey Show.

  9. I have one of each account.. FB was my last. I waste a lot of time there, on those darn farms! I have a MySpace but don't go there often. I love the fact I can pop in and say hi to you on Twitter too, you know that's my addiction social media wise.

    I love SUZY! I'm glad she responded. If you are going to have a social media outlet, you either interact or prove you are a self serving tool IMHO. We did Turbo Tax also this year. AFTER we started H&R and realized they had a huge error in the software called company and they were like, "yeah, so?" Umm, no.

    I know the excitement when someone you like responds. I about fainted when Dean Roland from Collective Soul wished me good luck on one of my Anatomy/Physiology tests over the summer. {swoon} I aced it, the only one the whole term, go fig!

  10. I'm just sayin... I had to scroll, scroll, scroll to get that image off my screen before i could start reading. I love pregnant women, but that photo looks awful and unnatural. ick!

  11. octomom is just NOT right. that is not normal AT ALL.

    YAY for getting a tweet response from Suze...I knew I loved her :)