Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jake and Tenley: Live long and prosper

Do you think he looks like them? I do! I have thought Jake and Hubby looked similar since Bachelorette Jillian. We watched Star Trek this weekend and I don't know what it is, something in the face is similar. Watching Bachelor last night and Ali said, "I look at him and think I would be so lucky to have him as my husband." I have always felt lucky to have Hubby as my husband. I know if he went on the Bachelorette or Bachelor all the desperates would be lining up. So of course snuggling into bed last night I told Hubby how lucky I am that he is my husband.

Ok, let's talk Bachelor. Did I miss him asking for Gia's hand in marriage? Because he asked for everyone else's. Someone's heart is going to get broken. Gia's mom and Ali's mom are so sure he is going to pick their daughter. Newsflash! Not going to pick both of them! I loved Jake on Bachelorette but I am not such a fan now. 31 never been married, cries pretty frequently, wear purple...worries me. To me he was saying the same stuff to all the girls and their families. I love your family especially your mom, blah, blah, blah. Ali, do you think we didn't see Bachelorette? We all saw when Ed did the same thing in the same room and yes he came back and they ended up together. But Jake was on that season! He saw it! Did you not? I have never asked my job for time off to be on a reality tv show but I'm guessing they let you take whatever time you already have or say sure go for a month or something. Do they really call you and say you have to decide its your job or the reality tv show? If it had happened several seasons ago I would call her bluff for sure but I don't think the producers think we are that dumb that we can't remember 1 season ago. I was team Ali and Tenley from day 1. Ali was losing me after all the Vienna drama. Now she left I'm team Tenley all the way! Her dance...to the wedding march? not good. But I don't really care who he chooses.

Star Trek was really good! Kind of confusing though. I never thought it would be funny. My dad is a total trekie so I knew some of the people's names and I can do the vulcan hand thing. Hubby enjoyed it to. He liked it way better than Mama Mia! So ladies, if you tortured your husband recently with Mama Mia, I recommend taking one for the team and renting Star Trek. There is a cute guy and it is interesting!

Edit: I made the trifecta mad! Oh no! Sorry, I met Hubby at 19 and was married at 25 he was 21 and we got married when he was 26. I think I know once person over 30 that has never been married, so I looked up the stats.

10.9% of American men over 30 have never been married

7.8% of American women over 30 have never been married

9.3% of American men and women over 30 have never been married


Total males over 18 years old = 102,313,000
Age Never Married
30 to 34 3,371,000
35 to 39 2,289,000
40 to 44 1,953,000
45 to 54 2,117,000
55 to 64 757,000
65 to 74 383,000
75+ 239,000
Total 11,109,000

11,109,000 men over 30 have never been married

Therefore, 10.9% of men over 30 have never been married

Total females over 18 = 110,115,000
Age Never Married
30 to 34 2,349,000
35 to 39 1,544,000
40 to 44 1,411,000
45 to 54 1,797,000
55 to 64 801,000
65 to 74 337,000
75+ 383,000
Total 8,622,000

8,622,000 women over 30 have never been married.

Therefore, 7.8% of women over 30 have never been married

Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census.
No. 53. Marital Status of the Population by Sex and Age: 2003
Page 49
Statistical Abstract of the United States 2004.

Total population over 18 212,428,000
Total population over 30 never married 19,731,000

Therefore, 9.3% of men and women over 30 have never been married

Search terms used:
Percent Never Married Census Bureau


  1. I like Tenley, but think Jake has more chemistry with Ali. I'm sure she'll be back. Anyway, totally agree with the 'wearing purple' comment ... makes me a little skeptical!

  2. Ok, am I crazy that I am sitting her tripping on the fact that you think it's weird that Jake is 31 and unmarried?

    It's a good thing I am married or you might be throwing dirt on my casket at my ripe age of 32. ;)

  3. ali bugs me for some reason, but i think tenley would be good for jake. they're both super sensitive and sweet.

    quasi-bf wears purple shirts from brooks brothers and he is the most heterosexual man i know.. he's also OLDER than monique! :o

  4. totally don't watch bachelor/bachelorette unfortunately, so i have no input there.
    however i can say that manfriend is now 33 and never been married, and tells me things like how he likes my family...do you think he is taking lessons from jake?! hmm. if he starts crying a lot or wearing a lot of purple, he is so in trouble. ;)

  5. HAHAH so not mad at all, but i do feel a better now about my old man. i was afraid he might be gearing up to be on next season...

  6. OMG, girl! I think you just jetted me back to Statistics class back at Uni. My eyeballs and brains are all swirly from the stats.

    You can't just bust that out on a blondie like me.

  7. I am not a fan of Jake...adn I agree...he says the same thing to all of the girls and all of their fams!! UM hello...we just heard you say that....lol!

  8. I think they have the same eyes and chin??? just my opinion;)

  9. I can see the resemblance!
    I hope Tenley wins too, thanks for following!!

  10. Ha, I do not watch the Bachelor, but 31 does not sound that old to me!! :)
    I am scared of Star Trek, but if you said it was ok, I will take your word! :)

  11. I read that he did ask for Gias hand they just edited it out for some reason...I wonder why!?!