Monday, February 22, 2010

Introducing the fur baby, Blue!

*On the couch back when I was a single fur mom in Nor Cal.

*Me with shorter blonder hair!

Our fur baby is a bunny. His name is Blue. The people we got him from were already calling him Bluesy because of his blueish gray coloring. Vom right? Well I couldn't come up with anything else so I shortened it to Blue and liked that it reminded me of, "Your my boy, Blue!" from Old School. He also goes by Scott. Back in the day when I had a house phone someone called for Scott and Hubby and I joked that Scott was Blue's real name. It stuck. It is pretty much his middle name. He also goes by Koala. He is pleasantly plump and makes a rucus when my drunky friends sleep over. They renamed him. He also goes by Festus. Our groomsman Taylor came up with this name. He is weird. But I think Blue likes all his friends and the names they call him.

He has been with us 5 or 6 years. He has lived in Nor Cal and So Cal. In 4 different apartments. He thinks we moved to this bigger place for him. He really appreciates that there is more room for him to hop.

All my Bunny education came from the internet. There they told me when Buns thump that is a signal they are scared. Blue usually only thumps in the wee hours of the night. Since it is supposed to mean they are scare Hubby or I have to get up and calm him down so he doens't have a heart attack from fear. I think he just does it when he is pissed at us for not giving him enough food.

He likes to eat his food pellets, hay, romaine lettuce (I read on the internet you aren't supposed to feed them iceberg), broccoli, carrots, cilantro, apples, and leaves. Yes he will eat leaves that come in and fall off your shoe. He also goes out on the porch to eat leaves. At the new place the porch is many hops away so he likes for me to go out there with him.

He can count. When he is on the porch he sometimes thinks he wants to come back in and would like you to please open the door. Sometimes it takes him awhile to decide if he wants to come in or stay out. If you count down from 10 he will hop back in before you get to 1 and close the door on him.

He has a very different relationship with each of his skin parents. He calls me Treat Lady because he thinks I dispense food and treats from my body. He follows me around when he is hungry. If I lay down on the floor near him he hops over to me and tries to get treats. If I don't have treats he will bite my pants.

*Biting my pants.

Hubby is his adoptive father. Hubby and I were just dating when Blue became my fur baby. So I was a single fur mom. Now that we are married Hubby has adopted him. Hubby is in charge of petting and brushing Blue. Blue appreciates him helping him to look his best. He bites his pants too. I don't know why.

The phrase shit ton was coined after someone saw how much Blue pooped. He also eats his poop. Yes this is disgusting but the internet says they don't digest all the nutrients the first time it goes through them.

He enjoys licking his boobies, face and paw paws. He likes to flop when he lays down. That is when he shows you his cute white belly. He likes to play in boxes we get at Costco. He lays right underneath his water bottle so it gets nice and hairy.

He likes children. He followed our friend's child around and hopped over to him when he fell down. I took him to school with me when I was student teaching and he really enjoyed it until a kid poked him too many times in the butt. Then he grunted at him. Blue likes to grunt. If you open his cage or try to clean it. He will grunt.

*These are pics when our friend's child was playing with him. He was such a good boy letting him pet him. Also shows his box.


  1. He's a cutie! I have a ton of rabbits that currently live at my parents house with the rabbits they have. We've got 8 in all! Have you ever had him around other rabbits?

  2. OMG! seriously the cutest bunny ever....and I love all the names, way cute;)

    u r a very good skin parent;)

  3. hahah, how cute!! He's adorably chubby =)

  4. I so want a bunny right now! He is cute, and I love his name(s). My brothers used to have bunnies when we were kids, but they had to stay outside. One of them was black and white with what looked like a little black of course his name was Blackbeard. We weren't too creative!

  5. aww so cute! josh would love a bunny!

  6. That rabbit may weigh more than my dog! He is beautiful too!

  7. aww everything was so cute and cuddly and furry and soft until I saw that damn Raiders sign. Now, THAT is vom inducing.

    Blue Scott is cute. Our pets always end up with like 22 names,too.

  8. awww Blue Scott....:) ha...what a cutie!!

  9. My first and only pet was a rabbit. He was brown and medium sized and he had a white spot on his nose so we called him Dipper. I loved that bunny! We also had a grey/black/white specked one we named Muffy and a brown/rusty colored one named...well..Rusty :-) Haha. They are great pets!

  10. What a sweet boy! You're my boy, Blue!! (love that)

    I had a bunny (many, many moons ago) that we called Killer. We chose that name because it was such an obvious oxymoron. Loved that little guy too... in fact, this post makes me miss him. :(

  11. OMG he is soooooo cute!!! I love all the pictures well, except one with that RAIDERS sign- ha ha. Anyhow, I love bunnies and what a cute little guy you have too!

  12. Very cute pictures! I must say, you are the first person I know to have a pet rabbit!

  13. cute! I used to have a bunny when i was a kid. I want one now! :)

  14. Aww, so cute! I had a bunny when I was little and I loved it! That's so cool that you've had him for so long!

  15. HAHAH I love that you wrote this post. Ok fine hes cute