Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1 more rehearsal pic, story, and some updates

Here is my future sister in law (she is engaged to my brother in law) and our good friend P at the rehearsal. You guys thought it was fun because my dad wore khaki shorts and tennis shoes? Just wanted to give you more pictures of the fun!

Someone also asked if Hubby made it to drunk town. Well I thought he might be mad if I told this story, but I have told plenty of people. The rehearsal video is hilarious because Hubby was in drunk town before dinner. We had the rehearsal at 11am and went back to my parents' house right after to hang out and have appetizers. Hubby had beers.

In the video you see me ask if I have to sit next to him at dinner. We are a couple a little more on the Vicky Don (real housewives of oc reference) couple spectrum. We spend 24/7 together we don't need to sit next to each other and sleep together every night. Anyways, we are on video during dinner talking about making a speech to thank everyone for coming and you here me say, "Come on drunky". Then during the speech you can tell he is tanked and after you here my family talking about how he is faded or something.

Then a little later I got the video camera and was recording stuff and Hubby walks over to me and we try to be cute and funny. We point the camera at ourselves and kiss. Let me mention at this point Hubby and I were on the grass and he had flip flops on. Right after I walk over to some of the wedding party and he walks inside the house. When you walk in my parents' front door there is a tile floor. Are you seeing where this is going yet? Drunk town + wet grassy flip flops + tile floor? Hubby totally ate it and cut his hand trying to save himself by grabbing on to the door handle. Someone came outside and says, "Hubby fell! He cut himself!" Of course I'm thinking great, we are going to have to take him to the hospital to get stitches! He was ok but his mom and I made him switch to water at that point!

Well, today is my friday! My mom comes to town tomorrow morning! We are going shopping and to see Dear John! So excited! So I will be a little absent from blogging. I will have a post on valentine's day because I can't miss our one year engagiversary! Yes, my mom will be here on valentine's day. Just what every husband wants, to spend his 1 year engagiversary on valentine's day with his mother in law! We are going to have a romantic dinner with my mom and then send her on a plane! We talked last night about getting each other gifts and we decided the laptop we just bought because our other one DIED! is our gift to each other! So romantic!

I forgot to tell you guys that one of our friends said How I Met Your Mother got signed for another season! So this season isn't the last! We also discussed how one of our friends thinks their mom is Robin. We told him he is dumb the dad keeps saying Aunt Robin. Someone else thought it was Rachel Bilson and we said um no are you a bad listener? The mom is Rachel Bilson's roommate! Duh!

Oh! And I found out yesterday, one of my best friends and bridesmaid S is having a boy! Poor pregnant lady keeps getting sick so the doctor gave her something to help her really bad cold. Plus they are moving this weekend to their new condo! So we are hoping they can join us for lunch or dinner Sunday and we can see pictures! So crazy to think how much has happened in a year! I guess I'll get into that on the valentine's day post!


  1. Oh gosh, I think I'm having visions of the future. I can totally see my husband getting that wasted at our vow renewal/wedding. He's been talking about it for MONTHS. I don't think I can handle him getting all that drunk though. I would be so embarrassed. You're lucky you have laid back family!

  2. such a great story! hahaha do I have to sit next to him?

  3. Oh my's stories like these that make me glad that we don't drink. Glad you can handle that though! I woulda been maaaad! :-)

  4. The most tame Daley wedding ever (except maybe mine), trust me on this folks.

  5. Great story! Have a wonderful long weekend!

  6. Oh wow what a story. We had nothing near this happen for us. We're both non-drinkers so no fear of this here. Thanks for following back, can wait to read more.