Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WEDDING: the boys before the ceremony

I want to do a post that answers some of the questions I got on the rehearsal post. I was thinking about doing it Friday but my mom is coming in to town so I probably won't have time. Maybe tomorrow.
Before the wedding when Hubby and I were at Target I suggested we buy each other cards to give each other on the day of the wedding. It was super funny because there were two cards made for giving to your spouse on your wedding day. So he bought one and I bought the other. There was a mix up when he dropped me off at my parents' house and his card to me was in one of my bags. He was supposed to get the card at the rehearsal, but he was in drunk town. So the day of the wedding he was all concerned about his card. Here is is writing it.

Hubby and his brother.

The Spartans. That is what our amazing and hilarious videographer kept calling them.


  1. I just found your blog and it's adorable! Your wedding looks like it was beautiful, I'm a new follower.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! :)
    Those are some good lookin' men! ;)

  3. Ive been to drunk town a couple times, nice place to visit;)lol

  4. Thank you for taking time to look at my blog and commenting! Your blog is super cute! And I read the post about your hubby not putting his stuff away...mine is like that too. I do nag him and he hates it but it does the trick most of the time. Or I ask sweetly. Or I say "you know what I would looooove? If you could do ___ for me!" Haha. Good luck!