Thursday, February 4, 2010

Help a wife out!

I am so frustrated! Hubby is one of those guys that likes everything out in the open where he can see it. He doesn't put his socks in a drawer. I have tried several different methods for putting the mail away. None of them work because he can't see the bills and coupons out in his face. Anyone else have a husband or boyfriend like this? What do you do with the mail? He thinks he helps out a lot because he cooks dinner. He does help, but last night I said, "If I clean the bunny's cage, will you take out the trash?" He said yes. He put the bag of trash on the patio because it smelled. It is still there. Last weekend I told him he needs to find a place for our old tv stand and put some of his mail away. The tv stand and mail are still on the couch!

I feel so blessed to have found this blog community. I had no idea there was a way to connect with so many amazing people around the world!

Lucky me, I got another award!

Katie and Bret at ="">The Mathis' gave me this award:

To accept this award you must tell the blog world 5 random things about yourself and pass on the award to two deserving bloggers.
1. I am BLIND without my contacts. I thought my eyes were as bad as my dad's until he tried on my glasses that are a really old perscription and said, "Oh my gosh! You are blind!" Don't think I will ever get lasik. I would probably still have to wear glasses to be able to see.
2. Last weekend I tried to convince Hubby to go with bootcut jeans. He thought they were too tight on his thighs and a little gay. I told him, "I like gay." I wouldn't mind if he was a little bit metro.
3. I haven't drank milk since my freshman year of college because a girl did a speech about how it isn't good for you and I researched it for a science class. People love to debate it with me. I drink silk light chocolate soy which has as much calcium and sugar as the milke Hubby drinks.
4. I think Hubby and I will be finishing the box of tagalongs today. One box lasted three days between two people. I think that is pretty good.
5. I was a mean girl in junior high school. I could write a post about all the mean things I did but then you all would hate me!

I pass this award on to:
1. Working Mommy @ Lessons's Learned for being my #1 supporter ;)
2. Kristen @ Diet Coke and Pearls for being my new bloggy bff :)

TMZ update: ENewsNow The LA Coroner says Casey Johnson died of natural causes (diabetes-related).


  1. Congrats on your award!! My hubs is the same way about his jeans...they have to be "loose fit"...blah....I wish that he would wear some with some STYLE!! Oh well :(

  2. Yay for an award and I am SO blind without my contacts, totally know how you feel there. Happy weekend!

  3. congrats on the award................the milk thing, me too;)

  4. Congrats on the award!! I've got a craving for tagalongs now:)

  5. My husband can be a MAJOR slob! Lol. Love him to death, but it annoys me sooo much. Pretty much what we've done is designate areas where he can be messy. He still doesn't clean everything up all the time and that still leaves me with things to pick up but it is SO much better. Like any mail or papers or whatever other junk he brings home from work he puts on his desk. It has a pile on it right now. And the bottom of his closet is like a black hole or a never ending abyss of crap. Every once and awhile I clean it up or he cleans it up, but otherwise it doesn't bother me too much cause its out of my way and not in places I can't hide it from guests.
    Hope that helps!
    -Oh! And don't wish your husband was metro. TRUST ME. I dated a metro guy in HS and not only did he dress better than me, but he gave me a bad time when I didn't look put together in his mind and would take off or put more food on my plate if he thought I was eating too much or too little. Not good. =] Just wish that he had more style!

  6. congrats on your award! And good luck training him to put things away!!

  7. Oh girl, I am all to familiar with the socks on the floor, empty plates, bowls, and cups on the coffee table...the list goes on and on! I love my husband to death, but let's face it, he's a mess!
    A lady that I used to work with told me once to try and pile all of his "stuff" (the things he leaves out in the open) in the one place he likes to be the most (which is probably in front of the tv on the couch) and *hopefully* it will bother him enough to put it all away and realize that is the way us wives feel when it's scattered all over the house. Yea..for me, didn't work so much. but I tried.
    Then I had another suggestion to sit down one night and talk it over, take a piece of paper and draw a pie, each slice representing different chores..laundrey, trash, dishes, etc. Discuss and divide out the pieces of the "pie," each of you understanding which duties are yours that way you never have to ask eachother "I'll do this if you do that," and so on. This way actually did work for me, it's not perfect by any means, but it helped! Maybe it will work for you! At least I don't feel like the nagging wife anymore, well sometimes, but not all the time! :)
    Oh, and I just discovered by reading your other post that we have something else in common...I too was a dancer from age 5 to 21, moved away from my hometown a few years ago and haven't danced since. And it breaks my heart! I'm actually getting ready to move out of town again and am hoping to find a place to at least take a ballet class. It's the best dose of peace and sanity ever. It doesn't matter what kind of mood you're in when you get to class, but you are for sure happy and refreshed when you leave! Plus it's a fun workout!
    I'm rambling...

  8. I can't help you because I behave like your husband. sorry

  9. 成功是一把梯子,雙手插在口袋裡是爬不上去的。 ..................................................

  10. Just found your blog, loved reading this and getting to know more about you!! Super cute :)