Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I was debating what to blog about and decided the topics are kind of related to hang on while I try to do a combination blog.

The first topic up for discussion is anonymousness. Several of my frogs have had their blogs read by people they didn't want to, or became so worried about it that they changed their blog to a more protected site.

I often consider who could possibly be reading my blog while I type away. There are a few things I would do differently if it was completely anonymous. And just in general there are a few things I would change about my blog if I could have a redo. Anyways, is it something you all think about? Have you found a blog someone you knew wrote in which you were discussed?

I think it is human to be annoyed with whatever someone is saying about you, unless it is all wonderful. I am pretty sure if they hubby ever got bored enough to read this he would not approve of a few of the posts that discussed him.

With all that in mind, I need to rant about some stuff. If you read this and find I am discussing you, call me if you want to discuss it, don't automatically get pissed off. This is coming from a place of frustration, when people are frustrated they say things a little meaner than normal.

As you know, the hubby's bday is tomorrow! Feeling guilty since no bday paraphernalia at all has been purchased. Target here I come!

We have good friends (they were in our wedding and saved our butts and the bunny when we had to be evacuated because of a fire) that live in the area and one of them has a birthday on Thursday. In the past we have thrown the boys a joint surprise birthday party and done dinners together. We have been planning on doing this again this year. But we have a dilemma. Hubby wants to go to outback. Its delicious, we have a coupon, and its affordable. Friend wants to go to benihanas. We have nine people coming. The tables don't fit nine. Anyone else agree with hubby that benihanas is double the price of outback? There has been an accusation that hubby picked red lobster last year. I don't think he was the one who picked it. He may have suggested we try it cause the commercials make it seem good. The friends who have been there before were totally down. We were disgusted and will never return. This is stupid! I'm sure you are all agreeing. I am just annoyed that there has been texting back and forth between friend's wife and I and its not our bdays! I want the boys to handle it!

I also had a terrible Thanksgiving. It was held at these friends' house. I have not discussed with them why it was terrible, so don't feel right discussing it on here. Also tired of being Debbie Downer. They don't even know I had a terrible day. Ok, sunshines and rainbos tomorrow as we celebrate the birthday of the love of my life!


  1. Oh, no! Sorry things are so bleak right now! I truly hope that tomorrow is full of rainbows and sunshine! :)

    I've wondered about the blog and just how much information I put out there, but I also know how easy it is to trace an IP address, so I kind of figure if someone wants to know more about me it really isn't that hard. I just carry a gun and a bottle of mace... :)

  2. I had kind of a big ordeal happen with my blog a few weeks back. You can see I had to shut it down for a few and delete the particular blog posting. It was a good one, too! LOL! But I was worried about the wrong eyes falling upon my blog. Now that I probably have your curiosity peaked! ;) I can email you the blog in question if you actually care...

  3. I worry all the time when writing my blog. In particular my relationship with my mom. I never told her about the blog but by putting things out there I knew the potential is there.

    Knowing the potential was there I always tried to keep all mom posts as low keyed as possible. I had one blog that was a little harsh but I didn't think to bad.

    The day came and my mom found the blog and read it. She has not talked to me since. Skipped my birthday, thanksgiving, everything. Didn't even tell me she had read it but I knew she had from the location of the IP and the fact she had found my Twitter account.

    It is a danger that you always have to weigh. The funny thing is that I don't care. It is her loss. I have tried for many years to make it work. I will be blogging about that soon since now apparently it doesn't matter.

    Just remember it is all public. if you are worried then don't put it out there.

  4. Outback sounds good right now.

    *Australian voice* "Toss me a Foasters and a bloomin' onion, Mate!"