Friday, December 11, 2009

The Newlywed Game: 2 month anniversary!!

Two months! Last month our moms emailed us happy 1 month anniversary, I emailed my mil back and said, "It feels like its been 6 years." This is because we have been together about 6 years. So its kind of a joke with all of us. It is true though!

Maybe crazy is going to be the theme of our marriage, but the first month was crazy and the second one has been too! We celebrated our first Thanksgiving together. Found out that it is an important holiday that should be spent with our families and will never be doing a friends Thanksgiving again.

We celebrated the Hubby's birthday for the first time as a married couple. I was so excited to be able to buy one of the Hubby cards! His aunt sent him/us a book called The Love Dare. It is a Christian 40 day challenge for married couples to have a better relationship. We read the dare for day 8 last night. So far things have been going good. The one thing I don't like about it is it asks you to think of negative things about your spouse. There was one day you had to pick 3 things that embarrassed or irritated you about your spouse and discuss them without defending yourself or arguing. We did that one and it was ok. We are now kind of working on not doing the things that bug each other. Day 7s dare was to make a list of positive things and negative things and hide them. We didn't do this dare. Honestly I don't want to make a list of negative things and hide it from him. I feel like if we had done it I would have tried to find his list and probably would have been hurt by it. Day 8 said to burn the list. Why have someone make it in the first place? So if you pick up this book you can know that ahead of time and choose not to do it if you want.

Get ready I am going to type the c word...


Don't know if you guys have noticed, but I have been avoiding the whole winter/holidays topic. I think everyone else is doing enough blogging about it for me. I am not Scrooge or the Grinch. Love Christmas, but I think that is about all you need to know.

Well, and this: We are going home for Christmas! We are very excited and so blessed that we are able to take a week off work to spend up North with our families. This is again a first as a married couple. In the past when we were dating we would travel up together but would spend time apart and together. I went back and forth in my head trying to decide if this should change now that we are married. While we were dating we were not a couple that spent all their time together. I would travel home without him for different reasons and we have girls or guys nights apart.

I think we have decided to spend some time apart during this trip. Personally I think it is healthy to be a couple that spends time apart. I even think once we have kids we met still spend time apart. They can pick which grandparents or which parents they want to be with. I just kind of thought it would also be cute to be one of those old couples that has never spent a day without each other.

We are doing the holidays together which is new. I am excited/nervous. We will be at his families house Christmas eve and Christmas morning. I am excited to be with him for this, since I never have. I know there will be an awesome dinner Christmas eve. I am nervous about intruding on their Christmas morning. Its the first time a new person will be there!

My question to you all is when should the Hubby and I exchange our Christmas gifts for each other? We will be up North for about a week and like I said with his family Christmas Eve and Christmas morning and with my family Christmas night for dinner.


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww happy 2months;) congrats

  2. Sheri and I always exchanged before we went somewhere even if it was early. Now we just buy a small gift for each other and open it on Christmas.

    We have gotten away from gifts the last few years. We have everything we want. We have been donating the money we used to spend on gifts to charities.

  3. Hubby and I like to give each other our gifts on Chrismtas day. We spend Christmas Eve with his family and Chrismtas day with my family but I've always like exchanging gifts on Christmas day!

  4. Happy 2 months, and happy Friday! i can see how that book could be problematic, for me and mine anyway... but maybe good in some ways too. hmm...

  5. Hey thanks for commenting.. but you have a no-replay blogger so i can't write back, and can you give me the actual sites for Ed & Steve?? :) thanks!! Ps if you want to fix your no-reply email situation see this post:

  6. Congrats.

    It's such an exciting time in a marriage.

    Later, you begin to watch you partner sleeping and wonder how hard it would be to hold a pillow on their face until the didn't wake up.

    But right now, it's still bliss.


    Oh, and exchange gifts before you leave, so you're alone.

    That way no one has to see you get pissed.

  7. aw, happy 2 monhts.
    We exchange xmas gifts xmas day at our house before we go to my parents house. But I kind of want to do it xmas eve becasue I am impatient. Thank you for the comment on my crazy weekend.
    Ya, I am really going to work on this drinking thing. I prayed about it on my car ride home yesterday, and I can do it. I just have to put my head into it!
    Also, Ya, writing down negative things about each other seems VERY STRANGE!
    I would hate that.

  8. I was drinking water as I browsed the comments on this one and about lost it all and spit it out with Ed's:

    "Later, you begin to watch you partner sleeping and wonder how hard it would be to hold a pillow on their face until the didn't wake up."

    I am not an OMG'er...but OMG. LOL Too hilarious.