Thursday, December 3, 2009


*Picture represents how I feel. Not an actual pic of me although I love her butterfly top.
Well, Hubby got me sick! I thought I had gotten him sick cause I was feeling a little icky the week before he got sick, but judging by the trash can sitting next to my desk, I was wrong. It is full of kleenex! Thank God I brought a box from home. People I work with are thieves!

I realized last night when I was reading the medicine box and I had all the symptoms that I was SICK! But I am here at work because I tell myself that all I do is sit around at work anyways. Plus I didn't have a fever and I feel like I have to have a fever or have someone tell me to stay home before I will call in sick. So I am here spreading my germs around for all to enjoy. At least we know no fever means no swine flu!

I am drinking A LOT of liquids! I am prone to sinus infections and I REALLY don't want to get another one. Which means going to the bathroom at ton! Don't want to have to pay to get to the doctor and pay for antibiotics and take antibiotics! My mind is also totally foggy so sorry if I commented on your blog and it made zero sense. Or if this blog isn't making sense because I have had to edit it about 7 times! I'm sure once I feel better I will go through the files here at work and wonder what crackhead put 1978 before 1329.

I will try to upload my pics from Hubby's bday and do a post about it soon.


  1. Lets see the weatherman has brought home from work a rare form of strep, causing little dude to have to get his tonsils and adenoids out,last year. This year he out did himself by giving us AH1N1 to us on Little Dudes 5th birthday this year. So, I understand how you feel. Feel better soon!

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon!!!