Monday, December 28, 2009

Things I learned from People's Best and Worst of 2009 Issue

Some fun facts for those of you that didn't scam people into sending you two free mags:

During the 1990 French Open Andre Agassi's hair was part wig.

Tina Fey was a virgin at 24.

Melissa Rycroft got married and got the swine flu. (side not from a different magazine- Her bridesmaids wore Alfred Angelo! Like mine!)

Tila Tequila is engaged to heiress Casey Johnson. Gonna have to google that cause I don't know who that is. But its a girl.

Teacup pigs exist! They are mini pigs that cost $4,500. Of course Paris has one. The breeder has a waiting list for them. I told Hubby I want one and he said, "Fat chance piggy." He's mean!

Justin Guarini (remember the guy that was on season 1 with the fro and made that terrible movie Justin and Kelly) got married to a girl he met in junior high. She's 27 now. He didn't marry a junior high girl.

Crazy celeb baby names-Sparrow, Sulola, Seraphina, Blakesley, Satyana. Come on people!

That is all. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I never knew about the wig, I remember trying to get my hair to be like I know why it never

  2. Casey Johnson is heiress to Johnson and Johnson. And she is super gross. Ick.

  3. You need to like work for TMZ or something.

  4. I wonder if Tila Tequila just got engaged to someone named "casey" so we'd all have to guess on the sex.