Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hair Help!

For those of you that are sad and pitiful like myself, and watch Gossip Girl, have you noticed Serena's hair has had some wave to it lately? I wasn't able to find a good picture of it.

Anyways, I noticed her usual carefree mess had a wave to it and I thought I would be able to achieve it. I have to be up early in the morning to get to work early in the morning and I like to sleep in as late as possible. So I shower at night. My hair is naturally wavy so when I go to sleep with wet hair it gets crazy and wavy. My hair dressers solution was to go with hair more like Annie on 90210. Use a curling iron on the wavy crazy in the am. I have decided it takes too long.

So yesterday I tried a straightening iron on my hair in the am to try and get the wavy messy Serena hair. It just straightened the stuff int the front and left the stuff in the back wavy.

Today I tried curling the ends under but it got ugly and is now in a pony.

I might be able to straighten it to look like this picture of Serena. Maybe I'll try and take a pic.

Any tips?


  1. A big fat curling iron or hot rollers (dating myself on that one ;o))

  2. I stink at doing my hair. BUT, I LOVE THE look you are tyring to get! :))

  3. Ditto on the fat curling iron. And you can be sloppy and fast about it to get that Annie look.

  4. I'm telling ya....hair stinks. I have more than wavy, but less than stellar curly. It's soooo in the middle. My front pieces curl fairly nicely with gel and a hair dryer, but the sides and back...eh. Depends on the day. One indulgence I will give myself after xmas is to go buy a curling iron. I do think that'll help define some of the curls and get the frizz under control.

    I could totally be dreaming.

    I wish you luck.