Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bridal Dress Review

I like this picture because the skirt of my dress looks pretty.

Since I was talking about bridesmaids and dresses the other day, I thought I would review the place where I got my dress and bridesmaid dresses for my future bride frogs.

I was never one of those little girls that dreamed about her wedding. I didn't think marriage was in the cards for me until I met my hubby. Even after we had been dating for awhile I didn't know if he would ever propose. Took him 5 years! What dress I would wear or pick out for my bridesmaids was something I had not thought about.

The girl in the red satin dress was a bridesmaid. Didn't ask anyone if I could post their picture. Best pic of the dress. Most of the pictures they are holding their bouquets and you can't see the black band around the waist.

There have been other pictures on here of my dress if you want to see better pics. Anyways, on with the buying of the dresses experience:

When talk of marriage was going on my parents asked that we get married close to where they live. It is the best location for the majority of both families. I agreed but told my mom that she would need to help out a lot. I also chose my cousin that lives nearby my mom as my matron of honor so she could be there to help when needed. My mom and I emailed back and forth a lot about dresses for everyone in the bridal party. The bridesmaids that lived in the area and one that was visiting all went shopping one day and sent me pictures. WARNING TO ALL FUTURE BRIDES: the colors of bridesmaid dresses online are not the actual color. ANOTHER WARNING: Alfred Angelo never had the dress we liked in their store for my bridesmaids to try on. I didn't realize there was black tubing at the top of the dress. I ordered the wine colored straps for the dresses because they came with black and I thought it would look weird. It probably would have been fine with black. My mom and bridesmaids said they liked the color when they saw it in person. Then I saw the color in person and since everyone liked it I went with it and told three of my bridesmaids to order the dress in that color. It was a little more red than the dress we ended up with. I couldn't sleep all night because I didn't like the color. The next day I changed the color. Alfred Angelo where we ordered the dresses made me feel like a psycho for changing the color and told me they never change the color. Our opinion was that it was the day after the dresses were ordered, the dresses hadn't been made yet, don't make me feel like a bridezilla.

I always said I wouldn't get a wedding dress at Davids Bridal. Once I started looking I thought some of their dresses might be ok, so we went there first for the dress search. I swear this was not some sub conscious thing. I tried on probably 20 dresses and a few of them were ok, but none of them were the dress. All of them had something weird about them. Now I know lots of girls that have gotten perfectly fine dresses there. The girls (two because I was there for so long) that helped me were wonderful. I wish they hadn't sold my name and phone number to a bunch of companies that called me telling me I had won stuff.

The next day we went to Alfred Angelo. I probably tried on 10 dresses. This time they were all beautiful. I tried many different styles and the decision was difficult. My aunt and cousin and the women in the store liked one of the dresses but my mom cried when I tried on a different one. If you watch say yes to the dress (amazing show) you have seen girls who loved a dress but their mom didn't love it so they left with nothing. I wanted my mom to love my dress. So I put the one myself and everybody else liked on and my aunt started crying and then me and my cousin started crying and we knew it was the dress. It is the dress in all the pictures. I love my dress.

The dresses were affordable. Comment with your email if you want to know how affordable. The alterations were way over priced! I also had to pay $30 for the dress to be 3 inches longer because I am 5'10. I almost had another bridezilla moment over the alterations lady that messed stuff up. The straps I have on the dress were supposed to be removable. The bustle was supposed to be just one hook. I only paid for one hook but she put five. That was kind of lucky. Even though the bustle kept falling down every time I sat. All brides I have talked to had bustles that wouldn't stay unless they were sewn. If you decide to buy a dress at the Alfred Angleo in Roseville, CA I will give you the name of the lady that messed stuff up. She also pricked herself and got blood on my dress but she was able to get it out. The dress was pressed for free twice. It was so big it was hard to have in a closet without getting wrinkled. I wish the bodice had been smoother.

Hope all this helps!


  1. Im glad Im the guy and dont have to do all the

  2. I ended up buying the first dress I tried on. I tried on hundreds, but went back to that one!

    Good info here for people looking for a dress in your area!